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Then there was [Health]. It was indeed a very terrifying number.

It was probably equivalent to what we call HP.

Right now, it was 19/19, but once the numerator reaches 0, it might just mean death.

It was easy to understand. But in turn, it was terrifying.

「Magic」, in other words, was probably similar to MP. I was also hopeful about this part.

I wasn’t hopeful in the sense that I could gain a lot of powers oro anything. I was filled with hope just by the existence of these numbers…….

「I wonder if I could use magic too somehow」

But just like how neither Ria nor I could check our statuses in the room in my apartment, I probably couldn’t use magic in Japan anyway.

「But if it’s in the world on the dungeon side, the possibility that I could use magic too was……..there!」

Now it was getting exciting!

Next let’s analyse my [Attack]

Right now, the value of my [Attack] was much higher than all the other values.

I had a theory for why that was so.

「Let me just test it out」

After I checked whether there were any monsters around me with my headlights, I hooked the pickaxe I was holding on my hand back into my belt.

When I did, my [Attack] went down to 10.

I then held up the pickaxe again.

[Attack] 114.

I hooked it on my belt.

[Attack] 10

I picked it up.

[Attack] 114.

Yes! It was just like I predicted!

When I let go of the pickaxe, it was 10. When I held it in my hands, it was 114.

In other words, the attacking power of the pickaxe was 104, and when I equipped myself with it, that value would be added to my attacking power.

There was probably no doubt that my raw attack power of 10 was the value of my [muscle strength].

Let me try taking off the helmet with headlights attached.

When I took it off, my [Defence] fell from 45 to 25 and when I put it back on, it returned to 45.

「I see, I see. Interesting. So this is how it works. I would wanna test this out with a kitchen knife or a bat made of gold. Not that I have a golden bat. 」

I guess the analysis of my statuses up until now kind of covered the other statuses like [Strength], [Intelligence], [Agility] and [Skill].

What interested me particularly was my [Strength] being 10.

What would happen if I started working out? I wondered whether it would change without me levelling up.

I actually did have a hand dynamometer [1. TL Note: A ‘hand dynamometer’ is used to measure grip strength] that I bought from an online store that could be used for strength training. But usually, my dominant hand could go up to 40kg and my left hand could go up to 37kg.

There was a variation of about 1kg, but I was also very interested to know whether my grip strength would change if the value of my [Strength] changed.

After I was done writing my memo, I was pretty much satisfied with the display of my status.

「I guess that’s all I can do for now. For now I’ll just go retrieve Ria’s shield.」

There were still things I didn’t understand and there were things I wanted to try out, but that was about all I could do right now.

What’s more, I promised Ris that I would get her shield back for her.

I was really interested in my status, but of course, I wanted to increase her affection points for me.

「Carefully, carefully……」

Even though that’s what I said out loud, it was already my third time stepping foot into the dungeon.

No matter how big the room was, I estimated there being about 20 metres between where I was and where the shield was.

If I just walked straight there without keeping my guard up, it probably wouldn’t even take 3 minutes in total.

My nerves started to settle down and I was filled with curiosity and excitement.

But at the same time, I didn’t plan to completely forget the tension.

There it is, there it is. It’s her shield.

「That’s right. Even if……there was a light blue, jelly-like substance hidden under the shield I was about to pick up now, I’ve already predicted that much so.」

The shield was huge, and it was a warped shape. It wouldn’t be strange even if there was a space underneath for a slime to be hiding in.

I held up the shield, using my headlight to illuminate it.


The light blue colored, jelly-like substance which resembled Ria’s boobs that I saw just now came out from under the shield as I picked it up.


As I screamed out loud, I swung the pickaxe down on the small, light blue being the fastest I had ever moved in my life.

The same time that my cold sweat started to break out, the light blue-colored boob, I mean slime’s flesh scattered everywhere with a jiggle.

That was when my body started becoming hot for some reason.

I could feel power overflowing in my entire body. In other words, could it be that thing?!

I immediately picked up the shield and carefully escaped back into my apartment at top speed.

And I didn’t even get to take it down on my memo, but I also checked my status as I ran.

[Name] Suzuki Tooru
[Race] Human
[Age] 21
[Occupation] Unemployed
[Level] 2/∞
[Health] 20/20
[Magic] 30/30
[Attack] 115
[Defence] 45
[Strength] 11
[Intelligence] 20
[Agility] 13
[Skill] No maximum growth

As I charged into the room, I slammed the front door behind me shut.

「Haa, I thought I was gonna die」

I whispered under my breath as I locked the door with the key.

I didn’t think there would really be a slime under the shield. I really got some unpleasant sweat on myself.

I wanna take a bath after Ria’s done too.

I threw the shield and my helmet around the front gate as I sat down to catch my breath.

「But……I really did it. I leveled up by defeating a slime.」

It might be possible that I was the first Japanese, no, Earthling who ever defeated a monster and levelled up.

I was sure that I saw that my [Strength] increased from 10 to 11 from levelling up.

For now, I’ll go check up on how Ria doing before i go search for my hand dynamometer.

What kind of results could I possibly get from the hand dynamometer by my [Strength] increasing by 1?

There was a possibility that she was changing in the dressing room so I called out to Ria from the living room.

「Ria, I’m back~. Are you still in the bath~?」

「Ah, welcome back~. Could…….iI just get a little, little bit longer?」

Her voice echoed in a way specific only to someone in a bathroom.

Although we had that terrible incident when she got doused in cold water, it seemed that Ria had taken quite a liking to the bath.

It was more convenient for me like that. I could avoid having her see my using the hand dynamometer.

「Yup, yup! Please slowly enjoy your bath~!」

「I-is that so? Understood~」

Yes. Let’s go look for some cardboard boxes.

I had barely touched the sealed cardboard boxes from moving.

Which one was it again? It’s not this. And it’s not this box either. Oh, is it this one!?

I finally found the hand dynamometer.

「Yes. Should I try this out? Heaveeeeeeeee…….how did it go?」

44kg! Is this real? No matter how hard I tried, I never got past 40kg up until now.

In other words, it seemed that the increase of my [Strength] by 1 was correlated to the grip strength of my dominant hand by 4kg.

「C-could this be real? So would that mean that if I leveled up by 10 levels, my [Strength] would increase to 20 and my grip strength would reach 80kg?」

I heard that if your grip strength was 80kg you’d even be able to crush an apple with your bare hands. That was the dream of any man.

「Let’s do it. Maybe I’ll level up so that I can crush an apple with my bare hands (LOL)」

What’s more, I didn’t even need to go through any painful weight training.

Moreover, I didn’t have a cap on my maximum level, which I assume that other people must have.

There were still factors that I was still unsure of and didn’t understand, but there was a chance that anything might be possible.

I really need to ask Ria more about the other world and research a lot of things.


「Sir Thor? What happened? You seem to be having fun.」


Damn it. It seemed that Ria had come out of the bath.


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