Volume 10, Chapter 13, Part 3

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「How could that……」

「Just what do you the world is……」

 In response to those murmuring voices, the Demon God simply grinned. She neither denied it, nor confirmed it. However, her eyes were certainly pointed only at Vermudol, and her ears were listening only to Vermudol’s words.

 She was having fun.

 The Demon God, was having fun right now.

 That is why, the Demon God answered like this.

「The world? Something like that doesn’t matter, right? It’s just a small matter.」

「As I thought, you……!」

「What’s important is whether I’m having fun or not. Now then, keep going, Vermudol. I’ve heard that the Demon King is an egg of a God. I’ve heard that I’m someone who does things for fun. And so? Why do you say I’m the 『God of Magical Power』?」

 Completely ignoring the enraged Philia, the Demon God urged him to continue.

「First is the process of elimination. Looking at this lineup, the possibility that you’re a God that is spoken about somewhere in this world is most likely low. Next, if we apply some suppositions to points of uncertainty, it comes into view.」

 First, was Vermudol’s creation.

 Vermudol, who was an egg of a God, and was capable of killing a God.

 It was certain that the Demon God who created Vermudol would be an existence superior to him, and there was no doubt that something like that would be appropriate to be called a God.

 Next, was Ichika.

 The one who picked up her soul and Seed of Life when she died, and arranged her into the shape called 「Ichika」 was the Demon God. Most likely, she gave her the occupation of Maid Knight, which was the jurisdiction of the God of Water Aklia, and trained her on a whim.

 At this point, the Demon God had intruded on the domains of the God of Life Philia and the God of Water Aklia.

 And then, the  Wentas (Warped Gods). The story of how the appearance of the Demon God had turned into a stimulation for them had turned Vermudol’s conjecture into something extremely close to confidence.

 The Demon God’s existence stabilized the world’s magical power to a level higher than it was before, and gave birth to the Wentas (Warped Gods).

 In a manner of speaking, this would be appropriate to be called the second creation myth in the world.

 For example, if the Wentas (Warped Gods) that Philia and others had defeated in the battle from ancient times were to have survived, that should become the 「next beginning」 of the world.

 The source of these events was magical power……was the Demon God.

「In other words, this truth not only states that a 『God』 is also an existence that is affected by magical power, but is also proof that you are an existence that exerts influence on magical power. Furthermore, it demonstrates that a God that governs over magical power also exists.」

「I see. But still, going by that explanation, that makes it seem like I’m an evil god or something, doesn’t it?」

 In response to the Demon God’s joking tone, Vermudol snorted a *Ha*.

 That certainly would be the case from the point of view of the world, but just how easy would things be if she were an existence that could be dealt with with such simple words.

「If you had the consciousness of being in the right or wrong, it might be correct to call you as such but. Did you have that sort of discretion?」

「Oya, are you saying that I don’t?」

「Do you?」

「That’s a pretty hard question.」

 Seeing Vermudol and the Demon God speak to each other with a frivolous tone as if they were good friends from long ago, no one else could speak up.

 Although they looked close, the two of them continued to keep the other in check.

 It was because everyone else was unable to read through their relationship that they didn’t know how to interject.

 That was the same even for Ykslaas, who was the one who was the most skilled at talking within this group.

 However, Ichika, who was the most taciturn, smashed that situation.

「……And so, Demon God. If you are the God of Magical Power, just what did you come here to do? Could it be that you are saying that you will participate in this assembly?」

「Now that would be impossible, Ichika. Why would I have to participate in a stupid meeting like this one?」

 Hearing those all too uninhibited words, the place was astir once again.

With the existence that Vermudol had concluded to be the 「God of Magical Power」 having made such a declaration, the agitation of the participants from mankind’s side was particularly fierce.

 A God they did not know of, the Demon God.

 Just the fact that something like that was 「there」 was a truth that shook the history of mankind.

 Moreover, it was the God of Magical Power, and she seemed to have a hostile relationship with the God of Life Philia……And furthermore, she seemed to be close to Vermudol.

 Just how they were supposed to react to this was something that none of them could possibly know.

「Calling this stupid, what a fine thing to say, Demon God. The God of Life Philia, and the Demon King that you prepared. Considering the influence upon the world should they clash, I think that Raidolg’s judgement was not mistaken though.」

「Then let me ask you this, Atlagus. Where is the last stop of this meeting setup to be?」

 Being told that in a ridiculing manner by the Demon God, Atlagus twitched her brow.

「Last stop?」

「I won’t let you tell me that you haven’t thought about it. The dispute between Vermudol and Philia. No, the fate between 『mankind』 and the 『Mazoku』 itself that had dragged mankind into it. I’m asking you just what kind of direction you planned to conclude it in.」

 Atlagus fell silent at the Demon God’s question.

 She felt that this was an assembly in order to resolve this through discussion, but just what was the Demon God trying to say?

 No, if she was asking for Atlagus’ personal opinion on the direction on where she wanted it to go, it might be worthy as an answer that the Demon God was seeking.

