Chapter 12


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The Demon King’s Castle.
In that place that was close to becoming a historic ruin that boasted in having good ventilation, Ichika and Nino were glaring at each other.
No, it wasn’t something as cute as them glaring at each other.
They were glaring each other down.
The expressionless Ichika and the displeased-looking Nino.
From the two that glared with the throned Vermudol in between them, an intimidating air that felt like sparks would start flying hung in the air.
Having called Ichika “Dameid-sama” without a single doubt, the pitiable Beastia under Aulokk that went down from Ichika’s slaps across their faces were scattered about here and there in the throne room.
The fact that they chanted Dameid in unison was the start of their quarrel this time.
「So, the one that taught those dogs a worthless trick was you, wasn’t it, Nino.」
「There are no falsehoods in their words. Nino thinks that the whereabouts of the responsibility is on you, Ichika.」
「It is possible for me to perfectly respond to all demands. Please don’t put me together with you who is specialized in only one section of performance and preference and is oriented towards maniacs.」
「The newer one being perfect is the providence of the world. In other words, it is Nino that is the true perfect one.」
They were like this in general.
Orel ran away the moment he heard the 「da」 in da-maid (no-good maid), and the Magic Operated Armors acted as if it was of no concern of theirs.
Even for Vermudol, since he used up plenty of magical power and was tired, he didn’t want to get involved with anything troublesome. So long as it didn’t turn into a situation where the castle would be broken anymore than this, he intended to watchfully wait.
Incidentally, he also didn’t want to untactfully speak up then have his preferences put up for question.
However, if he were to keep silent, Ichika and Nino would eventually seek a judgement from Vermudol.
Even if he were to say that both of them were cute, it was undeniable that Majin wouldn’t yield in contests related to pride.
……With that being the case, it would be better to offer up a different topic ahead of them and make the conversation undecided.
「By the way Nino.」
「What, Demon King-sama.」
When she readily removed her gaze from Ichika, Nino touched upon Vermudol’s hand that was on the armrest.
Just as Vermudol controlled Ichika, who tried to flick that away, with his other hand, Ichika instead ended up tightly grabbing that hand.
「……Ahー, in other words.」
While breathing a sigh at the fact that Ichika and Nino were once again glaring at each other, Vermudol pointed at the Beastia that were scattered about in the throne room with his gaze.
「Those guys over there, is it alright to take it that they wish to serve me?」
「Un. That is fine.」
Among the Beastia that still weren’t moving at all, Vermudol used his Status Confirmation Magic on the black furred wolf Beastia.

Name: Aulokk
Race: Beastia
Rank: D
Occupation: Swordsman
Equipment: Iron Sword
                     Leather Armor
Technical Skills: Wild Fang C
                             Soul of a Beast Demon

「Hmーm……He’s surprisingly……」
Vermudol confirmed that he was much more usable than the Goblin from before.
If he were to even pledge his allegiance to him, then there was no mistake that he would be an even better pawn than Agur and the others.
And then, above all, he had the potential to become even stronger hidden within him.
The 【Soul of a Beast Demon】 that was included in the technical skills, it was something that would raise Aulokk’s abilities, as well as a symbol that Aulokk would be able to surpass the limits of the Beastia and become stronger.
For example, the Gold Wolf that was in the south of the Dark Continent, that is a case where a Majin was transformed from a Beastia. From a Majin to a Majuu……In other words, from a completely human form to a beast form, having it possible to fight while freely changing their own form, they are Majin that boast extraordinary abilities that are useful not only in covert activities but also in battle.
The potential to become like that was hidden within Aulokk.
Of course, Vermudol was able to forcibly press it to be awakened but……at the very least, now wasn’t the time to do that.
「Yup, they look like they’ll be of use. You did well, Nino.」
「It is because Nino is competent.」
Nino said that while expressly sending a suggestive gaze to Ichika.
With strength being put into Ichika’s hand that was wrapped around Vermudol’s hand, Vermudol broke into a cold sweat.
The situation wasn’t changing for the better at all.
Though things would have gone in a direction where things were somehow left unsettled if Aulokk and the others were awake, since they were knocked out by Ichika’s slaps, there was nothing that could be done.
Maybe he should just order the two of them to carry Aulokk and the others away.
Just as he was thinking that, one of the Magic Operated Armors ascended the stairway and entered the throne room.
「I have a report.」
The Magic Operated Armor that made a bow of a retainer before the throne had taken a look at Vermudol’s situation, but he immediately lowered his head and took a reporting position.
「Ahh……Come now, you two, separate.」
Seeing Ichika and Nino let go of his hands with reluctant looks and going into waiting at both of his sides, Vermudol felt relief while urging a continuation of the report.
「So, what is this report?」
「There are audience applications for you, Demon King-sama. They respectively claim themselves to be the northern representative, the eastern representative, and the southern representative.」
So they’ve finally come, is what Vermudol thought.
Since Nino crushed the western part, it was only natural that the western representative wouldn’t come.
Since the south was doing things considerably flashily, he expected that this would be done with the timing of the southern conclusion being decided.
In other words, now was that timing.
「I understand. Lead them here.」
「I have received your command.」
The Magic Operated Armor said that and withdrew.
It was only natural, but the Majin didn’t come just to make their greetings.
They had come to size up Vermudol, the Demon King.
If he did not live up to their judgments, the Majins would probably turn their fangs to Vermudol without hesitation.
「Nino, go find Orel.」
At Vermudol’s words, Nino rushed out from the throne room.
「Ichika, go pile the Beastia up over around there.」
Like this, the still fainted Beastia were thrown down into a corner of the throne room.
「Here, we, go……I guess it’s time to start some Demon King work.」

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