Chapter 33


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「……It sure is noisy, isn’t it?」
It was in front of the Adventurer’s Guild entrance.
Having arrived there, Shion and Nino heard some hustle and bustle.
Incidentally, the placed called the Adventurer’s Guild is usually noisy by nature.
On top of there being many ruffians, depending on the situation, it was location where preparatory meetings for jobs that risked people’s lives.
Something like a day where it isn’t noisy basically did not exist.
But, even if that is the case, it was too noisy, is what Shion thought.
No, rather than “noisy”, “rowdy” would probably be more suited to describe it.
Voices that were younger than usual could be greatly heard coming from inside of the Adventurer’s Guild.
Even heartwarming laughter could be heard mixed in with the men and women.
No matter how one thought of it, it was different from the usual Adventurer’s Guild.
It was different, but Shion had an idea of what was going on.
「The school’s……new students, huh.」
That’s right. Today was the day of the Edius Adventurer School entrance ceremony.
On this day, Adventurer cards for school student use were distributed by the school to the enrolled students.
That was something that was meant to be used under various pretenses such as battle practice and dungeon practice, but it also permitted students to actually try and accept requests as a way to earn extra money.
There were also safe requests from the school services inside of the school, but naturally there were requests aimed for the students at the Adventurer’s Guild as well.
These requests aimed for the students had the condition that it would be no problem if even young students were to take them and indicated that the retaining fee was cheaper than the market price.
The request makers would follow those specifications at the time of making the request, but since urgent requests and dangerous requests were impossible under these specifications, when speaking of common requests aimed for students, they had become requests with low danger levels such as medicinal plant gathering and simple vermin extermination.
It was because students that had youthful vigor and a strong desire to improve themselves immediately came to accept requests after their enrollment that the Adventurer’s Guild was overflowing with people like this.
However, that wasn’t the only reason why the Guild was crammed with students.
Of course, there was also the reason of wanting to have a taste of the real atmosphere as soon as possible, but above all, it was because of the existence of school recommended Adventurers.
It fell in the category of a so-called occupation experience, but this was what Shion had pushed onto him by Luuty just a little while ago.
By taking requests together with active Adventurers that the school designated and recommended and whose personality and ability were better than average, it would create a chance to learn many things, such as their way of fighting and how to deal with people, which could not be studied if it weren’t practice──With that sort of pretense, it was a system where the role of being a lecturer to the students is cleverly pressed onto active Adventurers.
From the students’ point of view, if they had a normal ambition of being an Adventurer, it was a chance to create connections for the future.
If they had an ambition of being a Knight, they might be able to meet with people that would be helpful for their own future.
Even if they had an ambition of being a Magician, they might be able to create a relationship with people that they could count on to be their guard.
It was possible to make an application request to travel together with the school’s appointment form for recommended Adventurers like that, but busy Adventurers had few chances to properly look at such things.
And so, the students that were a bit smarter had come to the Adventurer’s Guild to directly negotiate themselves.
It would be good if they found someone that had their hands free.
That is why, using the documents that were distributed by the school, they had driven into their heads who and where the recommended Adventurers were from, and what kind of face and what kind of person the Adventurers were so that they could recognize them with a glance.
And then, even the school predicted that it would become a particularly fierce competition this year.
Every year, the recommended Adventurers would be announced in the middle of the school entrance ceremony.
This time, on top of the announcement being done after the school entrance ceremony, right when they tried announcing it, the duo of the rumored Rank SSS Adventurer Shion and Rank SS Nino were promoted as recommended Adventurers.
It wasn’t like they had done any magnificent activities, but they definitely had the ability to easily complete difficult jobs, and were known to have sincere personalities and a sincere way of working.
Their abilities were rumored to be top class, and they were the Adventurer duo that are currently the talk of the town.
When it came to a party of recommended Adventurers that were still young and full of promise, wanting to make a connection with them was a natural mentality for the students to have.
Moreover, since they appeared in the school entrance ceremony speech, they were definitely in town, so they should come to the Adventurer’s Guild as well.
So it was also only natural that the Guild would be overflowing with students lying in wait for them.
「Let’s run away while we haven’t been discovered yet.」
They would run away before they get jostled around.
It was only natural that they would think that way.
When they turned their backs to the Adventurer’s Guild which was packed with energetic students, Shion and Nino slipped into a back street and broke into a run.



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