Volume 10, Chapter 14

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 It was about how everyone was a fellow comrade of mankind.

 Maybe it was because that sort of thing that was quite normal if one thought about it was in a distant era above all else.

 Within that age, the Canal Kingdom continued to grow, and it formed a treaty of equal friendship with the Cylas Empire.

 The fact that it had formed a treaty of equality with one of the large nations of that time demonstrated the Canal Kingdom’s presence as a new large nation, and stability once again came to the Shutaia Continent.

 However, stability simultaneously yields corruption.

 By obtaining an unshakeable position, the Canal Kingdom’s movements suddenly accelerated.

 The nation of Beastmen that attained growth in a flash also had an inexperienced part due to its development. 

 Taking advantage of that, people that turned their doubts towards even titles such as 「the crown」 and 「royalty」 had appeared.

「The royalty of the new country naturally had no history, and therefore the sense of the 『blood of the royal family』 was thin. Was that how it was?」

「Umu. Well, there was also how the 『equality』 that Nell had touted was skillfully corroded as  well though.」

 Equality──that word that should have been beautiful made the secret manoeuvres of the people that possessed wicked ways of thinking possible.

 After the death of the founding sovereign Nell, people who criticized the Beastmen, who should have been the leading part of this nation, as pretending to be a privileged class started to come out.

 Even that, which was treated as an irrational argument at the start, had obtained social recognition as a 「single view」 during a long period of time.

 The ideal of equality which should have been a 「shield」 to protect everything had, before anyone knew it, become a 「sword」 in order to cut down the Beastmen who had been regarded as a privileged class, and the inside of the Canal Kingdom became a tempest of storms.

 Within the fierce power struggles, even the Spears of Light Chivalric Order was split into several chivalric orders, and Raidolg’s sacred treasures that were Nell’s inheritance ended up having their ownership split.

 Beastman figures slowly fell from important offices, and even traces of Nell vanished from the royal family.

 Like that, it finally ended up in a situation where a king that had no Beastman characteristics left behind taking the throne.

 Even so, a portion of sensible people teamed up to try and correctly carry out Nell’s ideals……and before long, they were eliminated.

 The instability of the Canal Kingdom, which had already became a corner of the four major nations, spread to the other nations as well, and the chaos from the appearance of the Demon King Shuklous who specialized in brainwashing spurred it on.

 No, it was made out to be that everything was the Demon King Shuklous’s fault.

 All of the unsightliness and sins were pushed onto Shuklous, and the people were unified with the beautiful words of 「it will not be repeated a second time」.

 Making the Hero Ryuuya their banner, the people majestically fought against the 「enemies of mankind, the Mazoku」, and won a shining future.

 Continuing to rewrite things so that they were convenient, the truth of the Canal Kingdom……and everything else was forgotten in the far past.

「N, no way……」

 Although she became speechless and was about to collapse, Celis stood herself back up with fighting spirit.

 But, the truth that she was told was far too heavy for her.

「If that is the truth……this country is……」

「It doesn’t really matter.」

 Vermudol cut off Celis’s mutter with those few words.

 That’s right, even if the truth was just as Raidolg said, what did that matter?

 The past was, in the end, nothing but the past, and no matter how regrettable it was, or how much one felt resentment towards it, no one could do anything about it.

「Now then, so, Raidolg. What do you plan on doing?」

「What might you be talking about?」

「If it was a forgotten story, then it would have been fine to leave it like that, but you purposely dredged it back up. You even asked if she was resolved……You, do you plan on insisting that this is a 『trial』?」

 Those that overcame a God’s trial would be awarded something.

 That would be a sacred treasure, or even a divine blessing.

 In that case, what would be granted to Celis?

「That is true. That being said, in order to grant that, I suppose there will be a need to once again question said person’s resolve.」

「Eh? R, resolve……?」

 Surmising the meaning of Raidolg’s words, Celis unconsciously gulped.

「Umu. I had asked about your resolve to become king. And then, I suppose you could rephrase this as being about your resolve as a king. If you have that, then I shall bestow you a symbol.」

 A symbol.

 It was unclear as to what sort of thing that would be, but Celis nodded and stepped forward.

「……My resolve to take responsibility for this country, had been made long ago.」

「I see. In that case, I shall ask you this. You have learned the truth of the Canal Kingdom. And then, naturally, you also know of its present condition. Now then……as king, in what way shall you guide this country?」

 The truth of the Canal Kingdom.

 In other words, about the Canal Kingdom was originally a country that Beastmen had built up.

 About how the current country had erased even the traces of that fact within a long period of time.

