Chapter 39


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It was gigantic, multi-legged type bug that possesses a hard shell that has a purple shine.
Let alone a horse, it possesses a large build that surpasses even a bear, and can sprint with great speed even in a desert.
At one point, it was classified as a monster, but nowadays, it seems that a portion of dilettantes use them as a means of transport……That much, Shion knew.
「……Certainly, if it’s with that, we could get there quickly, couldn’t we.」
Earthworms were, at any rate, fast.
Those multiple legs move with uncommon speed, and can travel on any sort of bad roads.
If it was a place that it decided to go through, an Earthworm would immediately try to go through it.
Whether it was a narrow mountain path where one misstep would lead to falling into the abyss, or a narrow hole……that is how they were.
When there is a mistake in controlling it, the Earthworm would easily desert the riders, but if it could be controlled, there was no means of transport more reliable than this.
An Earthworm’s shell is harder than poorly built armor, and its full power sprint that is on the verge of being considered running wildly is said to be incredible to the point that both Goblins and bandits would fall into a state of panic and run away.
The problem was, the controlling of it was extremely difficult.
Unless that was settled, it was out of the question.
「I don’t really get it but……wouldn’t it be fine if we just sent those Ogres flying with it? Going like *doーn*.」
Nino turned exasperated eyes at Sharon’s words.
「……The Ogres go *doーn*, the town goes *doーn*, the walls and houses collapse, and then roaring screams……」
「Eh, ehhー!?」
「Well, that isn’t an impossible story.」
While hitting his hand on Nino’s head with the meaning of “leave it at that”, Shion made a wry smile.
That’s right, it wasn’t an impossible story.
If there was a mistake in the control of the Earthworm, it could seriously end up like that.
It would be a catastrophe if it turned out like that.
Putting aside students like Kain and Sharon, Shion and Nino technically had positions as Adventurers that were the talk of the town.
Moreover, their true identities were the Demon King and his attendant.
He didn’t want to make a legend with an unnecessary mistake.
「I won’t object to the idea of using Earthworms itself. But, there’s nothing we can do with it unless we can steer it, you know?」
「Ah, umー……」
It was there that Sharon timidly raised her hand.
Although her body trembled when the gazes simultaneously turned towards her, Sharon spoke out her opinion.
「It was thinking, wouldn’t it be fine if we got Headmaster-sensei to move it for us……」
「Get Luuty to? Or rather, by borrowing an Earthworm, could it be……」
「Yes, it seems that the Headmaster herself is taking it to the royal capital main gate.」
Say that earlier, are the words that Shion held back from saying.
He didn’t know what that Sylphid woman would say later if they kept her waiting.
「……In that case, let’s head over there immediately.」
When Shion stood up, Nino also stood up immediately.
「Have a safe trip~.」
「……Yeah, we’ll be going.」
Shion made a short reply to Carol’s cheerful words.
Carol was dark in various ways when they had first come here, but she’s become quite cheerful……is what he thought.
According to Garadd, it seemed to be thanks to Shion and Nino, but Shion himself didn’t particularly happen to know that.
「……It’s night, huh.」
Looking up at the blue moon that was suspended in the sky, Shion then returned his gaze forward.
Stores in the slums were basically open even at night.
The shopkeepers themselves would sleep, and leave it to the shop assistants. That part, even for the stores on the mainstreet, were the same anywhere if it was aimed towards Adventurers.
In order to answer to the demands of Adventurers which would go out on a journey or come back from a journey at any time and at any place, or maybe in order to become their favorite store, being open at any time was an essential condition.
That is why, even now, the inside of the town shined with the light of stores and magic lights that were lit at regular intervals, so unless one was deep in a side road, there weren’t any dark places.
That being said, since there were problems such as labor costs even in loading magical power into the magic lights, it was pretty much only the royal capital that was bright even at night.
As Shion was thinking about that sort of thing, Kain breathed a sigh.
「There really is, a lot of people, isn’t there.」
「Did you……arrive at the royal capital just recently?」
「Yes. It’s because my and Sharon’s hometown was more of a rural area.」
After Shion made a suitable nod at that answer, Kain once again faced forward and started walking.
Certainly, if it was the son of a Baron House, he would live in his own hometown, and it was probably a fact that it was a more rural area than the royal capital.
Having no interest anymore than that, Shion didn’t feel any particular need to ask anything else.
「Why……were you, chosen?」
However, when Nino asked that to Sharon, Shion thought “I see”.
It was about making student go on a dangerous request.
Shion thought of that as being nothing but having troublesome things being pushed onto him.
However, a reason why Kain and Sharon were chosen should naturally exist.
Even if he were to cross-examine Luuty who was probably waiting for them, he didn’t think that he would hear a good answer from her, so it could be said that asking that of Sharon, who looked like she was loose-tongued, now was correct.
「U, uーm. This is only a guess, but I think it might be because of Kain?」
「Because of Kain?」
When Shion turned his eyes towards Kain who was walking at the lead, Kain scratched his head looking like he was troubled.
He couldn’t see his facial expression, but he could see that he was a bit shaken.
「Kain, he did something amazing during the practical skill examination, and it seems that the examiner senseis went into an uproar……」
「Something amazing, huh.」
「No, that’s, I made a mistake in the magic’s adjustments. And I accidentally went full power……」
For the time being, Shion nodded looking like he could understand at Kain who said that looking embarrassed.
That was a story that he feels like he heard somewhere, that is what he thought.
He couldn’t remember what it was at all but……thinking that it was no use if he couldn’t remember it, Shion decided to be satisfied with that answer.
In any case, it probably ended up with Luuty having an eye on him because of that.
「Ah, I can see the main gate.」
Ahead of Kain as he said that was the royal capital’s enormous main gate.
It was a wall created by laying up white stones, and a steel gate.
Soldiers that were placed there for the sake of not letting suspicious people in were busily moving about.
Among the merchant carriages and guards that were coming and going, they could tell that there was some gigantic thing that dully shined purple.
「It can be known with a glance huh……」
「So true.」
That thing that was at the end of Shion and Nino’s gazes, there was most likely no mistake that it was Luuty’s Earthworm.
That silver hair that was bundled into buns on both sides of her head was clearly Luuty.
She wasn’t wearing her suit from this afternoon, but cloth clothes and silver armor, though it felt like she wanted to say some kind of joke.
How she carried a bow on her back was surely also some sort of mistake.
「You sure did take your sweet time. Once you get on, we will depart.」
Having properly prepared travelling clothes, Luuty declared that once she confirmed Shion and the others’ figures.

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