Chapter 21


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「Oi, Shion, you’ve come at just the right time! A request that’s to your liking has come up!」
「Shion, I’ve heard an interesting story. Won’t you come with me after this!」
「Shion-san, I want to borrow your strength!」
At the same time they entered the Guild, Shion and Nino were simultaneously surrounded by the Adventurers.
They were receiving too much attention in a good way.
Although there were a few unclear points in his personal history, he was a Magician that possessed talent that was second to none.
And accompanying him was a Maid Knight of exceptional ability.
It was quite a substantial reaction even when the two of them had first appeared in this Guild.
After all, two people that possessed unprecedented ability and talent even if one looked throughout the entire country, let alone the Adventurer’s Guild, had appeared at once.
Furthermore, their appearances weren’t bad, and even the equipment that they possessed were first-class goods.
There was an uproar as to just who in the world they were.
Though, if it was just that, the interest would probably fade immediately.
It was because those that indulged in their talent and weapons and then died from it wasn’t uncommon.
Those that did that would generally boast about it, and die without knowing their place.
However, Shion and Nino weren’t like that.
The requests they accepted mainly subjugation-type requests that went against monsters. They even willingly accepted the ones that others avoided, and would always come back after splendidly resolving them.
Those actions that could be seen as noble were more than enough to gather their trust.
Of course, Shion didn’t have even a fragment of that sort of aim.
If monsters acted violently and amplified damages, then no-good rumors would circulate.
In other words, people that would elevate the Demon King as the cause would probably come out in great numbers, and they would probably say things like “there’s no mistake that the Demon King has revived” or “it’s because of the Demon King”. In that case, as the Demon King himself, that wasn’t something he could endure.
Therefore, he only had to crush them before that happened. Even in his original objective of carrying out intelligence gathering, the social status of an Adventurer was optimum position.
Because of that, being called things like noble or a hero was extraordinarily troubling, but looking at it from the surrounding people’s point of view, Shion was noble Adventurer that couldn’t just ignore people suffering from monsters, held enough calibre to be recognized by a Maid Knight as her master, and was undoubtedly a young man with abundant promise that possessed talent of a record high rank SSS.
On top of that, since his appearance wasn’t bad, there were a lot of female Adventurers that though of calling dibs on him at once. Furthermore, there were extraordinarily many people that schemed to have themselves accepted into their party or get the two of them into their own party.
The result of that was situations like the current one.
「Yeah, un, for the time being, could you let us through?」
When Shion said that, the crowd of people that surrounded the two immediately split and created a path.
「Un, thank you.」
Shion and Nino walked to the counter at the back.
Compared to the acceptance counter that already had people lined up at it, the counter dedicated to reports was empty as always. Shion made a gentle greeting to the staff member that was sitting there.
「Ahh, hello. I’ve come to make a report a Goblin extermination but.」
A subjugation report.
At the beginning of the Adventurer’s Guild’s founding, there was an extraordinary dispute as to how to prove the report of achieving this request.
With a personal statement, there would be no evidence. With the method of cutting off a portion of the target as subjugation proof, on top of the death rate rising due to always worrying about that in the middle of battle, there was also the question of preservation methods, and voices of objection from staff members didn’t cease.
And so, due to the card development that the Magic Association performed, the waves of magical power that was inherent to creatures would be recorded in the card, and the method of measuring the number subjugated through that was proposed and adopted.
This was something that is used even on the occasion of registering one’s race on the card, so it boasted considerable accuracy.
……That being said, since Shion and Nino were actually falsifying their race, it wasn’t absolute, but in this regard, it would be pitiable to blame the Magic Association for it.
「Well then, please give me your cards.」
When the female staff member received the cards that Shion and Nino handed over, she placed them on a 『Reveal Crystal』.
When she did, there was a mechanism that displayed their respective subjugated number on the crystal.
「Let’s see, Shion-san has 37 Goblins and Nino-san has 62 Goblins……Yup, there’s no mistake.」
The female staff member said that with a smiling face while the dog ears on her head twitched and moved.
Being a Beastman, her characteristic as an animal was only her ears, and the rest of her mostly wasn’t any different from a Human.
「Well then, since the subjugation verification has been performed, I will be resetting the subjugation number.」
Subjugation number reset. This is also a step meant to measure the subjugation number reliably.
At the beginning, there was the idea of leaving it as is and adding to it, but to avoid the labor of recording it and making calculations, it turned into the current system.
「Now then, the reward is six large silver coins. Honestly, I think that it’s a job that doesn’t match the profits but……You’ve really helped us out.」
「No, I don’t mind. It’d be troubling if it was left alone and the damages were amplified after all.」
The Goblins of the Shutaia Continent had high fertility.
Said to increase by five in one day, it would be extremely dangerous to leave them alone. Therefore, although they are subjugation targets of maximum priority……there are many cases where the client is a small village, and is famous for having a high probability of being a job that doesn’t match its reward.
「The ones that say that is pretty much only you, Shion-san.」
Nino noticed that the female staff member was turning a tender smile that was different from a business smile at Shion, went in between Shion and the counter, and forcibly kept Shion away from the counter.
「The job is over. Let’s go.」
「Ah, a whole lot of nominated requests addressed to Shion-san have come in. If you are interested, please try accepting them.」
The staff member leaned out from the counter and held out some documents. After Nino grabbed those, she went out of the Adventurer’s Guild while still forcefully pushing Shion.
This was also a scene that happened as usual, and was also one of the reasons why Shion didn’t receive the excessive appeal from the female Adventurers.
Having been pushed out from the Adventurer’s Guild, Shion looked up at the clear weather.
A sky that couldn’t be seen in the always overcast Dark Continent.
Even bluer than the one that he should have seen even in his previous world, it was a sky that he thought of as beautiful.
When he looked up at the blue sky as if yearning for it, the toll of a bell indicating that it was noon resounded from the direction of Edius’ Adventurer School.
It went *ringo~n, ringo~n*.
As if responding to that light toll of the bell, Nino’s stomach rumbled with a *kuu* sound.
「I guess we can buy something from a cart……What would be good?」
「Anything other than potato and salt soup is fine.」
While having such a conversation, Shion and Nino walked towards the business street where the number of people was increasing.

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