Chapter 31


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「What are you doing?」
「……That should be my line though.」
Being told that by the displeased looking Nino, Shion breathed a sigh.
At the time he was walking through the campus hallways, Shion came across Nino by chance.
There were some of the school’s female students around Nino.
「Ara, is this person Shion-san?」
Nino nodded at the female student’s words, and dashed to Shion’s side.
「Finally found him.」
Shion turned his gaze towards the female student that looked at Nino while expressing a smile.
Long, airy, and wavy cherry blossom colored hair.
Blue eyes that had the brilliance of the deep sea.
With looks that gave a gentle impression, she had a bearing that, although dainty, made one feel her strong will.
It was clear that she possessed something different from Ichika and Nino, or Fainel, or maybe the women that possessed the strength of steel like the women Adventurers.
That being said, she had an ambiance that was clearly different from the ones that the women found throughout the town possessed.
If what they had could be called charm, then the female student that stood in front of Shion possessed an intense charm.
「U, um……?」
「A, ahh, It would seem that Nino has been in your care. Thank you.」
「No, we were also able to spend an enjoyable time with her.」
Noticing that he was staring at her, Shion averted his eyes from the female student.
Having noticed that, Nino tightly wrapped her arms around Shion’s waist to hug him.
「Well then, we shall excuse ourselves here……」
「Yes, send my regards to your father.」
Hearing Luuty reply to the leaving female student like that, Shion asked a question.
「Her father?」
「Yes, her father is the Head Priest-dono of the Great Altlis Temple after all.」
「……I see.」
The Great Altlis Temple, if he remembered correctly, should be the temple that believed in the God of Life Philia.
It is said that the God of Life Philia, who governs the stream of souls, is a beautiful Goddess.
「Come to think of it……The one that performed the Hero Summoning was also……」
「Yes, borrowing Philia-sama’s great power, the summoning ritual was performed at the Great Altlis Temple.」
Summoning, Goddess.
Shion remembered about before he was born in this world.
If he remembered correctly, that had the appearance of a young girl.
However, that was different.
「A Goddess clad in a white silver gown that purifies all impurity……」
「As expected, you are well-informed.」
Luuty nodded looking as if she were impressed, then looked up at the sky that could be seen from the hallway.
The God of Light, Raidolg.
The God of Darkness, Dagulas.
The God of Fire, Agnam.
The God of Water, Aklia.
The God of Wind, Wyrm.
The God of Earth, Atlagus.
Including the God of Life Philia, these were the Gods of the land of Remfilia.
All living things received blessings from these Gods and were born into this world.
In the St. Altlis Kingdom, they specially observe Philia, but that is derived from the fact that Humans had strongly received Philia’s blessing in particular.
The degree of strength of the Gods’ divine protection varies according to race. Being a Sylphid, Luuty strongly received the God of Wind Wyrm’s divine protection.
The divine protection is also influenced by the person’s own aptitude for magic. In Luuty’s case, Wind Magic was her specialty.
Even among Humans, there are rare occurrences where people that have a strong divine protection from a God other than Philia exist, and then become specialists on that path.
And then, Mazoku also receive the divine protection of various Gods.
「Shion-dono, I have heard that you are magnificent in any attribute of magic. It is likely that you have Philia’s divine protection……Or maybe, you might be loved by all of the Gods.」
「Well now, I wonder about that.」
Shion expressed an ambiguous smile at Luuty’s words.
Shion knew that that wasn’t the case.
Shion was aware that if he were to have a God’s divine protection, then it would be that of the Demon God.
That dark little girl.
That existence that constructed Vermudol.
Something that wasn’t spoken of even in the myths of Remfilia.
Shion didn’t know of he was loved by that God or not though.
「And so, what will you be doing from now on for today?」
「For the time being, I was thinking of visiting the Adventurer’s Guild.」
「To the Guild……I see.」
「Is there something wrong with that?」
When Shion asked that after feeling a bit anxious about Luuty’s attitude that seemed like she was holding something in her mouth, Luuty denied that with a smile.
「Nope. I was just thinking that Shion-dono is a hard worker is all.」
「Shion is an amazing person.」
「Yes, that’s true, isn’t it.」
Shion tilted his head while looking at Luuty and Nino who had come to a mysterious mutual understanding.
With the school entrance ceremony having ended, the campus was quiet, and only the figures of students could be sporadically seen in the courtyard that was in the sunlight.
「……It sure is peaceful.」
While turning her eyes towards the students, Luuty smiled a gentle smile.
That is surely a heart of love that she is turning towards the students, is what Shion thought.
「It would be nice……if this peace could continue on forever though.」
「……It will continue.」
The students that laughed in the warm sunlight.
The smiling faces overflowing with dreams and aspirations of the youths that would surely go down various paths before long.
While looking at that, Shion replied to Luuty.
「I’m sure that everyone, desires that.」
At the very least, as long as he existed as the Demon King, he would show everyone that it would.
Shion tightly clenched his fists.



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