 About how it was because of that that the physical appearance of Celis, who had strongly inherited the Beastman blood, had become the cause of this civil war.

 The Canal Kingdom’s present condition.

 The advocates of the 「Demi-Human Argument」 that run rampant.

 The domestic matters that have been all too damaged.

 And then, the diplomacy that had stagnated due to the prolonged civil war.

 When lined up like that, there were nothing but problems.

 On top of that, if Celis was enthroned as the king, surely even more problems would spring forth.

 There might be another civil war due to people that would shout that they don’t approve of her.

 What was necessary in order to prevent that was……

「……I, will guide them holding onto the ideal from the origin of this country. If you say that the Founder had founded this nation aiming for that, then now is the time to aim for it once again. Even if it’s just in words, if it has not yet vanished, then it should be possible to accomplish it.」

「Hou. Are you alright with not condemning the sin that this country carries?」

 Celis directly gazed at Raidolg, who asked that with a serious expression, and answered him.

「……The distortion of this country’s history, is the sin of my ancestors that I have also inherited. In that case, what I should do isn’t condemn it, but atone for it. I still cannot see what I must do in order to accomplish that but……」

 Seeing Celis have her words start to disappear there, Raidolg nodded with a 「Fumu」.

「Well, I suppose that would be appropriate.」


 It was there that Celis raised a loud voice.

 Receiving her voice and expression that seemed to say that the main part of what she was saying would start here, Raidolg went silent and gazed at Celis.

「……However, as I am now, I am not enough to accomplish that. That is why, I beg of you, please listen to my request. If you are going to grant me a 『symbol』, please make it something that proves that I am the one that will take responsibility for the Canal Kingdom.」

 That’s right, what was necessary was that.

 If people weren’t going to approve of her, it would be fine if a God approves of her.

 It would be a so-called 「divine right of a king」, and would truly be a simple reason.

 As long as the Canal Kingdom was a country that worshiped Raidolg, no one would be able to overturn it.

 A new king that was approved of by the God of Light Raidolg, and possessed the sacred treasure Altluwand.

 Once just these two conditions were satisfied, it would be harder to search for grounds to object.

 The feud surrounding the royal authority would reach a stopping point, and they could surely aim for a resolution for the time being.

 In order to accomplish that, a 「symbol」 was necessary.

「Very well. I shall accept that request.」

 When Raidolg declared that, light gathered at Celis’s head……and before long, it transformed into a shining crown.

 Having a white magic stone fitted on its front, it was beautiful without being enough to be called extravagant, and kept strong Light magical power within it.

「This is……the sacred treasure……?」

「I suppose you could call it the Celis Crown. It is a symbol that shows that none other than I approve of you being the new king.」

 The fact that Raidolg had granted her a new sacred treasure was proof that Raidolg approved of her.

 And then, this also meant that he had approved of Celis’s 「blood」 as well.

 If she were to be described as unclean and so forth due to her mixed heritage, then those who did so would pretty much be speaking ill of Raidolg, who had granted her this 「Celis Crown」, as well.

 A sacred treasure, which was impossible to make a forgery of, was also a 「symbol」 that would not allow objections to it.

 In other words, by granting her the Celis Crown, it was a firm promise that Celis, who manifested the characteristic as a Beastman, would reign as the 「rightful king」.

「……Thank you very much, Raidolg-sama.」

「What, it is nothing to thank me for. Guide the Canal Kingdom on the right path this time.」

「Certainly, I will answer your expectations.」

 After Raidolg lightly patted the kneeling Celis’s shoulder, a faint amount of power flowed into Celis from there.

 It was power that was too small to be called a blessing, but even so, one more symbol that she was approved by Raidolg was left within Celis.

 ──Like this, Celis obtained definite qualifications as the new king of the Canal Kingdom.

「Now then, with this, all of the tasks are done. Even in regards to the method to come here, it will not be a problem as long as you have that with you all.」

「By that, do you mean me, you shitty geezer.」

「Is that alright? To bring this back along with me?」

 In response to Vermudol’s question, Raidolg laughed in a self-deprecating way.

「A bit too late to be saying that. It is not like it would listen to what I would say. The world will be stormy from now on anyway. In that case, it would be better to leave it within sight of a guy I can trust.」

「So a God is trusting the Demon King.」

「That is also a bit late to be saying that.」

「True enough.」

 Vermudol returned a smile to Raidolg, who had remained aloof to the very end.

「Well then, I suppose we should leave as well.」

 Raidolg placed a hand on the chair that Celis sat on, and spread out Transfer Light.

 Enveloped in that dazzling light, Celis unconsciously closed her eyes……and before long, she slowly opened them.



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