Chapter 42


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「Summon Magic is a new system of magic that, accurately speaking, had its existence confirmed eighteen years ago.」
It was said that its origin was in the mountains of a certain remote region.
It was a dark night where even the moon was hidden by the clouds.
A caravan that was making camp, maybe due to already being close to town, was said to have considerably let its guard down, and this included the escorts with them.
No one knew if that opening was targeted or not, but at any rate, in regards to the unforeseen, a horde of Goblins raided the group.
Although the escorts hurriedly took up their weapons, on top of falling into chaos by the all too sudden situation, before the intense difference in numbers, one person, two people, they started to fall.
Before long, the last escort fell, and when the merchants thought “so this is the end……” and gave up──
All of a sudden, a palely shining translucent swordsman appeared, and cut down the Goblins one after another.
Before the mysterious swordsman, the Goblins were no match at all, and after confirming that the Goblins that had fallen into chaos had run away, it was said that the mysterious swordsman vanished.
「In those times, various discussions were exchanged, but that was the first manifestation of Summon Magic……and that is how it is.」
From there, although it had much difficulty and took piles of research, all that was learned was that the translucent swordsman that appeared at that time was something called a 「Sword Spirit」, was something different from Humans and other existing living creatures, and was something that used some sort of power to manifest through magic.
「There are views that say that it was God’s power, but that part is still unexplained.」
God’s power.
The ones that insisted that sort of thing was probably people related to the temple at best, is what Shion thought.
However, at the same time, he thought that if the Gods gave their blessings to living creatures, then it wouldn’t be strange even if vestiges of that power were wafting about.
「How is that something usable?」
「It is basically the same as Elemental Magic, but I guess it’s a bit ceremonial.」
Answering like that to Shion’s question, Luuty made a wry smile.
「Well, since it can’t be used unless one has the aptitude for it, so it’s said that it can’t be used by those with the talent for normal magic. It might be impossible for you, Shion-dono.」
「……I see, that’s unfortunate.」
When he said that and shrugged his shoulders, Sharon giggled.
「Shion-san, even though I heard that you are really strong……Do you want to become even stronger?」
「Does it look I do?」
In response to those words, Shion muttered in his mind that that might be the case.
He did simply have an interest in Summon Magic, but he also naturally had a feeling of wanting even more power just in case he ever needed it.
However, to think that even Sharon would see through me, I might have been a bit too impatient, is what Shion thought in his reflection.
「It is because Shion-sama is industrious.」
「Kain, you need to follow his example.」
「I, I get it, Sharon……」
Kain made a wry smile at Nino who was acting boastful for some reason and at Sharon who got on board with her.
While thinking that that was most likely the sense of distance between the two of them, Shion changed the topic.
「By the way, if we go at this rate, about when will we reach our destination?」
「Putting in one time for making camp, I think we should arrive there noon tomorrow.」
Words of surprise came out from four mouths at those words.
Their destination this time had a distance that would take about seven days away from the royal capital.
That was naturally on the assumption of traveling with horses.
Even if it is sprinting at full power, is it really that different, is what Shion thought as he was astonished.
It being classified as a monster at one point probably wasn’t done just for show.
「It is because there is no living creature that can catch up to Earthworms above ground. In particular, the speed of my Steiner is boasted as being superior even within the four major powers.」
Going “I see”, he nodded……but feeling that some sort of strange word was mixed in, Shion cocked his head in puzzlement.
When he casually looked over, Kain and Sharon also seemed to have felt something was questionable, and were tilting their heads.
「……By Steiner, what is that?」
「It’s this child’s name though?」
Going “ahh, I see”, the three of them made faces saying that they understood.
In short, just like there are people that attach names to horses, Luuty also attached a name to the Earthworm.
By no means was that strange……or it shouldn’t have been.
「Steiner, a boy?」
「It looks like one. I mean, it’s pretty rugged, right?」
「I understand. It feels like, a boy.」
While listening to Luuty and Nino’s conversation, Shion called to mind the appearance of the Earthworm──of Steiner that he had in his mind.
It being rugged……He felt like it was because it was a carapaced insect.
The feeling that it was a boy……He couldn’t tell if he felt it or not.
Or could it be that since Shion was a man, he couldn’t tell the small subtleties of that sort of things?
When he turned his gaze to Kain as if seeking his help, Kain waved his hand making a gesture that said that he didn’t understand either.
Thinking “Is it really because we’re men?”, Shion then turned his gaze to Sharon.
However, Sharon was looking at Steiner from the window, and saying things like 「Ehー」 and 「Uーn」.
It seemed that even girls couldn’t understand.
「Maybe because there are three girls riding on board today, its tension has become higher than usual……」
「It is because Nino is the strongest beautiful girl. Very sinful.」
「Th……ree……? Erm, if I remember correctly, Luuty-san is……」
At the moment that Kain left his question at that.
An impact was transmitted to the inside of the box due to the Earthworm’s sudden halt.
「Uwah, whoa……Whoa!?」
Kain lost his balance and tumbled down from his seat, and Luuty turned around and tightly grabbed his face.
「Could you tell me, just where did you start having a question? Kain-kun.」
「In your earlier remark, I feel like you had a part that said that you had a hard time seeing me as a woman though?」
「Ah, no……um……」
Shion, who had felt a similar question but did not speak it out loud, turned away just like that and feigned ignorance.
Things like unpleasant sounds coming from Kain’s face, they did not reach the ears of the current Shion.
「Pl, please wait. O, ow ow……Ah, I bwaz!?」
「To think that Nino’s beauty would seduce even an insect, how surprising.」
「……That’s true.」
What the current Shion could do was not put Kain and Luuty in his field of vision while nodding to Nino.
That was all he could do.

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  1. If Steiner is an insect and bigger than the rest then it is more likely a female as most female insects are bigger and more aggressive than the male.

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