Chapter 26


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How Nefas Albania’s eyes became rooted on that young lady on the path that continued to the academy’s courtyard was quite natural.
She had a height that wasn’t exactly small, but by no means could be said to be average.
She had light green, very short hair, and green eyes.
She wore a maid outfit that had a deep green like that of a deep forest as the basic tone.
And then, armor that covered her chest.
She wasn’t holding a weapon, but there was no mistake that she was a Maid Knight.
He wasn’t interest in the gossip of the lower classes, but Nefas did remember that she waited at the back of that Adventurer called Shion.
However, the reason why that man is currently getting carried away is because he himself had yet made his own existence known to the world, and he was confident that if he had, then he himself would inevitably become the talk of the town.
Being the son of a Duke House, to Nefas, this was a done deal, and due to his thorough education as a noble, his enlarged pride made that sort of thinking take shape.
It was for this reason that Nefas received a shock from seeing the young Maid Knight woman that was before his eyes.
He himself had──
Various articles suitable for his high class lineage.
The best weapons.
The best armor.
The best educational environment.
The best attendants.
Bestowed with all of that, he was even enrolled in this academy as the top student.
However, he did not have a Maid Knight.
Said to obey the one they acknowledge as their own master, the best attendant.
Said to not obey someone if they were not pleased with them, even if they were a king, the proud ones.
They were unobtainable even with the Albania Duke House’s power.
Because of this, when that Maid Knight entered his field of vision, it couldn’t be helped that Nefas became unable to take his eyes off of her.
Why, was a Maid Knight in a place like this.
As a matter of fact, it was because Shion was concentrating on books and wouldn’t tend to her, but Nefas didn’t know about those circumstances.
In any case, he understood that the one that he thought would be best attendant to accompany himself had seemed to have suddenly looked at a pebble or something for some reason.
「Oi, you……」
Nefas called out to the young Maid Knight woman that was chasing after a fluttering yellow butterfly.
Even that young woman should naturally turn around to his own words which should be taken as the maximum priority above all else. However, what actually happened was that she passed by in front of Nefas without noticing him at all.
Nefas became speechless at that unbelievable behavior.
However, he repressed his anger with the composure of one that stands above others.
Pushing up his well maintained blue hair, he slowly gave an order with a loud voice.
「That Maid Knight over there. Stop.」
Calling out to her like that, finally, the young Maid Knight woman suddenly stopped her feet.
Turning around without hiding her displeased-looking expression, the young woman replied to Nefas with a likewise displeased-sounding voice.
「……What? Nino is currently busy with chasing after that fluttery thing.」
It’s probably about that butterfly that she was chasing before, is what Nefas thought.
He felt irritation at the young woman that didn’t know that his own words should take priority over something like that.
However, re-thinking that if she were to know about his business with her and that she would then naturally fall prostrate to him and be delighted, Nefas expressed a smile and made an announcement to the young woman.
「Obey me. I will give you whatever you desire.」
「Don’t wanna.」
With an immediate reply, Nino searched for the butterfly that flew off somewhere, and let her gaze wander about the air.
「Talk, done? Bye bye.」
「O, oi! Who do you think I am!」
No one had ever tried to refuse him up until now.
Those were magic words that would make anyone obey him if he said them.
With those words crushed so easily, Nefas panicked and tried to grab Nino’s shoulder.
He tried to grab her……However, he was smoothly avoided.
Nino looked at Nefas with eyes as if she were looking at something worthless.
「You are, just a Human. Bye bye.」
After saying that, Nino turned around and searched for the butterfly.
Aiming at her back, Nefas’ attendant that was waiting on him placed a hand on the sword at his waist.
What the attendant did in place of the dumbfounded Nefas was something that was natural.
Social status was absolute, and to denounce a noble as just a Human, that was blasphemy similar to saying that they had a commoner’s social standing.
Thinking that she was a Maid Knight that was at the level of somewhat being gossiped about, and moreover, since she was an unarmed opponent, she would not be a match for himself, after considering the position of his master from hereafter, the attendant judged that she should be cut down.
For these reasons, the man drew his sword, and slashed at Nino.
He swung his steel sword up from the lower left to the upper right.
With just that, she would raise a blood splatter and fall……that’s how it should have been.
Just before the slash from behind her happened, Nino turned around, and kicked the attendant’s hand upwards.
Having the hand that gripped the sword kicked, the man groaned and dropped the sword.
The man gripped his hand and glared at Nino. Nino glared back at him while still keeping a displeased expression, and then breathed a sigh.
「It is good, that Nino didn’t keep a weapon.」
Having his small pride provoked, the man groaned from being told that.
However, that wasn’t from understanding the difference in strength.
He was simply enraged from being shamed in front of his master.
「……Stop it, Algas.」
「Y, yes.」
Abiding by Nefas’ command, the attendant called Algas picked up his sword and sheathed it into its scabbard.
「Nino, was it?」
「Nino is Nino. Still need something?」
「I am Nefas. Nefas Albania.」
「Is that so. Bye bye.」
Without showing any interest, Nino chased after a butterfly.
While hatefully looking at her appearance from behind, Algas called out to Nefas.
「……Is that alright? If you just give me the order, then.」
I will kill her immediately, is what Algas was about to say, but Nefas got the better of him.
「Investigate the matters concerning her master.」
While chasing after Nino’s appearance from behind with his eyes, Nefas made a small mutter.
「Nino. Nino, huh.」
The fact that an emotion similar to joy lurked within that mutter, was something that Nefas himself had not yet noticed.
The fact that that emotion that he felt for the first time, was the start of something called obsession……was something that Nefas had not yet noticed.

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