Chapter 08


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The north of the Dark Continent.
The frozen wilderness where life did not grow.
In that land where snow and ice is alway falling, there is a single small mountain.
Around the summit of the mountain, a man stood looking melancholic.
With his silver hair, which looked like it would blend in with the ice, cut short, he had thinly arranged eyebrows, and beautiful blue eyes. His skin was white, and though he was slender, he properly had muscle. Making his light blue metal armor do a small chime, he hit his large sword that was around his height against his shoulder seeming bored.
With just that physique and behavior, one could tell that this beautiful man possessed extraordinary strength.
……However, if one were to look at a complete view of this scene, one could probably tell his strength even without observing him so closely.
The mountain that he was sitting down on for a while now.
That wasn’t a mountain, but something that was constructed with the corpses of Mazoku.
When the man looked to the center……to the direction that the Demon King’s Castle was at, he breathed a sigh.
「Good grief……It kind of feels like, I’m being led about quite well.」
The man, was a Majin that existed since ancient times.
It is said that his name is, Altejio.

The east of the Dark Continent──A land that was mostly covered by many trees, a place that was deeply green.
In the extremely deep Lulugal Forest that was extremely deep in that area, there was a single conclusion being reached.
「Volcanion! (large explosive flame)」
「Voltenics! (lightning attack gun)」
A bundled and constricted lightning attack pierced through the center of a large-scale explosion that was accompanied by flames.
The fight that continued while blowing away the Lulugal Forest finally stopped with this explosion caused by these two magics.
「Fu……fufu. It would seem that it is my victory.」
It was the Majin that Orel had met.
Having long golden hair and long slit blue eyes. However, her white skin was lightly dirtied from the fierce battle, and the damage on top of her clothes that had white as the basic theme stood out.
It could be seen that the Magic Stone that was fixed into her pendant had lost its brilliance.
The Majin that had been made to use her trump card──Fainell expressed a satisfied smile despite that.
She had already hunted most of the strong people.
Fainell was confident that there would be no one that would object to her being the strongest in the east.
That was all while not realizing that it was the result of being made to dance by Demon King Vermudol.

And then, the south of the Dark Continent.
In this land where the way of the weak are meat the strong do eat is practiced exactly as stated, the clashing of the powers of the Dark Continent’s strongest classes was progressing.
Two gigantic Ancient Golems were exchanging blows.
「Damned power-idiots……Get lost!」
A dragon breath that danced in the sky mowed down the Ancient Golems that were exchanging blows.
Furthermore, a gigantic golden wolf that was running on the ground leaped up towards the dragon.
This situation that could perfectly be called a party of giant kaijuu was progressing into a huge fierce fight with oscillations and mega volumes that would make Goblins throughout the Dark Continent tremble violently.

「……Well, it’s pretty much like this. Rather, the south, jeez, why didn’t they show that strength when the Heroes were here, I thought I was going to get dragged in and die or something.」
The Demon King’s Castle.
Even though he had a premonition that it would become something like the 『Former Site of the Demon King’s Castle』 if it didn’t get repaired soon, Demon King Vermudol received Orel’s report there.
It was mostly as he predicted, and the culling was being completed.
The transition to the new system order was steadily progressing……but.
「What about the west?」
The Dark Continent’s western part.
The western part that the Hero party had landed at and trampled down before was an outstandingly dungeon crowded place even in the Dark Continent.
They were the dens of the so-called cave Majins that were shut-ins that wouldn’t take a step outside, but Orel breathed a sigh and exaggeratedly shrugged his shoulders.
「It’s the exact picture of peace. They don’t even come out from their caves. I suppose it’s at the level of only the Beastia having fist fights.」
In the western part where the fear of when the Hero landed there was still firmly rooted, protecting one’s body in a dungeon had become the standard. It was even the birthplace of the joke like saying of “if you take a stroll outside, the Hero will come”. For that reason, they would like to be excused from a status where they would have to stand up and bear the full brunt of the attack if the next Hero were to come……that was the common understanding of the Majin of the western part.
However, for Vermudol, that was troubling.
Honestly speaking, Majin that would give up believing that they can’t win against the Hero weren’t needed.
If they were Majin whose heads worked a bit, they would notice that this time, the birth of Vermudol would be the turning point of the continent, and would probably conduct themselves skillfully.
However, there wasn’t any kind of change that could be seen in the western part.
「……But well, I guess that’s not surprising.」
「What’re ya gonna do?」
When Orel threw a question at the throned Vermudol’s muttering, Ichika, who was in waiting at his side, answered in his place.
「It is no problem at all. The problem of the west will surely be settled before long.」
Orel showed a question mark on his face at those words.
It was because he didn’t think that the western Majin that were obsessed with opportunism and nonaggressive defense would change over time.
However, if Ichika is the one saying it, Orel had no intention of going against it.
「Well, I guess it’s fine you say so.」
Vermudol laughed while covering his mouth with his hand at Orel who expressed his dissatisfaction with a face that looked really hesitant to say anything.
「Ahh, sorry, sorry. I didn’t explain it to you, did I.」
「Explain what?」
「Ahh. The western direction……I’ve taken measures for it.」
Orel gave a half-hearted reply to Vermudol’s words.
He said he had taken measures, but he didn’t think that anything could be done about the Majin who didn’t get on board even with fame being dangled before them.
In place of Vermudol who sank into silence, Ichika opened her mouth.
「……Nino will, surely do something about it.」
As expected, Orel showed a question mark on his face to the word that he had no recollection of.
Both Vermudol and Ichika said no more than that.
However, Orel was only able to understand that something outrageous was probably going to happen in the west.

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