「It’s obvious. We will have Philia and the Demon King compromise. The fate between mankind and the Mazoku as well, it shall be concluded through that, and it will accomplish eternal peace.」

「Heeh, is that so. But, you should keep your dreaming for when you’re asleep.」

 The Demon God said that and cast away Atlagus’ answer.

「Raidolg, you shitty geezer. What about you.」

「Fundamentally, I feel the same way as Atlagus. For the sake of that, I invited the representatives of mankind here.」

「Is that so. Then I’ll ask you this. Why is the bunch from the St. something-or-whatever Kingdom, who are the biggest problem, not here? You couldn’t possibly think that that Hero-kun over there is their representative, could you?」

「……I had intended on calling for them once things had settled down a bit more.」

「Yeah, yeah. I get it, it wouldn’t even be a conversation if they were called here right now. After all, they’re a bunch that fabricated Gods that matched their own ideals in their minds. They’re a swarm of dumbasses that would call the real things fakes and draw their weapons against them.」

 Neither Raidolg nor Philia had a rebuttal to those words.

 It was because things were just as the Demon God said that caution was necessary in handling that nation.

 The St. Altlis Kingdom was a nation that had not forgotten the experience of shooting to the center of the world due to the existence known as the 「Hero」, and had set themselves up to be half deified.

 Even if that wasn’t the case, the baseless superiority complex of 「Humans」 within mankind’s society would be extremely hard to deal with, and they would have to be terrifyingly careful in managing it.

 There was even the possibility that if they were to poorly call a representative here, the Demi-Human Argument would flourish and ruin everything.

 That being said, inviting an understandable person who was still young and did not have an important social position here as a representative and having him guide the nation after this was a bit unreasonable.

 In other words, it was a situation where they would have to start from selecting who they would call upon after the flow of the talks had been settled upon……but the Demon God sneered at that and gave her impressions.

「Well, that sort of thing is a trivial matter. Ahh, it truly is trivial. Since the biggest problem is how things won’t go as planned no matter what is decided in an assembly like this.」

 The world is moved by a small number, that is what is often said.

 In truth, that is exactly how it is, and the 「common sense」 that a portion of people create makes the world turn.

 The ones who guide the masses the best are generally the leaders, and it is due to that that organizations and nations move smoothly.

 It was for that reason that the members that Raidolg gathered were leaders capable of doing that……but, the Demon God denied it.

「For example, let’s say that this conference went well. Let’s say that Vermudol and Philia reconcile, the leaders of mankind also give their blessings to that, and they swear that they will take each other’s hands and get along. Would everything go well with that?」

「It surely wouldn’t.」

「Hey, Vermudol……!」

「It’s the truth, Ykslaas.」

 Vermudol said that to Ykslaas, who raised her voice at how he answered like that so readily, and reined her in.

「There is the possibility that it would resolve things in the short-term, and on the surface. This assembly has meaning on that point. However, in the long term, it won’t be a fundamental solution……and if performed poorly, I can think of it becoming something even more terrible.」

「What do you mean by that?」

「It means exactly as I said, Wyrm. The Mazoku and the Demon King are the symbol of all evils. Within the current society of mankind, there is no small number of stories that are in agreement with that sort of flow……And the effects of when that is suddenly destroyed, are unimaginable.」

 That’s right, the common crisis known as monsters and the Mazoku stopped the disputes of many nations, and their shared hopes were gathered into one being known as the Hero.

 The emotional pillar known as the Hero, and the common enemy known as the Mazoku.

 Even after the Hero was gone, since they felt a mutual crisis called 「Mazoku」 that was in the visible form known as Goblins and Beastia, every nation maintained their cooperative structure without splitting up.

 However, what would happen if they were told 「the Mazoku are not enemies」 at that point.

 The Jiol Forest Kingdom might agree with that. Since they had already taken a cooperative system with the Zadark Kingdom that included them in their defenses, there would probably be little resistance to it.

 But, the other nations wouldn’t be so simple.

 To begin with, the damages done by Goblins, Beastia, and Ogres in the Shutaia Continent were numerous and comparable to the damage done by bandits. There would be no end to the stories of families being killed and villages being destroyed by them, and the victims would always have anger seething towards the Mazoku.

 And even if they were to tell the masses the truth that 「the Mazoku aren’t enemies, and the Goblins and such that are on the Shutaia Continent are something like the ones that the Humans call bandits」, just who would believe that.

「Blood can only be paid with blood. That is a reality that human history has proved.」

「……It’ll turn into a civil war. That’s what yer sayin’.」

「That’s right, Agnam. And even if things fortunately didn’t turn out that way, that would be nothing more than proof that a squirming mob was created behind closed doors. For me, things turning out like that would be easier to deal with, but on the global scale, if we were to crush even the 『root』 of it all, I wouldn’t be able to even imagine what kind of effects there would be on the ecosystem.」

 *Gokuri* The sound of someone gulping could be heard.

 Just now, Vermudol had brazenly declared that rather than settling a civil war, it would be easier to kill and silence the opposing factions that dove underground.

 Even if that was the truth, declaring that out loud wouldn’t have been possible for mankind. By daring to say that, Vermudol demonstrated his will to carry out his sense of values and reach his objectives──to reach the conclusion of this current situation no matter what methods had to be used.


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