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But there was something else. A few steps away from the female knight was the end of the room, where there was a stone wall. And in that wall, there was a sturdy-looking iron door, as well as a stone button that looked like some sort of switch.

Was this indeed just bait?

Were a large number of goblins going to come out of there?

Carefully. Carefully. I had to act more carefully than I have my entire life. If not, this would be a immediate death ending for me.

Before I tried calling out to her, I picked up a small stone and threw it at the female knight.

Surprisingly, I hit her armour in one shot.

「Sniff, sniff, stop」

What? Japanese? [1. TL Note: Novel is written in japanese]

Wait, no. This wasn’t japanese.

This wasn’t english or anything. It was some mystery language. But somehow, my ears picked it up as Japanese……

This increasingly felt like a trap, but at the same time, the fear that the girl in front of me was showing was so life-like and vivid. I could no longer believe that it would be just an act.

I decided to call out to her, gathering all the courage I had.

「U-um……are you alright?」

「D-don’t come here!」

「I-if you don’t tell me if you’re alright, I won’t know if we each understand each other’s languages. 」

「J-just don’t come near me! Please!」

I had somewhat calmed down a bit. At least I was able to get some information from her.

I found out that we could mutually understand each other, with me speaking Japanese and the female knight speaking the language I had never heard before.

I also found out that the female knight couldn’t seem to move.

「I-i’m going to move toward you now, alright?」

「I-I told you not to come near me!」

「But you can’t move right?」

「I can move! Of course I can move!」

「But you can’t really move right……」

No matter how I looked at her, it didn’t seem to be an act. If this were an act, then this female knight must be a really skilled actress.

Well, it was certainly true that her face was beautiful, even when I looked at her from afar. Actually, she looked more beautiful than an actress.

Ignoring her cries for me not to go closer, I carefully move forward.

「I’m going to help you now」

「S-stop, don’t violate me, don’t kill me」

W-what? This female knight just said something really weird.

The female knight was only a few steps away.

「What did you just say?」

「I’ll clean for you! I’ll do your laundry! I’ll do anything! Please don’t kill me! Goblin-sama!」


So that’s what it was. It seemed that somehow, in this pitch black dungeon, both this female knight and I mistook each other for goblins.

But I immediately realised that the female knight was not indeed a goblin. It was a bit saddening to think that she mistook me as a goblin until now.

Even though I looked like this, my grandmother used to tell me that I was cool.

Please don’t lump me in with goblins.

「Oh, I got it. It’s the headlight!」

Thinking about it, I was looking at her with the lights on my helmet.

From Her perspective, it was probably really bright, and my face was probably just a shadow so she couldn’t see me probably.

Moreover, it seemed that she wasn’t able to move her neck for some reason, so she could only glance to the side to look at me.

I took of my helmet and moved my face directly in front of her to let her get a good look of my face. I used the light to light up my face from below.


That beautiful face of hers twitched before she seemed to lose consciousness.

「That’s so rude!」

Is what I said, but I realised that shining a light from below my face in a dark place must look pretty scary.

「She was already pretty scared and yet I……I screwed up……but it looks like she’s still alive.」

From what I saw, she didn’t seem to have any external wounds.

The movement of her abundant chest was obvious even through the steel plate of her armour……I mean, her pulse seemed normal and she was breathing.

「Then, why? Ah……」

That was when I noticed something.

From around her thighs, a golden yellow liquid that was being reflected by my headlights was flowing out.

I didn’t know if it was a danger signal from her body or because of fear so intense it caused her to lose consciousness but…….

「It’d probably be dangerous if I just left her here. And it’d probably be embarrassing for her too」

Ambulances probably won’t come to a dungeon.

I carried her to a safe spot.

That’s right. It was my new house, the apartment.

I stuck my pickaxe in my belt and piggy-backed her.

「Place the female knight’s arms around my neck…..oof, now let me lift her up from her thighs. Oh, this is heavy! I can’t possibly carry her shield so I guess I have no choice but to leave it behind. 」

I firmly grabbed her by her thighs and unsteadily returned to my room.

At first, I thought that this was the best sensation in the world, but in the end I found it really hard to hold on to her with the golden yellow liquid.

Not only that, even my clothes got completely drenched.

「Woahhhh! Ahh! 」

I somehow managed to carry the female knight all the way to the front gates and locked the door behind me with my keys.

I wanted to lock the U-lock [1. TL note: A type of lock] too, but it’d be impossible without putting the female knight to sleep first.

I was proud to say that in my 2LDK apartment, there were 2 more rooms other than the living room.

One was a western-style room and one was the japanese-style room.

「I guess the problem now is which one I should let the female knight sleep in……」

The japanese-style room was where I stored my otaku goods. And it was the room that would help me step back into the real world as a new me.

I had planned to sleep in the western-style room. The unassembled bed, as well as the mattress had already arrived.

「I opened up the box with my otaku goods first so I don’t really want to use the japanese-style room, but it’d be impossible to assemble the bed right now. I’ll just have to let her sleep on the tatami of the japanese-style room I guess……」

I’ll lay the female knight to sleep on the tatami and cover her with some bedsheets.

「I’m so tired from the nervousness and physical work……」

After I pressed my ear against the front door to check whether there was any noise coming from outside the door, I locked the U-lock.

What should I do now……? Ok, I’ve decided.

「Let’s return to the Japanese-style room.」

Maybe to my surprise, when I return to the Japanese-style room, Miss Knight would have disappeared into thin air and everything was just a dream.

But of course, she didn’t disappear.

The female knight was still unconscious in the same position as when I lay her to sleep.

I did think about calling an ambulance for her, but I wouldn’t know how to explain the situation anyway. Moreover, I was scared that the paramedics would get sucked into this whole situation with the dungeon.

Her condition didn’t appear to be deteriorating. The up and down movement of her chest……I mean her breathing, didn’t seem to be laboured.

「I want to help her take off her armor and her wet clothes, but that would probably be sexual harassment. But she really is……」

Beautiful. Moreover, she looked dignified.

Her face looked like one of a beautiful doll’s.

I wondered what would happen when she opened her eyes.

「Wow but from all the moving and intense nervousness and physical work I’m getting really sleepy…….」

As I watched the female knight who lay on the tatami, I suddenly became sleepy.

If she weren’t here, I’d definitely be sleeping right now.

But there was no way I just could sleep here when I just brought I woman in.

I’d definitely…….get misunderstood……

♦︎ ♦︎ ♦︎

「 Oh wise sage, wise sage」

I could hear a sound that sounded like a harp from afar.

Did I know how a harp sounded like, you ask? I don’t

What I’m trying to say is that it was a sound as beautiful and as gentle.

I wanted to listen to it forever.

「Wise sage!」


The sound of the harp suddenly got really loud.

「Ah, have you awoken?」

It seems that I accidentally fell asleep………, and I feel like I had a weird dream about going to a dungeon and carrying a female knight.

I rubbed my eyes to clear up my blurry field of vision. Ah, it was the japanese-style room of the apartment I just moved ino.

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