When My Room Turned Into A Dungeon Rest Stop Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 1

TRANSLATOR almostrich

EDITOR Weasalopes

The Case of The Darkness That Appears When Moving In

The suburbs of Tachikawa city. I moved into a 300 a month super cheap apartment with a catch. I can explain the reason this apartment is so cheap in a few words. This room that I live in now is connected with a dungeon in a game-like world. And then, together with residents of that world, the golden-haired female knight Ria, an elf wizard named Deet, and a white slime named Shizuku, with a human as their master, gradually came to live together in this room.

Every night I would go through the doorway and into the dungeon.

「Huff, huff, it’s here it’s here! A blue slime! 」

When I hit the slowly approaching slime with my ice axe, it jiggled and scattered in all directions.

「Yes! Alright! I wonder if all the monsters in the area are gone now? What’s this? 」

A power swelled up from inside my body. It looks like I leveled up.

[Name] Suzuki Tooru
[Race] Human
[Job] None
[Level] 5 / ∞
[Stamina] 26 / 26
[Magic] 39 / 39
[Attack] 119
[Defense] 44
[Strength] 15
[Intellect] 26
[Agility] 17
[Skill] Unlimited Growth
Person Appraisal LV 1 / 10

Oh sweet! When I was about to check my status, an image reflected inside my head and I realized I had leveled up. Even in the real world if your strength goes up by 1 level, your grip strength will go up by 4. In other words, before moving here my grip strength was 40 kg, but now it’s around 60 kg. Huh, what’s [Person Appraisal LV 1 / 10] mean?

「Wait, that reminds me of something Deet was saying. When you level up, you’re able to learn new skills, and those skills can even level up. 」

By becoming level 5, I was able to learn a new skill. This is something else that Deet said but, there are also skills for examining the status of other people and one’s own hidden abilities. I had Deet show me her status, but I still haven’t checked on Ria. When I have the chance, I should try using [Person Appraisal] on her. It’ll be fun.

「Alright, I’ve got work tomorrow, so I shouldn’t stay up too late I guess.」

With a small cracking sound, I stood up and returned to my room by going through the door on the dungeon’s stone walls. My apartment has a western style bedroom and a Japanese style bedroom, with my guests sleeping in the latter. I stealthy moved across the rooms so as to not wake anyone up. I changed into my pajamas and crawled into the suspiciously fluffed up futon.

「How’s leveling up?」

「Ah, it’s you, Deet? I leveled up by 1. 」

A long-eared beauty peeked her face out from under the covers.

「Oh? You noticed me? Even though I was trying to surprise you? 」

「It’s ’cause the futon was already fluffed up before I got in.」

I had thought someone was inside. I already knew Ria and Shizuka wouldn’t do something like this, so it was easy to guess who.

「Hehehe, you’re facing the dungeon and doing your best to level up, aren’t you? 」

This dungeon is called Yomi, it seems like the type to have a dungeon master of some sort. When you become a dungeon master, you stop aging. Because Deet is a high elf, her aging process is longer than mine, and it looks like she’s wanting me to become the dungeon master so we can spend more time together.

「Nah, rather than leveling up, I just think it’d be fun to get stronger and faster. 」

「Huh?! You’re not looking to conquer the dungeon? 」

「You should hurry and get to bed already, go back to your room.」

So that there are no arguments, I’m sleeping in the Western style bedroom, while Deet and Ria are sleeping in the Japanese style bedroom.

「You’re so mean, Thor. Just when I thought I’d wear a cute schoolgirl swimsuit for you…」

Wait, what did she say?


Deet’s lifespan is really long, so even if she makes friends she’ll become alone in the end. I feel kind of bad for her, maybe just today is fine. It’s not like I’m letting her because of the swimsuit’s satisfying pure blue color or the enticing allure of the touch of it on her skin.

「Guess there’s no choice, huh…」

「Master Thor. I will return before sunrise, but would it be okay to sleep together for a little while? 」

Oh no. Ria had walked into the room wearing bloomers and carrying a pillow.

「Ahhhh! Why is Deet here?! We made a promise to sleep in the Japanese room, didn’t we?!」

「But you came here too, didn’t you?!」

Yep. I moved here and already became used to this odd lifestyle in this apartment attached to a dungeon. But I wonder if it’s really alright for me to live with people from another world. I thought about this conundrum while I watched and admired Ria’s butt with her bloomers, and Deet’s large chest stretching the swimsuit so that it was about to burst.

You know, I think things are fine as they are.


「I’m back!」

Onto the next tumultuous day. I had gone to work, and when I came home through the window of the Japanese style room, Ria and Deet were there to meet me.

「Welcome home!」

「Welcome back!」

After everything, there’s no way I want this lifestyle to end. But it would be nicer if I could use the front door.

「I’m a little late so I bought dinner on the way home.」

Deet’s shoulders tightened up when she heard that, and Ria spoke up.

「Huh? You brought home food? 」

Oops. I forgot that Ria thinks I’m a Great Sage who escaped to the dungeon to be secluded from the world. While thinking about what I should do, Deet came up with an excuse to save me.

「Master Thor, with the use of teleportation magic, is able to go to far off cities and countries, you know.」

「R-really? Teleportation is a legendary type of magic! 」

Deet pinched Ria’s butt when she wasn’t looking at her.

「Yeah, I suppose.」

I placed some hamburgers and fries onto the table. As a side dish, I made some salad from vegetables in the fridge.

「It looks so delicious. This is the Hamburg steak we had last time, except it’s placed between pieces of bread, right?」

「You got it. When you put the meat in between bread you call it a hamburger. 」

Ria looked pleased, but Deet was also surprisingly happy.

「That’s the Hamburg steak you talked about, Ria? After hearing you say it was tasty, I really wanted to try it. 」

Well well well, it looks like these two are talking to each other well when I’m out. I feel like they’re complete opposites, but they’re getting along better than I thought.

「Alright, let’s eat it while they’re hot, thanks for the food!」

「Thanks for the food? Who are you thanking? 」

Deet probably thought this was some kind of magic incantation.

「Oh uhm…Food is kind of like life, you know? So, it’s just kind of being thankful for it giving life to us. My grandma always said it before eating. I guess I ended up saying it too loud this time.」

「I see. Master Thor, you really love your grandmother, don’t you? 」

「I was raised by her after all.」


Deet look like she was about to ask another question, but before she did, we heard a loud

「Thank you for the food! 」


「I really liked the story, so I wanted to try it too!」

「That’s right, perhaps I’ll try it as well. Thanks for the food! 」

The two girls tried it the way my grandma taught me. There was nothing that made me happier.

「Mmm! This is so tasty! Ria told me how much she liked it, but it’s much better than I expected.」

It seems like Deet really likes the hamburgers too. I put some hamburgers in the closet of the Japanese style room so that Shizuka, the white slime, could enjoy it too.

「Miss Deet. This hamburger is very tasty but…」

「Huh? What is it? 」

「The hamburg steak that Master Thor had made for me was much, much, much tastier! It had egg’s yolk and was wrapped wonderfully in sauce and… 」

Rather than the one that Ria had made me, she said that the one I poured my heart into and made for her was tastier. For making me so happy, as a reward I wanted to give her a big kiss! No, three of them! But if I suddenly did something like that, I’d probably get a slap to the face. When strength goes up by one, grip strength improves by four. In other words, if she slapped me, my neck would probably break. I’ll have to think about picking a safer prize, that’d probably be best.


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