Chapter 04


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Agur was, surprised.
Although it was given to him by Demon King Vermudol, he was surprised by how wonderful it was.
It was, a lump of hard stone.
More accurately, it was a club that was sharpened from a stone pillar that Ichika broke.
It was much harder and heavier than the tree branch.
Being so white and pretty, it was way more amazing than the thick wooden staff that the Village Chief boasted.
He was the strongest among the Goblins with this, is what Agur thought.
「D, Demon King-sama. This, Agur’s?」
「That’s right.」
Agur was delighted by Vermudol’s words, who was sitting on the throne.
At the same time as that, he thought of the question as to why he was given such an amazing weapon.
However, that would be cancelled by the words Vermudol said next.
「Agur, I appoint you to be that colony’s Village Chief. From now on, be sure to obey my and my messenger’s orders.」
Village Chief.
Agur knew that he himself that become the most distinguished Village Chief.
But, if he had to obey the commands of the Demon King and the person that would be his messenger, he might not be the most distinguished.
Although he had received such a white, strong, and amazing weapon, not to mention the Demon King, he didn’t think that he could win against Ichika who was at his side.
Nevertheless, Agur was delighted by the fact that he himself was the Village Chief.
If he were to say “this is Demon King-sama’s command”, there probably wouldn’t be anyone that would oppose.
「Well then, you can return for today.」
「Y, yes. Demon King-sama.」
Seeing Agur holding the stone club in his arms and running as if he was trying to escape, Vermudol breathed a sigh.
Agur’s Status that he saw with magic was truly something terrible.

Name: Agur
Race: Goblin (Dark Continent)
Rank: F
Occupation: Warrior
Equipment: Demon Castle Club
                     Cloth Clothes

Rank……that was the thing that signified the quality of the person’s strength.
The highest was SSS, then SS, S, AAA, AA,A, and continued on from B to G.
In other words, when it comes to F, it’s close to the lowest ranking, but according to Ichika, if compared to a normal Goblin, it seems that he has a much higher quality. In fact, there are even examples of trained F ranked Goblins being stronger than untrained D ranked Goblins.
Simply put, things shouldn’t be measured by their rank.
「Still, well……It’s no good for things to stay like this.」
「What do you mean by that?」
Vermudol replied to Ichika’s words with a sigh.
In other words, they didn’t have enough hands.
It would be fine if he searched the Dark Continent with his own eyes, but if both Ichika and Vermudol were to visit several places, naturally, the Demon King’s Castle would become unmanned.
It would have been great if the Goblins were a bit smarter, but judging from Agur, he couldn’t expect much from them.
That’s right, he needed subordinates that he could trust.
However, there was also a problem with Vermudol himself.
He needed to have the ability to use those subordinates.
「I see.」
When Ichika nodded, she stared at Vermudol. After doing that for a short while, she muttered something in just a few words.
「That, is not something we cannot do anything about.」
They could do something about it.
Those were not words that Ichika said irresponsibly.
In truth, Vermudol has the ability to create subordinates.
However, right now, Vermudol himself is not aware of of that ability.
If she were to take it even further, Ichika understood that Vermudol has absolutely no idea about what it is that he himself can do.
In that case, she needed to guide him.
Not by some other person, Ichika would guide this bungling master herself.
「Demon King-sama. Let us make it so that you are able to wield strength befitting that of a Demon King.」
After saying that and making a bow, Ichika pointed her finger to the outside of a collapsed wall.
「Attack Fire.」
At the same time she chanted that, a fireball around the size of a head appeared at Ichika’s fingertip, soared to the sky, and then was extinguished.
「This is magic. Naturally, it is possible for you, Vermudol-sama, who is the Demon King, to handle it.」
Attack Fire.
It was elementary level magic that converted magical power into fire and shoots it out.
That knowledge didn’t exist inside of Vermudol.
However, he knew that he could use it.
He knew that but……since it seemed that the method of using it was different from the Status Confirming Magic, he was unable to understand the way to use it very well.
「The foundation is the same. First, please comprehend the magical power that is within yourself.」
The foundation of magic is, magical power.
The magical power that existed inside of himself.
Comprehending the magical power that flowed through every nook and cranny of his body was the first step towards magic.
Following Ichika’s words, Vermudol tried to comprehend the magical power inside of himself.
「……Found it.」
That was something that wasn’t inside the former Vermudol.
It circulated as if it were blood, however, it was something different from blood.
Understanding that, Vermudol devoted his consciousness to it.
「Please make an image. Magic is about image. That is everything.」
Vermudol imagined.
The image, was what Ichika did just now.
──And then, Vermudol’s created fire manifested.
It was gigantic enough to hide and conceal the throned Vermudol, and was a lump of fire that boasted a tremendous density.
「Attack Fire」
That lump soared to the sky.
Together with a *gou* sound, the soaring lump of fire bore a close resemblance to a Flame Dragon.
Before long, similar to Ichika’s, it extinguished in the air.
Seeing that with her own eyes, Ichika nodded.
「That was some wonderful might. If you become able to adjust the might, then it would be perfect.」
A warning that he still needed practice was implied in those words of praise.
With the might as it was now, if he were to use it indoors, even his allies would become roasted.
「It would be nice if some sort of book about this remained but……It seems that everything was taken by the Heroes after all.」
However, Ichika considered postponing that.
Vermudol’s attack just now was truly wonderful.
Because of that, there was the possibility that problems would occur faster than she expected.
「Well then, Demon King-sama, let us create a loyal subordinate.」
This itself was knowledge that Ichika was also bestowed by the Demon God.
The gigantic magic formation that was in the Demon King Castle’s hidden cellar was the place that would create Mazoku and monsters.
「Demon King-sama, can you solidify the image of the subordinate that will be created?」
「Yeah, of course.」
──First is a robust armored knight that will protect the castle.
While tempering that image, Vermudol and Ichika descended to the castle’s cellar.

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