Dungeon Rest Stop Volume 1 Chapter 7 Part 3

TRANSLATOR almostrich

EDITOR Weasalopes

「I know a way that I might be able to level up quickly, but even if I do that, I can’t do anything about the life span issue. 」

Deet also had a troubled face and said something quietly.

「I know a way to increase your lifespan. But in order to do that, you have to gain an insane amount of levels… 」

We both sat there with inquisitive looks on our faces. And then at the same time we were amazed at each other. We looked at each other’s faces.

「Thor! You know a way to increase your level quickly?! You actually know how to do it?! How? Tell me!! 」

「A—Ahhh! I’ll tell you, but after that, you have to tell me how to increase my lifespan. If there’s a way I can live longer then I definitely want to know it! 」

I explained to Deet exactly what I had been thinking about how to increase my level when we were at Tonskihote.

「What do you think? In my world, breeding edible fish is done on a large scale. You could compare it to stockbreeding of cows or pigs.

「W..wow! That’s quite ingenious. Breeding monsters, huh?」

「Not good?」

「That’s not what I meant. To think there was such a loophole. Breeding monsters meant to be eradicated in the dungeon to level up…it might be possible…they multiply quite quick compared to cows or pigs.」

Deet and the others usually fight monsters to get remuneration from adventurer guilds. They do their best to fight and stay alive. Their perception of monsters might be quite different from that of mine.

「Breeding is interesting, but I bet it is even possible to beat monsters using traps while watching the camera feed from your PC.」

「Woah! Amazing!」

「Yes. There is a profession for trapping in my world too. But it’s nothing like sitting in the comfort of your room in front of your PC and just pressing a button…」

「Yep. It’s like playing games while eating chips and drinking cola.」

The best scenario for a hikikomori.

「That’s cool and all but what about the blood and sweat I’ve poured in for over 200 years…」

Deet held her head in dismay.

「Okay! Now tell me, Deet! How do I increase my lifespan? Hey, Deet! Hello?!」

「Dungeon master…」

Dungeon master?

Deet said offhandedly while still holding her head.

「What’s that?」

「In short, it’s a skill. A skill that allows you to become a dungeon master.」

「….the master of a dungeon, huh?」

「You need to go to the lowest level of the dungeon and get the skill from the dungeon master. They say that there is a dungeon master in the Dungeon of Yomi.」

「In other words, you need to be really strong to get it, huh?」

Deet nodded.

「Moreover, it will probably lead to a fight if the dungeon master refuses to hand over the skill. You would have to win.」

「I see. It is quite apparent that strength is the key. But how exactly is the dungeon master related to lifespan?」

「You can still die, but if you have the dungeon master skill you at least won’t age.」

「Wh…what?! That means, although you are not immortal, you have eternal youth.」

「Yep, you stay young. That’s why no one wants to give it away. Also why there are rumours that they stay hidden in the depths of the dungeon while spreading monsters all over as their guard.」

Yup…they might not want to part with it.

「But you know, living for such a long time might not be such a good thing.」

Deet gave me a mysterious smile as I said that.

「Really, Thor? Not interested in being with me forever? The me who barely ages while going in and out between our worlds? I bet we would have a good time.」

「Eeeeeeeeeeh? Uh, yes. It doesn’t sound bad. But won’t that make my late grandmother cry?」

「Why so? It’s not like you are doing anything wrong.」

Deet then proceeded to stroke my chest with her index finger, which only got me excited.

And on top of it she was wearing bloomers. Can someone with such sex appeal really be a virgin?

「No, I mean, they place all these monsters all over just to protect themselves, right? And that only leads to the death of so many adventurers.」

「Even if you don’t do it, someone else will, Thor. There’s also the fact that monsters keep the economy running.」

Hmmm…even cars can lead to people’s death. That kind of logic, huh.

「Well, yes. I get that…」

「And think about it. If you do it, we might not need to place any monsters. You could just hide in your apartment.」

「Th…That’s true.」

「It’s for the greater good.」

Deet brought her wonderfully shaped lips close to my ears. Her voice, along with the breath that followed felt so good.

「And are you really going to level up without any reason at all?」

「Well, you have a point.」

To think about it, it might actually be better to have a goal to be the dungeon master instead of meaninglessly hunting and defeating monsters.

「Ok then! Let me try to aim for dungeon master! Since I was anyway going to try hunting and levelling up.」

「Yay! You can’t go back on it!」

「Well if you put it that way, I suddenly do not have any confidence.」

I feel like invading a real dungeon is not going to be a walk in the park.

「So unreliable! You better get that skill for my sake. Elves who live a long life tend to end up being lonely easily.」

I am not sure whether it’s her personality or whether there is some other reason, but I’ve heard she’s already lonely.

I am slowly beginning to understand. She seems to be a lonely soul.

「Alright, fine! I will do my best for your sake.」

「! Thank you, Thor!」

The ever so strong Deet thanked me in her demure voice.

Before I knew it, I was patting her head.

Knowing the kind of person she is, I thought she would get mad. Instead she leaned in as though she wanted me to continue patting her for a while longer.

I was supposed to be living a single, carefree life in my cheap apartment…but Ria is a scaredy cat and Deet is Ms. Lonely. I just can’t let them be. And Shizuku was like a pet.

I felt like it was not such a bad thing if my room was a place of relaxation for Shizuku, and Ria and Deet who used to explore dungeons.

I am sure that this wasn’t the end to the fantasy life full of mistakes that had begun in a questionable apartment.


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