Chapter 41


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「……This thing is much more amazing than I thought.」
While looking at the scenery that could be seen from the crystal pane window, Shion muttered that.
What the scenery that streamed by in no time demonstrated was the Earthworm’s speed.
He even thought that if this much transportation could be realized with this much speed, then the utilization them should be investigated more proactively.
「There was a time where Earthworms were classified as monsters, you know?」
「Looks like it would.」
Shion replied like that to Kain’s question.
Certainly, if he had seen a scene where something like this made a full powered sprint, he would probably classify it as a monster.
However, Earthworms were not monsters but insects.
Insect-type monsters certainly did exist, but Earthworms themselves were not monsters and were mere insects.
Since Shion had stealthily performed a Status Confirmation on it before getting onboard, there was no mistake about this.
On the contrary, the Earthworm had strongly received the divine protection of the God of Earth Atlagus.
However, it was only natural that Humans could not make that sort of distinction, and there were vague parts that made them be classified as insects and monsters.
As a matter of fact, that sort of problem also brings about a slightly troublesome argument called the 「Demi-Human Controversy」.
This was said to have its beginnings when a group of priests started talking about whether or not Beastmen, who were of mixed parentage with Beastia which were Mazoku, were potential enemies of Humans.
And from here, it became a controversy that extended to other Demi-Humans but……from Shion’s point of view, there was nothing more ludicrous than this.
「In short, it is whether or not they will be harmful to mankind.」
「Couldn’t they have classified them more properly……」
「That would be difficult. It is said that the Hero used magic called Status Confirm though.」
It was possible to do something similar with a 『Reveal Crystal』, but as expected, it was impossible to have an insect that cannot communicate with words load its consciousness into a crystal.
Going “However……”, Shion had a thought.
「It’s not like I don’t think there is any meaning to that sort of classification though.」
「No, it’s nothing.」
Responding like that to Sharon’s words, Shion stopped the conversation.
However, Luuty bit at that.
「Certainly, whether or not there was a meaning to it is a very interesting topic. To begin with, if classification had not happened, the Demi-Human Controversy would have never happened after all. However, even so, people cannot exist without classifying things. They are those kinds of living creatures after all.」
No one replied to those words.
It was because they had no words to reply with.
「This goes for the Ogres that are at the place we are headed to. They are classified as Mazoku, but that is because they are clearly enemies to mankind and because it is impossible to have a mutual understanding with them.」
Shion had not met with an actual one before.
After all, living creatures that would be called Ogres did not exist in the Dark Continent.
However, he had only heard rumors that they were extremely ferocious since he had come here.
「Do you mean that they might not actually be?」
「That might be the case, but you must not hesitate if you meet with one. Unless you want to be eaten.」
Kain and Sharon stiffened up by those words.
They are hostile life-forms that are clearly different from Goblins.
And then, let alone Vermudol, they might be Mazoku that have nothing to do with even Gramfia.
「Well, so that we do not become an Ogre’s meal, let’s have a clear grasp of each other’s abilities.」
「Th, that we should!」
Sharon shook her head nodding at Shion’s suggestion.
Thinking that although she looked like she could survive a fairly good fighting scene, she might be surprisingly timid, Shion’s evaluation of Sharon lowered a bit.
Faintheartedness was something that connected to delayed actions at the crucial moment.
「I am a Magician. Well, I can use the basics of every attribute.」
「Nino uses the sword.」
Following Shion’s introduction, Nino lightly tapped the two curved swords at her waist.
「I’m……ehー, I guess, I’m like a Magic Swordsman. Pretty much, I intend on being part of the vanguard.」
Hearing Kain’s self-introduction, Shion remembered the data of his Adventurer card.
Hard Sword Tilnok.
If he remembered correctly, he should possess a sword with that sort of name.
「If I remember correctly, you possess a sword with a characteristic name, don’t you.」
「Ahh, you mean my Hard Sword Tilnok.」
Kain showed the sword that hung on his waist.
Normally, weapons and armor such as the Iron Sword were only represented with their material and shape as their name.
That was only natural in certain ways, and although there were some that attached individual names to their beloved weapons, it was not like those would become the title for the weapon.
However, there were rare cases where named weapons and named armor that do not fit that framework are born.
Arms like that would become special arms that possess characteristic names, and would possess abilities that separate them from the rest.
It seemed that it was possible to make clear distinctions of these sorts of things at the Blacksmith’s Guild, but in a situation where a named weapon was mixed in among weapons that were similar at first glance, it seemed that they would unfortunately be unable to do so.
「It must have been expensive. Or could it be an heirloom?」
「Ahー……This is……」
With Kain being evasive for some reason, Shion, while having a question mark on his face, shifted his gaze to Sharon.
Everyone had something that they did not want to say, and he had no intention of unreasonably questioning him about it.
Even Shion himself had good amount of things he did not want to be questioned about.
「So, what about you, Sharon?」
「Ah, yes! Erm……Although I can’t use Elemental Magic at all……I can use Summon Magic.」
「Summon Magic?」
Shion raised his eyebrow at the words that he had not heard of.
Summon Magic.
He knew about it if it was with knowledge of games in his previous world.
However, he had no knowledge of Summon Magic of this world.
「Ara, Shion-dono, do you no know of it?」
「That’s true……This is my first time hearing of it.」
Shion could only answer like that to Luuty’s words.
He was well aware that they might suspect him of something from that, but he couldn’t help it with things that he did not know about.
「Well, that probably can’t be helped. It is new magic that was discovered within these past twenty years. And above all, there are very few Humans with the aptitude for it.」
「Heeh……Could you let me hear about that in detail?」
Luuty cheerfully nodded at Shion’s words that came out from genuine interest.

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