Chapter 20


Translator: Manga0205

Name: Shion
Race: Human
Rank: SSS
Level: 238
Occupation: Magician
Equipment: Holy Silver Staff
                     Ring of Sorcery
                     Black Robe
Technical Skill: Chantless S

Name: Nino
Race: Human
Rank: SS
Level: 487
Occupation: Maid Knight
Equipment: Holy Silver Curved Blade
                     Holy Silver Curved Blade
                     Maid Knight Armor
                     Maid Knight Clothes
Technical Skill: Dual Wield S
                           Sword Dance S
                           Shapeless Wings D

St. Altlis Kingdom’s capital city, Edius.
At the side of the door of the Adventurer’s Guild, seeing the Adventurer’s Card that displayed the status, Shion breathed a sigh.
At the time of coming to Humanity’s territory, he put several disguises on his status so that they wouldn’t be suspicious.
For example, he made it so that his race would be displayed as 「Human」, and he concealed several of his technical skills with a magical trick.
Even his equipment, he prepared things made of Holy Silver so that it wouldn’t be suspicious.
However, only his 「level」 was something that he couldn’t disguise.
This thing called level was originally a numerical value calculated from a status called experience points..
Level 1 is When 100 experience points are achieved, level 2 is 200 experience points, 300 is level 3……and the level is raised at every 100 notch.
The greatest value on these experience points greatly differ depending on the person.
For example, there are Humans that get notified the greatest value of their experience points is around level 40.
This is also called the talent limit, and putting aside the portion of exceptions, it is a numerical that cannot be changed in one’s lifetime.
Experience points are an approximation of that Human’s strength, but it isn’t rare for the difference in level to be buried by the person’s own hard work. There is even an Adventurer with a talent limit of level 30 having the ability to win against a level 70 Adventurer.
In Edius’ Adventurer’s Guild, the average rank was E, and the average level was around 40.
When it came to the self-proclaimed elite that possessed confidence in their own talent, their rank was either C or D, and their level was around 50~60.
Even when looking from it internationally, this could be said to be on the higher side.
When it came to rank B or above, although it’s an uncommon talent, it’s at a level where they could be considered geniuses.
Now then, taking that into account, take a look at the status of these two.
First, there is non-standard rank SSS Magician Shion.
Possessing an S rank Chantless technical skill, his level is also extraordinarily high.
The fact that he is SSS rank meant that he would become even stronger from hereon.
Next is the SS rank Maid Knight Nino.
On top of this also being non-standard, even her level was piercingly high.
And then, it seems that even her technical skills are magnificent.
The 【Dual Wield】 technical skill which is required for dual-wielders, and then the 【Sword Dance】 which made consecutive attacks uninterruptable. Furthermore, the 【Formless Wings】 which more or less let her obtain the ability to battle in the air.
That’s right, these two are outstanding talents.
They were originally two of the top class even in the Dark Continent which had a lot of strong people, but since the people around them had their own considerable strength, it could be helped that his perception of what was 「typical」 had gone askew.
And then──
The fact that he hadn’t even imagined what he would do if his unapproachable title of Demon King was picked up was also a mistake.
The cause that invited the mistake was the fact that he didn’t have much experience of being observed that much in the world he previously existed in.

「Shion-sama, let us go quickly.」


While breathing a sigh, Shion opened the door of the Adventurer’s Guild.
The structure of this Adventurer’s Guild was similar to the Guild that Shion had designed in the Dark Continent.
First, the front counter at the back. Staff members were stationed at reception desks which were separated into acceptance, information, and consultation desks, and it was possible to provide support throughout the day with a shift system.
Next, the notice board with papers that had requests written on them posted onto it. Requests that could be received freely, things that were urgently needed, and things that widely recruited with various reasons, they were posted here.
When they first arrived here, Shion made a small laugh at how his idea of how the so-called Guild would have this kind of feeling had actually turned out how he had imagined.
No matter how many times he came here, he liked the atmosphere of the place that was admired in his previous world.
Though, his current self wasn’t a Human.

「Sh, Shion!」

「So you’ve come back!」

Seeing the black-haired man that came through the door, the inside of the Adventurer’s Guild was astir.
Even the staff members and the Adventurers they were talking to at the counter turned their heads as if they were in a rush.

「……Would it be better if we come back at night?」

「It is the same no matter what time it is.」

Nodding at Nino’s words, Shion breathed a sigh.
It wasn’t like they weren’t welcomed.
In fact, it turned out like this because they were welcomed. Shion breathed his nth sigh today at this fact.




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