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Possessing traits of beasts and having vaguely similar forms and dexterity to people and Beastmen, they are Mazoku that boast voracious appetites and eat repulsive things.
Unlike the Beastmen that possess more pronounced features as Humans and only have a portion of features as beasts left behind, Beastia have strong features as beasts.
If Aulokk were to be used as an example, although he has features that resemble a Human in terms of his body, his head was exactly that of a black wolf.
A majority of his whole body was covered in black wolf fur, and his power, it even surpassed that of Beastmen, and naturally that of Humans.
They have both a sense of reasoning and intelligence, but their instincts as beasts are strong, and have a tendency to worship the strong.
Including others like cat Beastia and bear Beastia, they are an extraordinarily diverse race. According to one theory, it is said that the mixed parentage of a Beastia and a Human is the ancestor of Beastmen.
This theory is unexpectedly deep-seated, and it is said that the Beastmen’s special skill, the body strengthening move 【Beastification】, is the vestige of that.
Now then, those Beastia, to the managers of dungeons, they are often employed as good workers.
After all, their heads work better than the heads of Goblins, they will listen once they are conquered, their fingers are dexterous, and in addition, they are fairly strong.
When employing a similar Majin, on top of having the possibility of betrayal, the facts that their pride is high and are hard to handle gives birth to distress. Because of that, to Majin, the Beastia are the foremost race that they want to be saddled with.
The high in loyalty Beastia have a tendency to prefer the strong. This naturally goes for relationships with their master and friends, but it is also like that in love.
Typical Beastia will have children with those of the same race, but their preference range is extraordinarily wide, and it is said that there existed one that courted a dragon and was turned to cinders.
That itself was an extreme example, but Humans and Majin, possibly Beastmen, are counted in the Beastia’s general objects of romantic interest.
That sort of thing, the ones themselves had intended to keep it a secret among their race, but in fact, it was completely propagated throughout the world. Even in the fairy tales handed down in the Human Continent, there is a mountain load of content where a Beastia fell for a great person and followed them.
In other words, the reason that the twelve Beastia, including Aulokk, followed Nino was included into that sort of situation.

And then, right now, at the lowest floor of the Moul Labyrinth.
In a place perfect to be designated as a reception hall, Nino and the dungeon’s master──Majin Moul were standing off against each other.
「Damn you……To think that the Beastia would betray me.」
She was ahead of Nino who stood with a displeased expression.
Moul detestably looked at the delighted face of Aulokk and the other Beastia.
Majin Moul.
Her purple hair grew down to her shoulders, and her emerald green eyes had a sharp impression. Having make-up perfectly applied on her face, and wearing a black-dyed leather outfit on her beautiful and voluptuous body that not even Ichika, let alone Nino, would be a match for──She was truly overflowing with feminine charm.
Since all of the western Majin that Nino defeated up until now were nothing but men, this was her first fight against a female Majin.
「Popularity, none.」
When Nino muttered that, the Beastia behind her made a roar of laughter.
A vein became visible on Moul’s forehead at the obvious provocation.
Hitting the stone floor with the staff she held, Moul shouted.
「Don’t get carried away, little girl……」
Whether it was in charm as a woman, or ability as a Majin, she had no intention of losing to Nino.
「If that Aulokk bastard was such a lolicon, this sort of thing wouldn’t have happened.」
For Moul, that is what she thought.
It was because Aulokk had a peculiar preference that it turned into a situation where it seemed like she, who would win on all aspects, had lost.
If she hadn’t employed such Beastia, then such a little girl would have been nothing to her, is what she thought.
However, looking at it from Nino’s point of view, she couldn’t hear that voice as anything but the whining of a loser.
Having been created by Demon King Vermudol that she held respect and affection for, being the ideal form of a lady of overflowing charm was common sense to Nino.
Because of that, Nino expressed a triumphant smile, and looked down on Moul.
「You really are pitiable. But, it’s alright.」
Drawing the two curved swords on her waist, Nino made a declaration.
「In the name of Demon King Vermudol. Nino will destroy you after all.」
「……Don’t underestimate me.」
With her anger reaching the boiling point, Moul instead became composed and judged the situation.
