Chapter 17


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Production and consumption.
The transaction between those two, when the concept of currency is included, is when the basis of economic activity is completed.
It was a foundation of Human society, and although it was faint, it was a concept that existed even in the Dark Continent.
To establish that on a large-scale would bring about a change that wasn’t small within the Mazoku society that had strong aspects of individualism.
It was linked not to domination, but to the promotion of the relationship called 「interaction」.
And then, at the same time, the environmental improvement that was related to the manual labor that would become the source of the economic activity was also progressing.
Vermudol himself, although he lived in that sort of world before reincarnating, didn’t know anything but the basics.
However, even despite that, he was able to bring about plenty of change.
To begin with, the relationship of employer and employee had been arranged in places like dungeons up until now.
That agreement that had been simply used between individuals, between tribes, would be spread throughout the Dark Continent, coordinated, and intermediated──An existence that would do that was needed.
In the center area of the Dark Continent, close to the Demon King’s Castle, the Guild Headquarters was created.
The Adventurer’s Guild, the Merchant’s Guild, and the Blacksmith’s Guild that existed in the Human Continent were used as references.
In various places of the Dark Continent where the manufacturing and development of various products had started, there was a need for manpower, and at the same time, even the Mazoku that had grown tired of their decadent lifestyles had displayed strong interest in participating in the new society.
「Aiyo, next person~」
A Black Cat Beastia hit the counter with their finger.
The one that came up to that counter was a single Norm.
「Er~m, where’s your registration card?」
The Norm male silently pulled out a single card, and tossed it onto the counter.
This thing that looked like a scrap lumber was a Guild Card.
In the past, when they were on the verge of turning the tables on the Humans that invaded the Dark Continent, those Humans possessed articles of unknown use, and this was something based on that article.
Discovering those things whose use was unknown for many years in the Demon King’s Castle, Vermudol saw that they were registration cards for the Adventurer’s Guild, and that became the impetus for this development.
Vermudol was praised with things like “as expected of the Demon King”, but for the person himself, he thought “this really is like it’s something from a fantasy setting” and only made an unserious observation.
In any case, this Guild Card, it had the name and race, and was even able to check their Status, making it a truly convenient resource.
For example, the card that was thrown down onto the counter just now was something like this.

Name: Moroul
Race: Norm
Rank: D
Level: 34
Occupation: Mine Supervisor
Equipment: Large Blood Iron Hammer
                     Mining Clothes
Technical Skills: Mining B
                             Smithing C

This was all that was recorded on the surface, but actually, by using it together with the 『Reveal Crystal』, it was possible to confirm various recorded matters.
It was possible to confirm a log of accepted jobs as well.
「Yes, Moroul-san. What is your business for visiting this time?」
「It’s a request for the recruitment of personnel. Rank is irrelevant, and as for Race, as long as they can work diligently, it doesn’t matter. The job content is being an ore miner at a new mine that just started in the South. The reward will be four large silver coins paid daily. However, the limit will be one month, and if they continue to work after that, it will be two large silver coins.」
The value of the currency in the Dark Continent is regulated as follows.
In regards to Earth’s Japan, 10 yen = 1 small copper coin, 100 yen = 1 large copper coin, 1,000 yen = 1 small silver coin, 10,000 yen = 1 large silver coin, and then 100,000 yen = 1 small gold coin, and 1,000,000 yen = 1 large gold coin.
It was a considerably rough and simple decision, but Mazoku had many meatheads in general, and if a decision that was too minute were chosen, it was inevitable that things around the Goblin’s intelligence level would become unable to do calculations.
At any rate, a daily wage of four large silver coins is a considerably sweet job.
For the market price of such physical labor, examples were the farmwork in the East that had daily wages of one silver coin, and even the mining in the South was only two large silver coins. When considering those, this job had a considerably high salary, and it could be judged that urgency was required.
「And the number of people needed is?」
「It’s better to have as many as possible. At any rate, I’m in a hurry.」
The Black Cat Beastia made a inquisitive face at the sullen-faced Moroul.
「Every place is in a hurry though. Is there some sort of reason?」
That’s right, except for the West’s defense unit, every site was wanting manpower.
On top of the fact that developments and services were advancing at a quick pace, the Demon King’s Castle’s repair work was also of relatively high priority.
「……It ain’t just some sort of reason.」
Moroul whispered to the Black Cat Beastia with a lowered voice.
「That rumored “thing” that Demon King-sama is searching for……Holy Silver, I’ve discovered a mining prospect of it.」
Holy Silver.
That was the name of a metal that Mazoku had unpleasant memories of.
Its conductivity of magical power was exceedingly high, and it was also easy to process.
On top of that, it boasted strength superior to steel weapons and armor, and is the famed metal that the Hero’s party’s equipment was made from.
It only existed in lands that were blessed, and was exceedingly rare……At the very least, it was said that it wouldn’t be produced in the Dark Continent, and was a metal that symbolized 「Humanity’s side」.
「I, I see……In that case, that means.」
「Yeah. If it get started on in full-scale, it’ll become so busy that no one will have eyes on the other mines.」
The Black Cat Beastia nodded and received the application from Moroul.
It was hard to believe that Holy Silver would be produced from the Dark Continent, but the level was different from the idle gossip of Goblins.
「I have certainly received your request. Still, your luck is awfully good.」
The Black Cat Beastia said that from the bottom of their heart, however, Moroul made a complicated facial expression.
「Y, yeah……Well, I’m counting on you.」
While the Beastia made a curious-looking face, Moroul left the Guild.
As a matter of fact, his luck being good……it wasn’t a story that could be left off with just that.
The mountain that Moroul was surveying for the purpose of developing it as a mine, it originally should have been a geological location that possessed traits of being a mine that would produce a lot of Blood Metal in the Dark Continent.
However, in just one night.
Moroul slept after finishing the survey, and in the next morning.
The geological features that should have been thoroughly investigated, had turned into something that Moroul didn’t know of.
Of course, that was something that was impossible from Moroul’s experience.
However, it was something that had presently occurred.
「……Is this also Demon King-sama’s power……?」
Moroul shook that thought that came to his mind out from his head.
It was most likely pointless to think about it, and probably no one would believe him even if he were to talk about it.
The only thing that Moroul could do was make the maximum use of this situation that was most likely just good fortune.
That was all that he could do.

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