Chapter 01


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Demon King Vermudol came to his senses on the throne.
「Good morning, Demon King-sama.」
A clear and dignified voice entered Vermudol’s ears.
The owner of that voice was a woman. Looking at her, she had taken a bow where she was on one knee in front of Vermudol.
She had long black hair, and voluptuous bulges on her chest area that asserted that she was female.
Clothes that made black its basic theme covered her lean body.
It was similar to the thing that was called maid clothes in the world that Vermudol was formerly in.
That being said, since he had not seen the real thing in his former world, he didn’t know whether or not it was truly maid clothes.
To begin with, the 「maid」 that Vermudol knew of did not wear breast armor on top of their maid clothes.
Above all, the gigantic shield that was placed at that woman’s side and the sword that hung at her waist, those were things that were too ill-matched for the 「maid」 that Vermudol knew of.

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「……Ahh, un.」
When he made a short reply, Vermudol checked his own appearance.
The clothes that he was wearing, it had black as its basic theme, had gold and silver thread, and was garnished with gems in various places.
The chair that he was sitting on, it seemed to have been cut from black stone or something, and minute patterns were carved into the arm rests and back. Vermudol was unable to imagine just how much time it would take to create something to this extent.
「Aqua Mirror」
When the woman in front of him chanted that, something that looked like a mirror appeared in front of Vermudol.
His own appearance that was reflected there was completely different from when he was once Nakajima Ryou.
First, his age was either in his teens to the early half of his twenties……It was probably near a time where he would be called a young man.
A thin man of delicate features, the skin of his body was overall white, his black hair was cut a bit on the long side, and he had red eyes.
Seeing that well-featured appearance, there was probably no person that could tell that he was the same person as his former self.
「So, um……You are?」
「I am called Ichika, a Maid Knight.」
With those words as keywords, information was spread out in Vermudol’s field of vision.

Name: Ichika
Race: Majin
Rank: Unknown
Occupation: Maid Knight
Details: Unknown

What was spread out in Vermudol’s field of vision right now was something called Status.
Vermudol, who was a Demon King, was able to confirm the other party’s Status with magic.
However, it wasn’t as if he was able to read all of their information with that.
If it was used against an influential person, it was only natural that they would have Protect cast upon their own Status for the sake of protection, and Ichika was one of them.
「It would seem that your knowledge has adapted to this world.」
With Ichika’s words, Vermudol realized it.
Status confirming magic……No, to begin with, the thing called magic didn’t exist in the world that Vermudol was originally in.
And just now, Vermudol had applied it without any sort of doubt.
「I believe that there will be many times where you will be swayed by your common sense and memories of your original world for a while. Therefore, I shall support you.」
Ichika stood up saying that, and then took Vermudol’s hand that was on the throne.
「Welcome to Remfilia, Demon King Vermudol-sama. No matter what path you choose from now on, I shall nestle close to that path.」
When Vermudol got up from the throne as if being led by Ichika, he surveyed the vicinity.
「……Ichika, was it.」
「Yes, Demon King-sama.」
What was spread out in Vermudol’s view was, something similar to ruins.
The stone walls crumbled here and there.
There was no ceiling, and an overcast sky stretched out.
Pillars that were probably magnificent once were altogether broken, and there were many places on the floor that looked like they would collapse.
「According to my knowledge, if I’m not mistaken, this place is the castle of the Demon King, but……」
「Yes. It is because about 120 years have passed since the previous Demon King perished.」
Vermudol breathed a sigh from those words.
「……I see. In that case, it needs to be repaired.」
「There is no budget.」
Feeling that he heard a questionable line for some reason, Vermudol reflexively asked a question in return.
「What was there none of?」
「There is no budget.」
「Eh? I mean……」
Ichika shut her eyes looking pitiful, and shook her head sideways.
「All of the property that was in the Demon King Castle, had been sent to the Hero party’s pockets. Even the order that the previous Demon King had constructed has collapsed for a long time now, and I alone am the subordinate for the current Demon King-sama. Incidentally, the budget is only the small amount of funds that I had collected until Demon King-sama had awakened.」
「Erm……In other words?」
「I believe that the resurrection of the Demon King Army is urgent business. Until then, the household finances……Or rather, the financial affairs will be handled by me.」
With the situation that he had not expected, Vermudol approached a crumbled wall while staggering.
What could be seen from the collapsed wall was, the scenery of the Dark Continent.
He could tell that this was a land unsuitable for people to live in.
Most likely, the Hero or whatever probably wouldn’t come attacking immediately.
「……What the hell.」
When he suddenly looked down, what was there was something that looked like field where the rough ground had been tilled.
When informed that “potatoes are being grown” by Ichika, Vermudol immediately ended up wanting to cry.
A world of swords and magic.
A world where the Demon King Gramfia perished due to the Hero, and Humans celebrated peace.
Like this, in a corner of that world, in a place called the Dark Continent, a new Demon King was born.

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