Chapter 05


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There was a person looking up at what was once the Demon King’s Castle.
A large muscular build.
Wearing pants made with the leather of something, they donned metal armor on their upper half.
If someone else were to look at them, they could probably tell that both pieces of equipment kept strong magical power within them.
They had short cut red hair, and similarly red powerful eyes.
While rubbing his stubble, the man fearlessly smiled.
A few days ago, enormous flames rose up from these ruins.
There was no doubt that it was something done by some sort of magic.
Although it wasn’t like it could be seen by those in the far off distance, at the very least, the ones that made the vicinity of the Demon King’s Castle their base gazed at that with surprise.
The Demon King’s Castle──Though it has turned into ruins, it is the castle of the Demon King who is the summit of the Mazoku.
The fact that someone was living there was an act that declared that they were the Demon King as well as, putting it simply, something similar to saying that the other Mazoku should obey them.
If they were an aggressive Majin, they would immediately go to pick a fight, and in fact, in the past, there were many Majin proclaiming to be the Demon King that were crushed just like that.
In the past thirty years or so, that sort of thing didn’t happen but……there was yesterday’s fireball.
Possessing an interest in what kind of idiot would go as far as making such a demonstration, the man──The red haired Majin thus came to the Demon King’s Castle.

Finally arriving at the Demon King’s Castle’s front door, the red haired Majin expressed a look of surprise.
At both sides of the door, there were two figures of black armored knights. This was his first time seeing such things.
The Demon King and the Hero, it was said that they could use magic to confirm their opponent’s abilities, but Majin were unable to use such magic.
However, if his expectations were correct, the armored knights should be an armor-type monster called Magic Operated Armor.
When the two black Magic Operated Armors sighted the figure of the red haired Majin, they stood with their swords and shields readied as if to block the door.
「I see. It doesn’t look like they’re just some punk that doesn’t know their place.」
As he tried to put his hand on the large axe that he carried on his back, he desisted from doing it.
It was improbable, but there was also the 10000 to 1 chance of it.
Breaking them, wouldn’t be very good.
「In that case……I guess I’ll jump.」
Looking at it, the barrier that covered the former Demon King’s Castle had yet to be prepared.
And then, the Demon King’s Castle that crumbled here and there was full of holes.
Probably, if the targeted party was putting on airs as the Demon King, they were probably in the throne room.
「And here……we, go. Make this interesting for me.」
Stepping back a few steps, he dashed──and right in front of the highly viligant Magic Operated Armors, he instantly leaped up.
*Zun* It was a thunderous sound that shook the ground.
The leap that used all of that excessively enormous power moved his body straight to his intended location.
「Ahh……So it’s that.」
Jumping up to a floor that seemed to be the throne room, what was reflected in his eyes as he stood on top of a collapsed wall was a single man and a single woman.
Since the woman was clearly a Maid Knight going by her appearance, the one that was claiming to be the Demon King was probably the man.
First was the attack.
When he kicked off the wall, he decided to see the man’s aspects by keeping that momentum and plunging in with a dropkick.
See the man’s aspects……Though he thought that, there was enough power that if it were something like a Goblin that was hit, they would explode into pieces. As expected, he could be considered to have gone too far, but if it was some fool that didn’t know his place that was calling himself the Demon King that would be killed with only this amount of power, then that’s just how far he could go.
Thinking that, he plunged in without killing his momentum.

Ichika perceived the Majin’s figure.
It was exactly lunch time at the Demon King’s Castle.
The menu was potato and thorn-horned deer meat soup, and a fruit that was similar to an apple (ringo) called a ringil which was cut up into bite-sized pieces.
Seeing the appearance of the sweltering red haired Majin that was trying to intrude on the dining table that had increased its colors a bit with the tributes from the Goblins, Ichika breathed a sigh.
She knew that this sort of fellow would come sooner or later. It was because of this that she hastened the subordinate creation, but as expected, there were too many gaps in the current Demo King’s Castle.
Ichika readied her shield, and stood in front of Vermudol.
And then, she activated the special ability that she invoked against the Goblins.
「Tsk……so it’s the 【Magic Eyes of Coercion】!」
The Majin’s body stiffened up from the pressure that came from both of Ichika’s shining red eyes.
【Magic Eyes of Coercion】.
Bestowing pressure upon the opponent, it was a special ability that dulled their movements.
The might of Magic Eyes would differ depending on rank, but that which tormented the Majin was without a doubt greater than S rank.
However, it was already too late.
Still leaving things to momentum, he fired the deadly dropkick towards Ichika.
First he would incapacitate the Maid Knight, then next would be that man──
The thoughts of the Majin that was thinking that, were suspended right there.
The Maid Knight……Ichika, didn’t get blown away.
Completely defending against the Majin man’s dropkick with a gigantic shield, she only moved back a couple of steps.
No way, is what he thought.
It was a dropkick that he bragged about as being able to bring certain death that came from he himself who should have entered the top rankings among Majin in terms of strength.
Even if she was a Maid Knight, who he heard had many strong people amongst them, was it really possible for her to receive his attack and only move back a couple of steps?
「Oーi, Ichika. Are you alright?」
「There is no problem at all, Demon King-sama. Please continue your meal.」
When Ichika said that sounding as if it was truly nothing, she vigorously thrust her shield forward.
【Shield Bash】──By an attack done with a shield loaded with magical power, the Majin was sent flying outside of the castle in one go.
That’s right, after coming this far, the Majin man was also able to understand.
He was completely outmatched.
「You’re kidding me……I’m, a rank B Majin, you know……」
However, there was no mistake that he was outmatched.
The Majin honestly accepted his loss, and dropped down just like that.
As the Majin tried close his eyes thinking ‘even this pain is the loser’s punishment──He saw the figure of Ichika, as she jumped aiming at him.
「Receive the punishment for causing trouble during Demon King-sama’s meal, scum.」
「……Are you serious.」
Getting down and standing on the falling Majin, she severely trampled down on him.
While expressing a sadistic smile at the Majin who groaned from the attack, Ichika, who continued to step on him……buried him into the ground with a final attack just as he almost touched the ground, then gracefully landed.
Kicking the face of the Majin who was on the verge of fainting from the pain, and waking him up, Ichika expressionlessly asked the man a question.
「So, who and where are you from?」
Majin Orel
After trampling the man who named himself as such with all her might and making him faint, Ichika called upon the Magic Operated Armors that were watching the surroundings.

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