Chapter 35


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In the beginning, the God of Earth Atlagus created the land.
The God of Fire Agnam bestowed the power of fire to the land.
The God of Water Aklia created streams of water on the land.
The God of Wind Wyrm bestowed great winds to the sky.
Day and night were born at the hands of the God of Light Raidolg and the God of Darkness Dagulas.
Upon this completed land, the God of Life Philia sowed the seeds of life.
Like this, the form of first life, Humans were born.
Upon these pure Humans, the Gods bestowed their blessings.
With this, emotions were born within Humans.
At the same time, life other than Humans was born.
This was the origin of Remfilia.
「So it is said……Well, this is myth that is handed down in this country.」
The second floor of the Steel Fish Store. At the edge of that room, Shion had Nino listen to the contents that he had investigated today.
After lying down on the bed with a look that seemed like she didn’t care, Nino turned only her gaze at Shion while still lying face up on the bed.
「The one that created Nino was Shion-sama.」
「Pretty much.」
While on that topic, the one that created Shion was the Demon God.
With this point, it was disconnected from creation myth of Remfilia.
The Goddess Philia who created life of Remfilia and managed the flow of life.
If she one-sidedly supported Humans enough that she would even lend her power in the Hero Summoning, then it felt as if she did care about the flow of Mazoku lives so long as they were somehow handled.
After all, even Mazoku, with the exception of some special cases, were a part of the workings of life in the lands of Remfilia.
Or, could it be that there was some sort of rule to make it not possible to interfere with that?
Even though Gods exist, inconsistencies are generated in the myth.
Or maybe, were the parts that Humans couldn’t understand settled with those inconsistencies?
According to the latest interpretation in mankind’s territory, Mazoku were defined as traitors who opposed the Gods, and said that the inferior seeds of life were the Mazoku.
「……Inferior, huh.」
Shion breathed a sigh thinking that since this kind of interpretation was allowed to slide, the voices of the people of the temple saying that the Mazoku should be destroyed would surely become louder.
Furthermore, the Hero’s existence ended up reinforcing the temple’s assertion.
According to the legend of the Hero──
In order to oppose the invasion of the Demon King Shuklous, the priests of the Great Altlis Temple sought salvation from the God of Life Philia and prayed.
Answering their prayers, Philia guided a strong life from another world here.
A young man by the name of Ryuuya Kusanagi stood up for the sake of the people and went on a journey to defeat the Demon King.
And then, together with his comrades and his sacred sword that was charged with the power of the Gods, the Hero Ryuuya eliminated the Demon King Shuklous.
Additionally, after also eliminating the Great Demon King Gramfia who was the root of all evil, he brought peace to the world.
It was fine that it had gone that far, but no matter where he investigated, the details of how the Hero Ryuuya learned of the Dark Continent and Gramfia weren’t written anywhere.
However, the Mazoku of the Dark Continent differed in every aspect when compared to the Mazoku of the Shutaia Continent.
This wasn’t simply about strength, but after having the differences in the chain of command and ecology made apparent, Shion had that interpretation.
In that case, one possibility had arisen.
It was, the possibility that Mazoku themselves were created in the Shutaia Continent──namely, the Demon King Shuklous might have been a genuine Demon King.
As evidence to reinforce that idea, there was the existence of Status Confirmation Magic.
That which only the Hero and the Demon King could use, there was no reason why the Hero would not use it against the Demon King.
In that case, the Hero Ryuuya should have know as to whether or not Demon King Shuklous was truly a Demon King.
On top of that, Shuklous probably told him as the Demon King.
And then, there was mystery about the Mazoku that exist only in the Shutaia Continent and not in the Dark Continent.
If the Demon King that created them was different, then that sort of disparity is understandable.
But, if that is the case, a different problem comes up but……This was another thing that doesn’t seem like it could be solved with Shion’s current knowledge.
「Shion-sama, what do you want to do?」
Shion’s thoughts were interrupted by Nino’s abrupt words that called out to him.
What did he want to do.
Naturally, it was to avoid war.
He didn’t want any obstructions to the Dark Continent’s growth to happen.
……However, what did he want to do after that.
After its growth would be.
Even after going around the royal capital like this, there was no information on the Hero Summoning.
However, he might appear in time.
Would he be able to reached an effective countermeasure by that time.
He thought about it.
As the Demon King Vermudol, what would he be able to do for the sake of the Mazoku.
If things can somehow be managed without having to be involved with Humans, then that would be fine.
It would be fine if he focused only on the Dark Continent’s domestic affairs.
However, his instincts whispered that it would be no good like that.
He needed to know the reason why Gramfia was destroyed.
He needed to know the truth of the Hero’s legend.
He needed to unravel the mystery of the Alva.
If he didn’t do that, then the Hero would most likely come once again.
「I……want to know the truth.」
「Once you know it, will something change?」
「It, might not change.」
Even if he knows the truth, there might be nothing that will change.
The Hero might appear and he would have to fight against him in the end.
Even if that was the case, that wasn’t a reason for him to sit around and wait for it to happen.
The Demon God said it.
He was to perish to the Hero, and if he desired anything more than that, it would depend on himself.
In that case, there was definitely a means to avoid the words conclusion.
「……It’ll be no good if I do this.」
Nino stared intently at Shion as he muttered that.
While still having her usual displeased face, with a voice that would clearly reach Shion’s ears, Nino replied to Shion’s words.
「Then, Nino will comply with that. Nino will clear the path that Shion-sama wishes to go down, and will always be your support.」
「Yeah, thank you, Nino.」
Nino’s face went a bit red at the thanks that he said from the bottom of his heart.
However, in the next instant, she noticed the footsteps of someone ascending the staircase, and jumped up from the bed.

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