Dungeon Rest Stop Volume 1 Chapter 6 Part 7

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EDITOR Weasalopes

「Good morning! Master Great Sage! It’s morning! Wake up~! 」

Despite seemingly having just fallen asleep earlier, I was woken up by a cheerful voice calling out to me. When I thought about what this noise was, I noticed that Ria had come to the edge of the bed and was greeting me. The bright rays of the morning sun illuminated her blonde hair and smiling face. But today, even if I saw something as beautiful as that, I was still tired and wanted to sleep.

「No… It’s still early… Let me sleep a little more… 」

It was only about 8 AM, so it was still a little bit early for me. I tried to go back to sleep.

「If you fall back asleep, your body’s natural rhythm will fall out of balance. 」

From my side of the world, the sun’s rays were coming in through my glass windows, but it seemed like the other world’s people, who could only see stone walls, also had sunlight coming through those walls. Ria grabbed my hand and pulled me up. I don’t even have my part time job today, either. Acting like a zombie, I was walked and guided into the washroom by Ria.

「Alright, please wash your face and brush your teeth now. And after you’re done, please come into the living room. 」

As she had said that, Ria started to head into the kitchen. I noticed that Deet was in the living room doing living room things. Oh, and by the way, it looked like she slept in and was still wearing the bloomers that I bought for her. After seeing Ria wear something like that, she probably also really wanted to try it out.

「Good morning… I now understand why you called Ria the meddling knight… 」
「Morning, right? I told you so. 」

The two of us sluggishly brushed our teeth and washed our faces. After we had finished, we went into the living room like we were told to, and when we sat down, a black object was on top of a plate in front of us.

「What’s this? 」

I asked inquisitively.

「I watched you make breakfast for me before. So, I decided to try and make this for breakfast for you! 」

But this thing in front of me looked like anything but food. When I tried prodding it with my fork, something yellow started to drip out of the middle, which I now realized was probably an egg.

「You told me to get along with her, so I even woke up early, but you really expect me to eat this? Isn’t this disgusting? 」

Deet mentioned to me in the same kind of cold voice she used on Ria the other day. It seemed like Deet was actually listening to my request and trying to get along well with Ria, which I did not expect.

「I-I’m sorry. Master Thor’s artifact is very convenient, but I’m afraid the process of using it was quite difficult… 」

Just by getting a look at the food in front of me, I could tell that she didn’t know how to properly use the stove, but given the state of things, I couldn’t help but wonder that even if she did know how to use it, it would probably turn out the same way regardless.

「I was really hungry too… 」

The beautiful elf’s eyes suddenly became sharp and disgruntled. Deet had a black supply pack that she took with her when she went into the dungeons, but something told me that she didn’t have any more remaining food in there. I also had a little bit of the crepe at Tonskihote, but my stomach was really hungry too.

「Okay, okay, I get it. For the time being, I’ll make us some breakfast, then let’s have the three of us go get something tasty for lunch later, okay? 」
「Ahh… I’m sorry. 」

I took out some fruit granola from a box and placed it in bowls. And from there I took some milk and, although there were people who ate it just like that, I also grabbed some sugar and sprinkled that inside the bowl as well. These two would probably appreciate something sweet, I thought. Then I put the three bowls on the table.

「Wow, that was quick! 」
「Quick, but I don’t know if it will be tasty or not. There appears to be milk inside it. 」

It looked like the two of them were unsure of the fruit granola in front of them. I decided that I will teach them the proper way to eat this dish.

「It’s really tasty. There’s tiny pieces of dried fruit inside, too. 」

As I was eating it happily in front of them, they also readied themselves and decided to take a bite.

「Oh! It’s sweet! It’s so tasty! 」
「Yeah, it’s pretty tasty, right? I was a little worried at first though because of how fast it was brought out in front of us. 」

After breakfast, Ria suddenly said that she wanted to clean up the dishes and do some organizing in my room.

「But thanks to you, I think this place has already gotten cleaned up quite a bit, Ria, you don’t have to do that. 」
「This room that the Master Great Sage is living in, there are too many strange boxes made of paper that are not being used there. I shall open them and organize things. 」

She must mean the cardboard boxes. I think they’re useful to have around to place with things you don’t need anymore inside of them, though. But I guess it wouldn’t do any harm to let her mess around with my stuff for a little bit. Besides, all of my otaku stuff is already placed inside my closet. I have also told her to stay out of my closet because there are forbidden texts in there, so she probably won’t get into too much mischief, right? I guess I’ll instruct her on what to do.

「Okay then, if you want to help out, it’d be really nice. Thank you. I’ll be in the other room, so if you have any questions just come and let me know, okay? 」

There was some stuff I wanted to do on my computer anyway, so it’s fine. I could get some work done. Ria said that she would start working on my room once she was done organizing the kitchen. She was more pumped up about it than I thought. In the other room, I opened up the cardboard box that had my computer inside. My desk was already set up in this room. While Deet was watching what I was doing, she was jumping up and down on top of the bed. The gym uniform she was wearing was hanging low over her chest. The reflection of the light from her thighs was almost blinding to me. As expected of Deet, sex appeal without even thinking.

「Ahah! This, this bed is so amazing! 」

I hope she didn’t accidentally fall asleep on it. I placed the monitor to my computer on top of the desk.

「Wait a second, is that one of the computers we saw at Tonskihote? 」
「Yeah. Well, actually, this is just a monitor. It connects into the computer. I’m thinking about having this thing show me the status from within the dungeon. And then the real computer is this thing… 」

My computer was one of the big tower types, so I had to keep it below the desk with the monitor on top of the desk.

「Alright. I hope it’s not broken… let’s try plugging in the power. Okay…looks like it’s okay. 」

Deet looked completely taken back when the OS boot page displayed on the screen, and she immediately started with the questions. Looks like she had an interest.

「A weird blue screen just popped up, that’s not a picture from inside the dungeon. 」
「It can’t display the interior of the dungeon right away. 」
「So it appears. 」
「But instead, I’ll show you something really cool. 」
「Something cool? 」

Even though I said I would show her something really cool, to us maybe it would be normal or nothing important. But I also had some more stuff to do, like making sure the HDD was hidden properly, and doing some cord management. But I guess I could do those important missions later.

「Here we go! 」

I found the Internet hook up kit that I had gotten from the real estate agent. This place was only ¥300 a month, and this cost about ¥50, but I can hook up to the Internet immediately, that was part of the allure about this place.

「Okay, looks like I’m connected to the Internet now too. 」

I had decided to show Deet the website called YouTube.

「W-What’s this? Some weird magic? No, that’s not it… 」

I was showing Deet a live guitar show on YouTube, so she stared at the monitor and tried touching it.

「Hahaha, that person is a musician. I don’t have speakers hooked up yet, but if they were you would be hearing his music right now. 」

If Deet wasn’t here, this room would be very lonely and quiet right now, not being able to listen to anything but the sound of my own heartbeat. I wonder if this has piqued her interest at all. Deet made an interesting looking face while watching YouTube, and then I went to the kitchen. I was a little concerned about how Ria was doing.


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