Chapter 36


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The sound of ascending the staircase.
Nino listened carefully to that sound.
The sound, there were two of them.
One of them was a strong, yet light sound.
The other one was a light sound that seemed hesitant.
「……There is one man. And one woman.」
Most likely, they were students.
They probably determined that we were staying at the Steel Fish Store……is what Nino guessed.
「What will we do?」
「Well, since it seemed that Luuty also knew we were staying here, it isn’t strange that they would come here.」
Shion sighed at the sound of the door being knocked on.
「Who is it?」
「I am Kain Stagius of the Stagius Baron House. May I take it that this is the room of the Adventurer Shion-dono?」
「Would you go home if I said that it isn’t?」
While Shion teased him like that, he instructed Nino to their luggage into some place suitable with his gaze.
If the other party were someone high in pride, they would either be indignant or go back with this.
It would be easier if they went back, but if they were flew into a rage, it would become a reason to beat them down.
However, the reaction of the person on the other side of the door called Kain wasn’t like that.
「We would go back if that really were true but……we were entrusted with a letter from the headmaster.」
The headmaster──With Luuty’s face coming to his mind, Shion pressed down on his own forehead.
While thinking that someone truly troublesome had set her eyes on him, he opened the door.
The one that stood there was a man that possessed golden hair and blue eyes.
With features that seemed to be at the valley between being a young boy and a young man, he had skin that possessed a delicateness like that of a woman, and beautiful slit eyes that increased his charm.
Even looking at him from Shion’s point of view, that appearance of his could be judged as beautiful. Next to that Kain was a similarly beautiful blue haired young girl.
「So, where is that letter?」
At Shion’s words, Kain presented a single sealed letter.
The magical power that was charged into the sealing wax was proof that it was from Luuty herself.
Shion tore that off, and took out the letter that was inside.
The contents were, a request directly from Luuty.
According to the letter, it seems that an appeal for rescue of a town that was at a distance of about seven days from the royal capital had reached the royal capital.
It appeared that it was confirmed that an Ogre was near the town, and that missing persons had begun to appear.
The appeal for rescue that was sent to the local feudal lord was dismissed by saying to abandon the town.
Having no other choice, the town’s messenger visited the royal capital, but being unable to get anyone to respond to him, he had no choice but to depend on the Adventurer’s Guild.
「And so, the details of all of that entered Luuty’s ears, and then went to me……is that it.」
「Will you go?」
As Nino asked if she should gather their luggage, Shion went silent for a bit, and then lightly waved his hand for her to stop.
「The problem is after this. It’s written that if I were to accept this, then I should ask the students that brought me this letter if they intended to accompany us. What’s the meaning of that?」
Even if it was to get experience in the battlefield, an Ogre extermination is way too heavy.
They were humanoid Mazoku that have gigantic builds and horns on their heads.
Their power and resilience easily surpass not just Humans but even Beastmen and the Metalio, they had an understanding of their own abilities, and had the intelligence to handle weapons.
Exterminating Ogres which are even able to personally produce iron weapons was something too much to handle even for experienced Adventurers. If a group of them were to be discovered, they would become a target for an army to subjugate.
They were monsters that were that dangerous. This was not a request that should allow students to join in on.
「I will go and have a talk with Luuty, so go on home.」
「I, will go with you.」
「Th, then I will too……!」
It seemed that being told to go home stimulated their pride. Shion lamented.
He was troubled over he could persuade them.
「I believe that even I have a good amount of skill. We won’t be a burden!」
「Even if you tell me that……Where are your Adventurer Cards?」
Seeing the Adventurer Cards that were presented to him, Shion knitted his eyebrows.

Name: Kain Stagius
Race: Human
Rank: S
Level: 32
Occupation: Edius Adventurer School Student
Equipment: Hard Sword Tilnok
                     School Uniform
Technical Skill: God of Life’s Divine Protection S

Name: Sharon Tianot
Race: Human
Rank: C
Level: 25
Occupation: Edius Adventurer School Student
Equipment: Blue Orb Staff
                     School Uniform
Technical Skill: God of Water’s Divine Protection E

「A God’s divine protection……I see, that alone is reason enough to be recommended, huh.」
A God’s divine protection.
That is a technical skill possessed by those that are particularly loved by a God.
Because there are few that possess divine protection, the details about it haven’t been made clear. However, it is an exceedingly capable technical skill that contains various effects……Or so it is said.
For Kain to own an S level of that, he must be considerably loved by the God of Life Philia.
The word Hero crossed his mind in an instant, but he immediately shook that off.
The Kain that was right before his eyes was clearly an inhabitant of this world.
Although possessors of divine protection are very rare, there would be no end if he were to be suspicious of each and every one of them.
Besides, if he remembered correctly, the Head Priest of the Great Altlis Temple should have possessed an SS level divine protection.
Something like S isn’t much at all.
After persuading himself like that, Shion returned the cards to the students.
「It would seem, you are quite loved by the Gods, aren’t you.」
「Yeah, I have also gone down the path of a Priest.」
Level 32.
It was proof that he had acquired a good amount of experience.
It was too high for a student, but it probably also meant that he wasn’t a mere son of a noble.
「I will ask you one more time. Please take us with you.」
Shion breathed a sigh in his mind from seeing Kain sincerely lower his head.
It was because he understood that this man was an honest type of noble.
A noble that lower his head to Shion who was acting as a commoner, there was no one harder to handle than them.
Looking at how high his level is, he should be quite used to the fighting scene.
There was the possibility that they would follow along even if he refused them.
「……There’s no other choice, is there.」
The number of troublesome things increased once again.
Thinking that, Shion once again breathed a deep sigh in his mind.

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