Chapter 30

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「I, have an objective.」
After a bit of silence, Shion began to talk.
As long as he didn’t know what intentions this Sylphid called Luuty had, he had no choice but to cope in a way that wouldn’t be a lie.
「An objective, is it?」
「May I ask what it is?」
Shion nodded, and told her about the objective that he had originally came here for.
「To explain the mystery of the Alva. For that sake, it would be best for me to have as much time dedicated to it as possible.」
The Alva.
The Humanoid Mazoku that possessed bodies with a black lustre and wings like that of a bat.
Said to carry an airspace transfer technique body, they are actually able to use attack magic as well.
And then, they are heterogenous Mazoku that detest all other life-forms without exception.
Having not existed in Demon King Gramfia’s era, it was unclear as to where they were born from.
And then, it seemed that they were unable to understand the language shared by almost all of the races.
And yet, despite that, their intelligence was most likely high.
Even for Shion who had actually met with them, that was all he knew about them.
Going by the details of the past, it was certain that if they were to be left alone, they would be something that brings about harm to the Dark Continent, to the Zadark Kingdom.
Even if he had no results in anything else, this was something that he needed to do something about as much as possible.
「The Alva……is it.」
「Yes, even my coming here today was because that was my original objective.」
「Is that, so……」
Luuty pondered over it.
That look of hers, rather than looking as if she were trying to ascertain the authenticity of Shion’s words, it felt as if she was thinking was about something else.
Covering her mouth with her hand, Luuty would sometimes let her gaze wander about in the air.
After a bit of time, Luuty met her gaze with Shion’s gaze.
「Shion-dono, what do you think of the Alva?」
Shion was reminded of his own recognition of the Alva by the sudden question.
If he were to simply say how he thought of them, the word 「annoyance」 would be an accurate answer.
The Alva also had an appearance that was easily understood to be evil and induced fear.
With them also having severe behavior, they were famous as being one of the symbols of fear in the Shutaia Continent.
Shion knew nothing about them, but it was a fact that they were said to be the Demon King’s advanced detachment and that they were taking actions that would assent to that.
Despite being existences that are such extreme annoyances, both their ecology and their habitats are unknown even now.
Even though they were treated as a species of Mazoku, it looked as if they were out of place even among those Mazoku.
「……They are something that I just cannot understand. That is all I can say about them right now.」
「An enemy of mankind, wouldn’t that framework apply to them?」
「If the Alva’s attack targets were only Humans, then it would probably be enough to call them that.」
That’s right, the targets that the Alva attack aren’t limited to only Humans.
They massacre domestic animals, birds, and even insects.
In the villages and towns that the Alva have attacked, not a single one remained.
「It would seem that they are out to kill things other than Humans as well.」
「……That’s true.」
It was there that Luuty once again started to ponder.
In that silence, Shion also said no more.
Shion had said the minimum of what he should talk about, and he had no intention of proactively providing information.
After her silence, Luuty once again returned her gaze towards Shion.
He could tell that there was a will stronger than before that filled her eyes.
「As I thought, our discussion from before, won’t you please accept it?」
Before Shion could try to open his mouth, Luuty spoke her next words.
「In exchange, we will give you an official admission permit to the school, and we will cooperate in your Alva investigation.」
「An investigation collaboration?」
「Yes. The Alva are a serious problem. Shion-dono, if you were to make a move, then even for the school’s side, it will be extremely lucrative in the progress of the situation. Therefore, I believe that the information exchange from now on should be done in detail.」
「I see.」
She knows how to talk, is what Shion thought.
In the end, the things that Shion would have to do would do nothing but increase.
Then again, he didn’t hate her boldness to brazenly present that as a reward.
More importantly, if he were to complicate things more than this, there was the possibility that she would harbor unnecessary suspicion.
The current Shion should simply stick to the position of being an Adventurer that is concerned over the Alva problem.
If that was the case, then it was clear that it would be for the best if he were to accept this 「school’s backup system」 even if it was just on the surface.
「……It’s fine if that’s the case. However, you don’t mind if my own circumstances take priority, right?」
「Yes, of course. Shion-dono, even your name alone has value after all.」
Saying that, Luuty pulled two cards out from her pocket.
Those cards that were about the same size as the Adventurer Card were exclusive use cards for the Edius Adventurer School’s authorized people. There were two cards, one for Shion and one for Nino.
「Our names were already on the list of referees that was handed to the Guild anyway, right?」
「You understand very well.」
Shion made a wry smile at Luuty who said that with a nonchalant face.
There was no mistake that she intended to bring things to this state in the end even if Shion didn’t bring up the topic of the Alva.
Even how Shion brought up the talk about the Alva with the intent of using them as a way to decline her, those might have instead become nothing more than him giving her bait.
「……You’re an outrageous person.」
「I haven’t lived for a long time just for show after all.」
「I see, so there was no way a greenhorn like me could be an opponent for you.」
Luuty expressed an impish smile towards Shion who had thrown himself back onto the sofa.
「Fufu……It will be a pleasure to be working with you from now on, Shion-dono.」
「Yeah, I don’t know how much we’ll be associating with each other though.」
Showing his reluctance to do this as much as possible, Shion breathed a sigh.

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