Chapter 29


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「Certainly, I did hear that someone would come to receive me.」
「Did I surprise you?」
「Yes, in various ways.」
Moving her long ears in a playful manner, Luuty made a click sound, and opened the lock on the Board Chairman Room.
That was evidence that she at the very least had possessed the authority to open this place up, and was proof that she was the owner of this room, in other words, the board chairman.
「Now then, please come in.」
The inside of the room that he was ushered into, it was covered in upholstery that made him think that this really was the room of a board chairman.
Overall white and clean walls.
Large windows produced from polished crystals.
A fluffy carpet that covered the entire floor.
Sofas and a table apparently meant for guests.
A magnificent desk and chair that appeared to be for official business use installed at the back.
And beyond that, there was a door that led into another room.
Considering the size of the segments used on the first floor, this room had roughly about four segments worth of that floor.
「Whoops, inside of there is my home. You can’t go in there, okay?」
「You live here?」
「Yes, ever since the establishment of the school.」
I see, is what Shion thought.
If it was one of the long lived Sylphid, it wouldn’t be strange for her to have been alive around the time that the Hero Ryuuya was alive.
In a certain meaning, a living witness of history……She could be called that.
「And so, what business might the board chairman have to personally come and see me for?」
「Well, first, please have a seat on the sofa.」
When she encouraged Shion, who was looking around at the furnishings, to do that, Luuty also sat herself down on another sofa.
Luuty poured water from a crystal pitcher that was there, and placed it in front of Shion.
After gazing at that action, Shion returned his gaze to Luuty and once again asked his question.
「So, I will ask this once more, but what business might the board chairman have to personally come and see me for?」
「Wouldn’t it be fine if we didn’t rush to the conclusion so quickly?」
「I am in a hurry. It’s because I’ve left behind a companion that has a nature of not being able to stay in one place for long.」
Going *ahh* and nodding, Luuty then made a friendly smile.
That’s right, he had left Nino behind without knowing where it was that she went to.
Even if he wasn’t worried about her getting injured, he was greatly worried about her injuring others.
It wouldn’t be strange for her to get into a battle situation at any moment, is what Shion thought.
Let alone it not being strange, as a matter of fact, she had already gotten into a situation once where she made her opponent draw his sword on top of repelling him.
In addition to that, she had come into contact with key figure candidates for the future one after another.
「In that case, there’s no other choice, is there. Well then, let us talk from the conclusion.」
「Yes, if you would.」
Shion made a nod at Luuty who had said that sounding a bit disappointed.
「Shion-dono, I would like to ask for you to have a good association with my school from now on.」
「That will depend on the form of association that you are specifically seeking.」
For example, if was a talk about being a lecturer, that was out of the question.
He didn’t have time for such a thing, and he had no interest in teaching Humans.
「Let’s see……Do you know about the treatment of the student after the school entrance ceremony?」
At the time of enrollment, the students of the Edius Adventurer School would automatically be registered as Adventurers, and be issued Adventurer cards.
Being both Adventurers and students, while receiving certain restrictions and blessings, they would be accept requests in the form of training.
For the restrictions, more specifically, there were restrictions on the locations of the requests, on the number of days that they could be on duty, and on the difficulty.
It would be a problem if they were gone for a long period of time, and it would also be a problem if they were to train in requests that were too dangerous.
And then, the blessing that the students received was support.
They would be supplied with aid and goods from the Adventurers Guild.
And then, they would be introduced to the school’s recommended Adventurers, and then receive that Adventurer’s cooperation.
It was a cordial support structure that caused it to be insulted as “playing Adventurer”, but since it was possible to accept requests with a relatively high difficulty depending on the student’s desire to improve, it produced results that weren’t bad as a means of nurturing them.
「Ahh, I see.」
Hearing that explanation, Shion nodded.
Things like practice, a tutorial, or occupational experience.
In other words, they were making the students do that sort of thing.
While building up their confidence in a safe and controlled area, it also had the meaning of giving the students a chance to think about their own aptitudes.
After hearing that much, Shion also knew what was being sought from him.
「In other words, you’re asking me to be one of those school recommended Adventurers?」
「Yes, that is exactly it.」
Seeing Luuty nod with a smile, Shion pondered over it.
Honestly, he didn’t really want to accept.
He didn’t want to train people who might become enemies in the future, is one of the reasons.
However, above all, by becoming one of those recommended Adventurers, he would be bound to the royal capital, and that was the most troubling thing for him.
For the present time, he had no intention of taking root in the royal capital.
Maintaining a carefree lifestyle where he could immediately go to another country, or maybe even immediately return to the Dark Continent whenever he liked was important, so he didn’t really want to create any ties of obligation.
「Of course, I won’t ask you to stay in the vicinity of the royal capital the whole time just because you accepted this negotiation, you know?」
Maybe because she sensed what was making Shion reluctant to accept, Luuty leaned forward and said that.
「It’s fine if you act as you normally would. This person is someone you can rely on……It’s something like an authorization from the school saying that.」
「Even if you say that……. I would like to be excused from being busily occupied with accompanying students every day though.」
「I would be happy if you’d accept jobs that were easy and fun like normal though.」
Shion clicked his tongue in his mind at how Luuty sunk her body into the sofa and made a wry smile.
Certainly, Adventurers had that sort of aspect to them.
Accepting requests was a job, as well as a means of obtaining fame.
Being too reluctant to take jobs where rewards and fame could easily be obtained, that was the same as saying that they had an objective other than accumulating those.
「Is there, some sort of reason why you cannot accept?」
Luuty asked that looking as if it were nothing.
While receiving her gaze as she made clearly probing eyes, Shion frantically cycled through his thoughts.

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