Chapter 00: Prologue


Translator: Manga0205

It was, an infinite darkness.
No matter how far one went, there was no end
No matter how long one waited, there was no dawn.
There was one spot, where there was light.
A throne that floated within the darkness──Only there.
A dark clump that had the shape of a person sat on that throne.
It’s shining red eyes, they asserted that it wasn’t just some darkness or a type of shadow.
Then again, it wasn’t like that was its true form.
But, it wasn’t like it had a true form.
It became like this after abdicating its right and responsibility to establish its form. That was all.
That thing that had abdicated even its name……It was something called the “Demon God”.
Demon God.
The summit of all demons.
The Creator of all demons.
The enemy of all good.
The enemy of all evil.
The tolerator of all good.
The tolerator of all evil.
The one who affirms all contradictions.
The one who transcends all logic.
In this place where even chaos is seen as well-reasoned, the Demon God looked down upon the thing that was before its eyes.
It was formerly a Human that was called Nakajima Ryou.
「Now then, I guess I’ll first take an appearance that would be easy for you to talk to.」
When the Demon God said that, it searched through Ryou’s soul.
It arranged itself into an appearance that Ryou would fear the least, and would most easily hold a favorable impression of.
「……I see. So this kind of thing is to your liking.」
After who knows how much time, the figure of a young lady appeared on the throne of darkness.
Her black hair grew down to her shoulders, and her forelocks were cut to the same length.
She had black eyes that had a bit of an intense impression. With her light red lips bent into the shape of a smile, what covered the Demon God’s body was, a black dress.
「Now then, I will explain the situation to you.」
The Demon God, she leaned her back against the throne that had gotten bigger compared to her body that had transformed into a little girl, and started to explain to Ryou with a tone of voice that matched her body that had transformed into a little girl.
「You, have already died.」
Nakajima Ryou, twenty-nine years old.
The cause of death was, a heart attack.
Despite being informed that, the Ryou before the Demon God was silent.
……No, he was unable to give forth words.
It was because right now, the soul that was once Ryou had become something similar to a lightly dirtied porcelain-made marionette.
「Un, it seems that you truly lived a worthless life.」
He did as much as possible to not trouble other people.
Not desiring higher places, he knew his place.
Although he did have aspirations, the hand he extended was small.
Nakajima Ryou, he lived a life that a great majority of people would call normal……or maybe, a life that was a bit lower than normal.
Such a life, the Demon God judged it to be worthless.
However, that was also something that couldn’t be helped.
Having lived while just going with the flow, there were an extremely small amount of things that Ryou had decided upon by his own will.
Ryou’s soul, which feared the idea of getting hurt and still went with the flow, as if to embody that, did not have a Human appearance but took the appearance of a porcelain-made marionette.
「However, you are quite fortunate.」
Expressing a hypocritic-like smile that seemed like it would be expressed by a human of unscrupulous business practices, the Demon God stood up from the throne.
「As a matter of fact, there is a world where a vacancy for Demon King has just opened up, you see. I was thinking of sending you there.」
A Demon King seat became vacant.
That sounded like it had the meaning of them having perished.
However, approaching the still silent Ryou, the Demon God talked while making her smile stronger.
「There’s no need for you to worry. I will recreate you into a form suitable for starting off as a Demon King.」
Even the contents of the job aren’t all that hard, is what the Demon God laughed.
「It’s a simple job of only perishing to the Hero. If you expect more than that, well……I guess it all depends on you.」
When she said that, the Demon God smashed Ryou into tiny pieces with a single swing of her arm.
「The name of your new self is……Let’s see, uーn. I’ll think about it until I’m done creating you.」
It was there that the thing of consciousness that was once Nakajima Ryou completely came to an end.



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