Dungeon Rest Stop Volume 1 Chapter 7 Part 1

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EDITOR Weasalopes

Aiming to be a Dungeon Master

On the night after my money matters were settled, after Ria had fallen asleep, Deet and I once again headed into the dungeon. I was always leaving Ria in the care of Shizuku. Deet was continuing her promise of teaching me all about the dungeon and the world where she comes from. The iron gate was still closed so no monsters were going to be coming in any time soon. As I was learning various things from Deet, I thought about testing something out for a second. But before that…

「Alright then, Deet, go ahead and try checking out your status. So, I want you to not hide behind your cloak, wear it properly, and show it to me! 」

Deet let go of the cloak with her hand that she was using to hide herself. And from behind the cloak came a blessed dark blue sight, the wonderful schoolgirl’s swimsuit that she was wearing. Thank you Tonskihote! Thank you so much! I was so thankful at this very moment for Tonskihote selling these types of cosplay.

But putting that aside, as I had been suspecting, Japanese clothing has a peculiar effect when worn inside the dungeon. I wanted to verify this effect once again by using Deet.

「Oooooooooooo!!! 」

Usually, her chest is covered with the dark leather hard to make out bondage fan-like gear, but with the schoolgirl swimsuit, her chest was really pushing the limits of the fabric.
「This outfit makes my thighs and butt way more visible than usual, it’s really embarrassing… Is my status really going up from this? 」

I think her usual bondage-like gear shows off a lot of skin too though, but that’s just me. I thought that her stats were definitely raised.

「They are, they are… probably. 」

As Deet started to yell out words of doubt and frustration at me, she started to check her own status.

「Huhhhhhhhh!!! This kind of weak-looking outfit gives me more than 200 defense?!?! And even my max level is going up?!? 」
「I want to see it! Write it down, write it down! 」

[Name] Deet Macaron
[Race] High Elf
[Age] 221
[Job] Wizard
[Level] 47 / 48
[Stamina] 71 / 71
[Magic] 149 / 149
[Attack] 38
[Defense] 258
[Strength] 22
[Intelligence] 198 (+38 Increase)
[Agility] 66
[Skill] Magic Attack Level 7 / 10
Support Magic Level 3 / 10
Ancient Magic Level 4 / 10
Casting Speed Reduction Level 6 / 10

Macaron, she has a really cute family name. And I suppose I should probably steer clear of the topic of age.

「Elves live to be about 1000 years old, so in terms of human age, I’m just around 20 years old. After all, I look around that age, don’t I? 」

As I was avoiding the topic of age completely, Deet was the one who first brought it up and asked me a scary sounding yes or no question along with her explanation. It all sounded right to me, but actually, if her math was correct, she’d actually be around 22 years old. I decided to ignore it completely and look at her other stats.

「You’re pretty much max level now, aren’t you? 」
「What? No! 」
「I was at the upper limit earlier! No matter how much I would try and strive for, I would never level up, but because of these clothes, I can! This is the best! 」

I can’t believe she is getting so happy from wearing a school swimsuit. I’m really glad I bought her the bloomers and swimsuit from Tonskihote, for absolutely no ulterior motives either. But speaking of clothes, if she were to take them off, I wonder what would happen. I had an interesting feeling about it.

「Yeah well, your defense is incredibly high now, it’s pretty great huh? 」
「Right?? Despite it being so flimsy and the material isn’t that great either. 」

Deet was happily standing there tracing the curves of herself in her school swimsuit outfit that was definitely too tight around the chest. Every time she did that, it was very erotic.

「Speaking of armor, there’s an old fashioned legend about something called Bikini Armor. It might be even more armor than the Japanese Swimsuit. 」
「Huh? What’s Bikini Armor? 」
「I think they sell it, so next time let’s go buy it for you. 」
「Okay!! 」

Well, I suppose it wouldn’t be Bikini Armor, more like just an average bikini, but it should be fine. She looked really happy right now, so it was no big deal.

「I also want to try that other thing… the track uniform I think it was called. 」
「You want to try wearing this? 」
「Yeah. Turn around for me, okay? 」

Did she mean she wanted to change clothes here? Well I mean I also wanted to see her in bloomers though, so I didn’t really have any objections. I decided to just turn around. From behind me, I heard Deet singing to herself in a happy-sounding voice. And suddenly, Deet’s happy singing turned into a shriek.

「Huhhhhhhhh?!? You’re joking right?! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? 」

In a panic, I quickly turned around to face Deet again, but when I looked at her, rather than being in the middle of changing clothes, she was completely naked.

「I-I-I should be the one saying that! W-W-What are you doing?! Why did you suddenly scream out like that?! 」

I pointed at Deet with one hand while covering my eyes with the other one while inquiring to Deet about her sudden screaming.

「Even when I took the schoolgirl swimsuit off, my max level is still raised by 1!! 」
「Huh? Wait what do you mean exactly? Why is that happening? 」
「I should be the one asking that! I could have sworn that earlier my max level was 47 / 47, that I couldn’t gain any more levels even if I tried. But even after I took off the schoolgirl swimsuit, my stats still show me at 47 / 48… don’t tell me that… 」

Deet made a face that showed as if she had finally come to understand something. And as she did that, something unthinkable happened. At the same time, the stark naked Deet jumped up as her chest bounced voluptuously, and she suddenly rushed after me, pinned me down, and then got on top of me. Her chest could now be considered a lethal weapon by my standards.

「It’s got to be this! This! This is it! 」

“This”?! What the hell does “this” mean?! The instant that I was trying to understand exactly what was going on, Deet’s face suddenly got closer to me.

「N~?! N~~?!!!!! 」

This was now the second time that I had felt Deet’s soft lips against my own.

「Puhaa! 」

Deet finally came up for air and made a sexy sound. I could finally talk, or maybe shout and find out exactly what was going on here.

「Wait wait! What are you talking about?! 」

Despite my asking and shouting, Deet just sat on top of me naked not saying a single thing.

「Are you listening to me?! 」
「………. Finally!!!!! 」

Huhhhhhhh?! I literally have no idea what’s happening right now!

「What do you mean, finally? You did something? More than that, put some clothes on! 」
「Uh? Huh? Clothes? AAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! 」

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