No matter how she looked at it, Nino had a fighting style that had her two curved swords as the core.
The Beastia that were in wait at her back were of the same level.
Because of that, they were no match for Moul.
It was because for Moul who was a Rank D Majin, she had the qualification of being the master of this Moul Labyrinth that encroached with plants.
「That arrogance……atone for it with your life.」
Moul’s emerald green eyes sparkled.
It was a light green light.
The ability to manipulate plants, 【Magic Eyes of Greenery】.
The ivy that received the power of Moul’s 【Magic Eyes of Greenery】 started to move, and tried to restrain the Beastia.
「Wh, what’s going on!?」
Not knowing that Moul was able to do such a thing, the Beastia panicked and tried to cut the ivy with their swords.
Moul watched intently at their state with joy……However, she clicked her tongue at Nino who was cutting up the ivy without a care. However, after seeing that she wasn’t moving, she judged that Nino was giving it her all to cut them up, put her 【Magic Eyes of Greenery】 at full throttle, and moved the tree roots from underneath the stone floor.
The tree roots that acted like thick whips coiled around Nino while making flexible movements, and constricted that small body of hers.
Nino didn’t let go of her curved blades despite that, but going by the position of her hands, it was impossible for her to cut away the tree roots that were binding her.
「Looks like it’s over. Well, you’ve made me use my 【Magic Eyes of Greenery】. Making the fact that I showed you the seriousness of a Demon King a present for you……Go die.」
In order to have Nino’s limbs get crushed with the tree roots, Moul made her 【Magic Eyes of Greenery】 shine.
To be crushed.
That is how it should have ended up.
That should have happened, the tree roots should have made that happen, however, they didn’t crush Nino just as Moul commanded them to.
「Wh, y」
Why, didn’t it turn out like that.
Moul’s 【Magic Eyes of Greenery】 certainly did activate.
However, it didn’t turn out like that.
Moul came to realize the reason for that with the scene that happened right in front of her.
「You, those eyes……It couldn’t be.」
Nino’s eyes, were shining.
They were shining much stronger than Moul’s eyes.
Enough that everyone in this reception hall became aware of that magnificent green brilliance.
That’s right, those were 【Magic Eyes of Greenery】.
They were Magic Eyes that possessed enough might to negate the power of Moul’s Magic Eyes.
「Majin Moul. You are misunderstanding things.」
Having been gently guided to the floor by the tree roots, Nino informed her sounding calm.
The Majin of the west were misunderstanding things.
「You are able to assume the title of Demon King. But, you are unable to become the Demon King.」
Destroying the stone floor, tree roots that could be mistaken for thick tree trunks appeared, and hit Moul really hard.
Continuing after that, ivy with thickness that was similar to an adult’s arm constrained Moul from all directions, and constricted her while breaking her whole body.
Management and rapid growth of plants.
That was the true ability that the 【Magic Eyes of Greenery】 possessed.
The fact that weak Magic Eyes that simply manipulated them wouldn’t be a match for that, is something that Moul didn’t realize up until she died.
A Majin wouldn’t become a Demon King.
The Majin of the west didn’t know even this truth.
And then, there was already no need for them to know it.
It was because the Majin of the west that claimed themselves to be Demon Kings, were completely destroyed with this Moul’s death.
「……Guess we should go home.」
「Yes, Ane-san!」
Responding to Nino who said that sounding bored, the Beastia that adored her shouted simultaneously.
「That Ane-san thing, stop it.」
With a discontented look, Nino walked towards the surface.
But, with a face that seemed like she had just come up with a prank, she turned around to the Beastia that chased after her in a rush.
「Ah, but. For the black haired no-good maid that is at the Demon King’s castle, it’s alright to call her da-maid-sama (no-good maid-sama), you know?」
「Dameid……is that her name?」
She didn’t reply to Aulokk’s words.
Just what kind of face would Ichika, who acts like the number one close aide at the Demon King’s Castle, make.
Just by thinking about that, Nino ended up having a cheerful feeling.

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