When My Room Turned Into A Dungeon Rest Stop Chapter 7 Part 2

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EDITOR Weasalopes

Despite being completely naked and on top of me, she didn’t realize a thing? Things were about to get dangerous and primal in here. Deet quickly changed into the bloomers and track uniform. Her face was completely red, and she finally changed into the track uniform that we were talking about earlier. She was hiding the sacred blue-colored bloomers from sight. Well, she was trying to hide them, but she couldn’t hide the memories that I now have been given. My reason and willpower have been completely destroyed now, there was no point, whether she was naked or was wearing bloomers at this point.

In order to preserve her coolness, she now began trying to explain what exactly had been going on this whole time.

「And, what was with how you were acting earlier? 」

「I-I’m so sorry. 」

It was a little too late for that now, but she suddenly got all meek, it was kind of cute. Having a beautiful girl like this have an embarrassed face and acting meek, it was nice. Even better was the bloomers.

「No no, I’m not angry or anything like that, I just want to understand what’s going on here. 」

「That was… I just had to kiss you, Tooru. 」

「A-and you kissed me because…? 」

「Because by doing that, you were able to raise my max level… 」

Huh, wait what? This only added more questions… 

By kissing Deet, I was able to increase her max level?

「Are you serious? 」

「Y-Yes.  I was originally maxed out at 47 / 47, and I had thought because I had worn this strange school swimsuit that my level had been enhanced to 47 / 48. However, even when I had taken off the clothing, my stats have stayed the same in that regard. I think now that the main reason behind this is when you kissed me and made me drink the cola. 」

That explains why she just did that crazy thing against my will earlier.

「And? After you tried that stunt, what was the result? 」

「It’s true! It became level 49! When I kiss you, my max level limit raises by a bit each time! 」

「So it’s really true? Have you ever heard of something like this before? When someone has reached the level cap and they kiss someone, this kind of stuff happens? 」

「I’ve never heard of anything like this. If something like that existed, I’m pretty sure I’d have heard at least some rumors or something about it. 」

That’s true. So that explains why Deet was so happy then, her max level was able to be raised up.

「But if there’s an ability that can increase the level cap, shouldn’t it be displayed as a skill itself or something? 」

「Perhaps your world is different in that way. Or perhaps you hold a unique and rare skill. There are abilities that enable to you check your own status and latent ability. People who have a high level in the Person Appraisal skill category would be able to see it most likely. 」

「Person Appraisal skill?! Is there really a beneficial skill like that?! 」

「Even those with no jobs should be able to gain these abilities if they were to level up. They aren’t particularly difficult. 」

Being jobless might have been better than I thought after all!

「They are also able to learn magic. 」

「W-What did you just say?! 」

「However, in order for it to work suitably with you, rather than magic job classes, you’ll have to level up perhaps even ten more times to be on an equally efficient level as them and learn them. 」

「Uhuh… 」

「And besides that, there is usually a level limit of around 15 for skills, and you can gains by leveling up normally. 」

「Okay…but for me, I don’t have a level cap right? 」

「Exactly. So, like I was saying earlier, you’ll probably get them sooner or later. Before your lifespan comes to an end, you might be able to defeat even crazy amounts of monsters. 」

I might be strong enough to eventually defeat a large number of monsters huh. That should be interesting. But as I was thinking about how nothing can be done about my lifespan, Deet was suddenly getting closer and closer to my body. And she eventually continued forward while shutting her eyes and closing in on my face.

「W-What are you doing? 」

「Come on! We already went over this, it’s just a kiss! 」

「Hold on a second, just wait! 」

「What is it? Are you saying you won’t work with me in order to raise my max level? 」

「Huh?! 」

「I’ve been traveling for tens of years now unable to raise my level you know! No matter how many monsters I would defeat, it would never change anything. I was constantly being surpassed by people who could go beyond my level! 」

「Uhhh… yeah that makes sense, and it’s a little sad yeah… 」

But I can’t just kiss anyone so easily like that. I’m not that kind of guy! Also, I’m a virgin so I can’t help but be a little shy when it comes to things like this.

「Then it should be fine right? Also, I feel like I should just say this up front, even if it raises my level, if it’s with someone I don’t want to do it with, then I wouldn’t do it. I’m only doing it because it’s with you. 」

Deet looked at me with a dissatisfied face and puffed out her cheek. It seemed like Deet was doing this lightly at all either. It made me contemplate her situation a little bit more.

「O-Okay I got it. Then let’s work together to increase your level cap then. 」

「So now you’re willing to do it for me? Are you saying you wouldn’t want to do something like that with me otherwise?! 」

A certain girl’s face rose popped up into my head.

「A—A—Ahhh! It’s Ria isn’t it! 」

Deet’s face became pure red. But it wasn’t embarrassment.

「You like her? 」

Girl’s instincts were sharp. And it seemed like Elves were pretty quick witted too.

「More like I don’t dislike her exactly… I’m just… a little interested… 」

But by looking at the strong girl here before my eyes, I somehow also knew. There was a light in her eyes that I could see. And so, I just let out something.

「I’m interested in you too… 」

「Huh? 」

After a few seconds of awkward silence, Deet spoke up.

「Did you say, you like me too? 」

「About the same amount… 」

I knew that saying things honestly would sometimes not be the best thing to say, but I felt like the only thing that should come out right now is the truth.

「Hm…hmmmm. Really, is that so….? 」

Despite Deet being beet red herself, she found herself peeking at me in between glances of her looking down at the ground.

「Normally, after hearing something like that, wouldn’t girls normally get angry or something? 」

「My mind isn’t that closed off. I don’t know about that other girl though. 」

「Is that what it is? 」

「You can choose Ria before me, it’s fine. 」

「Huh? W-What do you mean? 」

I wonder if it was actually the case that Deet didn’t really care about me at all, and just wanted to get her max level up.

「I-I already told you. I like you! I like you BUT! She’s only a human, so she’s not going to outlive me anyways right?? 」

「Huh? 」

「Even if it’s long, it’ll only be around 80 years. And then after that, I’ll monopolize you all to myself. 」

Her normal strong personality had finally made its way back. Deet laughed and smiled like a little imp. The long lifespan elf’s face was brimming with self confidence now.

「Yeah but, if 80 years pass by, it won’t just be Ria, I’ll eventually die around then too probably. 」

If I’d even be able to be together with Deet after 80 years is one thing but dying isn’t something I’ll exactly be able to control when I’m that age. Even if I raise up my level, and do everything right, there isn’t really anything humans can do about the aging and dying problem. With a trouble looking face I muttered out loud.

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