Chapter 19


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The Shutaia Continent.
That is what the continent that is purported as Human territory in this world.
From the Dark Continent, it is the continent on the other side of the raging ocean that is interposed between the two continents called the Farthest End Sea.
To the west, there is the St. Altlis Kingdom where the former Hero Ryuuya was summoned, and whose faith is in the God of Life Philia.
To the east, there is the Canal Kingdom where the Great Sage Teria came from, and whose faith is in God of Light Raidolg.
To the south, there is the Jiol Forest Kingdom where the Warrior Juno came from, and whose faith is in the God of Water Aklia and the God of Wind Wyrm.
To the north, There is the Cylas Empire where the Blademaster Duke came from, and whose faith is in the God of Earth Atlagus and the God of Fire Agnam.
These four countries keep each other in check, however, on the surface, they have pledged a perpetual peace.
The existence of Mazoku was a big reason for them not having gone to war with each other.
Goblins, Beastia, Amoeba.
And then the human-type Mazoku that possess huge builds and head horns, Ogres.
Human-type Mazoku that possess bodies with a black luster and wings like that of a bat, Alva.
And then, Majin.
These Mazoku that exist in the Shutaia Continent are not under the control of the Demon King, and exist as they like with their own chain of command and ecosystems.
Because of that, in the era of the former Hero Ryuuya, that was a being in this Shutaia Continent that claimed to be the Demon King.
And then, even now, these Mazoku run rampant in various places of the continent, and are intimidating countries here and there.
In particular, the ecosystem of the Alva are a mystery, and are Mazoku said to know a move to teleport through air after suddenly appearing. And then, they have a wicked nature of hating all other lifeforms regardless of whether they are Humans or Mazoku.
Therefore, it is said that towns and villages that are targeted by Alva have a high probability of perishing.


A grating scream resounded, and the Alva spread out its wings.
The ten-odd balls of flame that were created determined that the three people before it were the targets.

「Uwaah!! O, oi oi! That guy, ain’t that the Demon King!?」

「I’m telling you, you’re wrong. Whatever, just get back.」

The ones that were standing as if they were responsible for protecting the village’s entrance from the Alva were three men and women.
One of them was a black-haired and red-eyed man that wore a black robe and held a silver staff.
Another one had very short, light green hair, and green eyes. She was a young girl that wore maid clothes that had a deep green like that of a deep forest as the basic tone and steel blue breast armor.
The last one was a man that had dark brown hair and similarly brown eyes, and possessed sturdy metal armor and long sword.
The black-haired man held his staff out before him and focused his spirit.

「Magic Guard・Aqua」

The balls of fire that the Alva fired exploded one after the other on the blue, transparent barrier that had been deployed.
The fire magical power and the water magical power clashed, and both the balls of fire and the blue barrier vanished.
And then, aiming for that momentary gap, the Alva spread out its wings and flew close to the ground at high-speed.
First, it would kill the bothersome Magician.
That reasonable thought was stopped together with surprise when it confirmed the sight of the displeased face of the green young girl that had appeared in front of it.
The green young girl made the curved swords in both of her hands flash, and she slashed at the Alva.
Having jumped up right before she hit it and evading her, the Alva had its wings shot through by arrows of ice that had come flying in, and it fell to the ground.
However, that was also for an instant. Immediately managing its magical power, the Alva once again flew to the sky and regained its strength but──
In that small amount of time where its posture had been destroyed, the green young girl had poured a countless number of slashes on the Alva’s back.


The green young girl that bore a displeased expression at the scream that could burst one’s ears did not stop her hands despite that.

「……With this, it’s the end.」

When the blow of the young girl’s curved swords decapitated the Alva’s head, the Alva’s black body turned into small particles and vanished.

「In, incredible……Nino-chan, you really are impressive.」

The brown-haired man muttered that, and sent a feverish gaze towards the young girl that was sheathing her curved swords into their scabbards at her waist.
When he sighed after seeing that brown-haired man, the black-haired man patted the head of the young girl──Nino, who had ran up to him.

「Good job, Nino.」

「Un. Nino did her best.」

That’s right, this young girl was the Majin and Maid Knight Nino.
And the black-haired Magician was the Demon King Vermudol.
Using a bit of magical means, they are on the Shutaia Continent as Human Adventurers.

「Shion-dono……You’ve defeated that Mazoku, haven’t you!」

The villagers that were hiding inside of their houses came out one by one when the sounds of battle had settled down.
What rose to their faces were looks of joy.

「This is truly great……If you all weren’t here, who knows what would have happened to us!」

「No, it was only a coincidence, but it’s great that we were able to deal with it.」

Vermudol, who was introducing himself as Shion, expressed a smile.
Shion and Nino, and then the brown-haired swordsman──Raynold, a total of three people, had originally come at the request of the Guild to exterminate a Majuu, a Blood Bear, that was loitering about in the vicinity of this village.
What appeared here by chance was the earlier Alva.

「To think that an Alva, which is said to be an underling of the Demon King, would appear in a place like this……Could it be that the revival of the Demon King is close?」

「That sort of thing is unlikely. It’s probably just by chance.」

Far from a revival, he himself in front of the person was the Demon King, but of course, he wouldn’t say that.
He understood this when he infiltrated as an Adventurer, but it seemed that the tendency of connecting ominous events to the Demon King that Humans had was stronger than he imagined.
In particular, it seemed that things like the increased activity of monsters was immediately connected to the Demon King.
Naturally, that was an extreme false accusation, and it would be unbearable if they were invade the Dark Continent which was in the middle of its revival and development with that sort of reason.
Therefore, while he was studying the culture of the Shutaia Continent, he decided that he would crush such monsters from any points that he could find.

「Something like the Demon King’s revival is unlikely.」

Since he’s already here.
While muttering that in his mind, Shion turned a smiling face towards the village headman so as to give him a peace of mind.
From the village headman’s point of view, it was heard as a wise saying of the village’s reliable saviour.

「Th, that’s true……If it is you, Shion-dono, saying it, then it must be.」

「Yes, both the Blood Bear and the Alva are no longer here. You can be at ease.」

Shion said that while emphasizing on the words “at ease”.
He didn’t know where the rumors were spreading out from.
It was intolerable for the rumor of the Demon King’s revival being close to be spread.

「Hey, more importantly, Shion. Shouldn’t we go back already?」

「Yeah, we should. If we go back now, we should reach the neighboring town by evening.」

This man called Raynold was nothing more than a party member that temporarily joined them.
Going around the continent, Shion and Nino gathered information on the Shutaia Continent and its culture like this as they visited various places.
Shutaia Continent, St. Altlis Kingdom.
Possessing the Great Altlis Temple and the Edius Adventurer School, it is one of the continent’s Four Great Nations.
That place was the location that Shion and Nino were currently at.



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