Dungeon Rest Stop Volume 1 Chapter 6 Part 8 **Bonus**

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「Ria~ 」
「Ah! Master Thor! 」

My underwear and T-shirts were neatly folded and placed inside the kitchen’s cupboard. And the culprit was still before my very eyes, continuing to polish up the already clean looking kitchen with a dust cloth.

「Y-You’re working hard it seems. 」
「Yes! Because I love cooking and cleaning a lot. But I did mess up the cooking part I suppose. 」

She didn’t just mess up the cooking, I felt like her idea of cleaning was deviating from what I originally thought. But she looked so happy trying her best and cleaning the house, I decided that it wasn’t my place to say anything like that to her. As I was watching Ria continue to clean the kitchen, Deet came up to me from behind.

「Hey hey, while Ria is cleaning the kitchen, take me outside to see Japan one more time. 」
「Today is no good. 」
「Huh, what do you mean? Why? 」
「Well I mean, I can’t just leave Ria alone, can I? 」

I thought that Deet wouldn’t take that as a good excuse, but she seemed to comply with it for now.

「Humm…」She replied while facing the other way. However, it did seem like that because my roommates seemed to have increased once again, there was going to be a need to go and buy more clothes, food, and supplies. Things were looking bad now because I was getting a little low on cash, so even if I choose a cheap place to go shopping, it’ll still cost a lot of money. For this certain economical issue I was having, a good idea sprang into my mind. But I would need to gauge Deet’s reaction first before I went ahead with anything.

「Hey Deet. Did you see the room next to the bathroom where we were brushing our teeth together earlier? 」
「Mmm… I don’t think so. 」
「There’s a bathtub in there. 」
「Really? A bathtub? 」
「Yeah, feel free to use it anytime you want too. 」

By her reaction, it appears that in the other world bathtubs are a luxury item. According to Ria, they’re only in the houses of the rich and noble people. It seemed like the common people only used things like washbowls or washing in cold water.

「Fufu… 」

Looked like her mood was better now. She was grinning to herself.

「Deet, I have something I want to ask you actually. 」
「Yessss? 」
「I gave you those bloomers and school swimsuits earlier right. I was thinking that maybe you’d be able to give me money to go buy some food or supplies with the other world’s money maybe? 」
「Huh? I mean if that’s all you want to request of me sure! But, do you really need my world’s money? I mean, you can’t actually use it in your world, right? 」
「Actually, I think we can use it. Come over here for a second. 」

I took Deet over in front of my computer.

「Show me the money that you have on you right now. 」
「Uhm, okay. 」

Deet took a black leather pouch out of her bag. Unlike Ria who only had 5 coins on her, Deet had a large assortment of silver and gold coins that she brought out.

「You call these Gadeus gold coins right? 」
「That’s right. 」
「So in other words, gold is used to create these? 」
「Yeah, because it’s a gold coin. Of course. They’re not pure gold though. 」

When you are walking down a street in Japan, you often see sign boards advertising shops that buy gold. They buy and sell old brand items, lottery tickets, and stuff like that. So, I figured they would probably be able to purchase the coins of the other world if they’re actually gold. No, they definitely would! I tried looking up the information on Kookle¹.

「Oooh! It’s here it’s here! Looks like they take all gold in by the grams! They’ll definitely take the gold coins for us then too, for sure! 」
「Then it’s fine for you to take as much as you want. And it’s just like you said Tooru, these bloomers and school swimsuits really do increase my stats! Even if I give you all the gold, I have on me right now, it wouldn’t be enough for these artifacts! If I were to look for these artifacts in my world, they’d either never be sold or maybe be found in some dark auction somewhere. 」
「A bloomer dark auction… They’d both be sold there… very interesting… I mean you can get them easily over here as Tonskihote though, so it’s no big deal after all. Well anyway, for now, I’ll try taking one of each of the three types of coins you have. 」

After a bit more questions, I felt like I had a good grasp on the money of the other world now. First, the biggest and most expensive one is called White Gold coin, or a Barnes Memorial Gold Coin. Deet said that it has some kind of rare metal mixed inside of it. The next biggest piece is the Imperial Gold Coin. It appears to be a type of coin that is used in a country called the Iguros Empire. Its big appearance is for the image of authority. The Gadeus Gold Coin was the tiniest of them all. When you think of a normal gold coin in our world, you’d picture this thing. The Gadeus mercantile nation produces these extremely small coins. There’s no patterns or anything distinguishable on it, but it’s always guaranteed to have the same amount of quality and gold inside each and every piece.

So to recap, it goes White Gold Coin, Imperial Gold Coin, and then Gadeus Gold Coin. And then under that, it goes Silver Coin and then Copper Coin. From the smallest to the most expensive, there is a difference that’s about ten times the worth.

「I don’t know if we will really be able to sell this on my side. But if they really do buy these coins from us, I won’t have to do a part-time job anymore and can make a living off selling goods from Japan to the other world maybe. 」
「Hmm well… What if you lived in our world? 」
「If I did that, I wouldn’t be able to pay rent on my apartment anymore. 」
「Ahh…that’s true. Then how about making this a rest area that can be used to conquer the dungeon. You can get your hands on more strange artifacts, use your computer to watch out for traps, the dungeon could be a safer place because of this room. 」
「That wouldn’t be bad. Plus I don’t dislike living in Japan. It’d be hard to throw away my life here. 」
「That is understandable. The fruit granola is very delicious, and the tatami is nice too. Computers are also amazing! 」
「I guess I’ve still got some things to take care of here. For the time being, how about trying a Japanese bathtub? It’d be nice for you to take one with Ria. 」
「With Ria? 」
「If no one teaches you how to use it, you’ll never know how right? And while you’re doing that, I can go do some shopping and be back later. 」

While smiling I called out to Ria.

「Ria! 」
「Comiiiing. What is it? 」
「Could you take a bath with Deet and show her how it’s done? 」

Deet argued.

「Wait wait! I can do it alone. It’s fine! 」
「Understood! Yes yes, I’ll teach Deet very well. Take it off, go on. 」
「Wait a second, please stop! I can do it myself! 」
「If you make a mistake it will be very grave. When I tried it, it scared me horribly, but then Master Thor came in and helped me. 」

I had thought about sticking around to find out how it would go, but I was too interested in trying out this gold exchange idea. While taking in the wonderful look of the hair on the back of her head, I headed to the window and exited out into the streets in Japan.

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