Volume 10, Chapter 15, Part 1

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The place she arrived at after being enveloped in Raidolg’s light was the throne.

 Surprised by the light that engulfed the Throne Room, the people that had gathered from within the castle saw Celis……and noticed the shining crown on her head.

 As if faintly shone, it not only reflected light, it was emitting light from itself.

 Understanding the fact that the crown was a 「new sacred treasure」, the captain and vice-captain of the Swords of Light Chivalric Order, as well as Anna, the vice-captain that was leading the Staves of Light Chivalric Order, all knelt down in unison.

 Seeing the state of those captains, the knights also belatedly understood the situation and followed after them, and even the civil officials that had not yet understood the situation hurriedly knelt down.


 After Celis glanced over at Reina, who was standing beside the throne, and nodded at her, she calmly stood up.

「Everyone, earlier……I met with Raidolg-sama.」

 Without replying to the audible voices that went 「Ohh」 or 「No way」, Celis poured a faint amount of magical power into the staff that she held in her hand and the crown on her head.

 Two sacred treasures that started to emit light and shine.

 One was the Altluwand.

 The sacred treasure that the Sage Teria, who was one of the Hero party members in the past, had received from Raidolg and would 「choose its owner」.

 The other was the Celis Crown.

 It was the newest sacred treasure that was prefixed with Celis’s name.

「This crown is the Celis Crown that I have received from Raidolg-sama. It is a symbol that I am the new king.」


 The Swords of Light captain, who was kneeling right in front of her, shed tears of deep emotion.

 While replying to that with a smile, Celis displayed the gesture of gently waving her hand.

 When she did, the kneeling vassals stood up, split up towards the sides of the room and formed lines.

 *Kotsun, kotsun*

 Celis walked through the Throne Room that was engulfed in silence.

 She knew what it was that she should do.

 The thing that she should do next had naturally come to her mind.

 To go to the direction where a commotion could be heard.

 Coming out of the Throne Room, the place she headed to was the balcony.

 Outside of the castle, outside of the main gate.

 Celis stood at a place that could look out over the crowds of people that gathered after seeing the light that was emitted from the royal castle.

 ──Celis’s voice couldn’t possibly be heard from this place.

 Therefore, Celis held the Altluwand up high.

 Just like they had done so towards the vassals earlier, the two sacred treasures shone.

 Stronger than before, and dazzling beautifully.

 As Celis turned into a single shining light, even if her voice couldn’t reach them, her kingly majesty was communicated to the crowds.

 As for why, it was because everyone remembered the aurora that had driven away the military troops that attacked Elarc.

 And then, they felt that dazzlingly beautiful light was the birth of a new king.

 Celis, the new king.

 The shining king, who received a crown of light.

 That’s right, Raidolg’s divine protection still existed here.

 Getting an actual feeling of that, someone shouted.

「……Long live!」

「Long live Celis-sama!」

「Long live our king!」

「Glory to the Canal Kingdom!」

 The shouting voices spread, and the electric atmosphere was transmitted even as far as Celis’s side.

 ……It was surely because everyone had been tired of this civil war.

 And then, there was no mistake that everyone saw the light of the king that held the new sacred treasure.

 The size of the difference between those two emotions turned into expectations of Celis just like that.

 That could make a sudden change at any moment, and was also a blade that could attack Celis.

 But even so, Celis chose to become king.

「……Raidolg-sama, by all means, please look.」

 While receiving the surging waves of cheers, Celis threw her voice to the far off distance.

「I will definitely guid this country into becoming the country that Nell-sama dreamt of. If it is for the sake of that, then I will be afraid of nothing……!」

 That was Celis’s promise as king.

 The country that Nell, the true founding king of the Canal Kingdom, had aimed for.

 A country where anyone could laugh with each other in equality.

 That was surely something that was necessary right now.

「I……shall declare here and now, that I will become the new king!」

 The Amplification Magic that someone somewhere had casted amplified Celis’s voice, allowing it to reach the crowds.

 The crowds, who had simultaneously got even more excited, raised voices of blessing.

 Although Celis was slightly surprised in her mind over her amplified voice, she held down her feeling of wanting to look around her, and created a smiling face.

「……Thank you, very much.」

 That voice was also amplified, and finally, there were even people who started crying appearing among the masses.

 People who spontaneously got down to their knees, and took poses as if they were worshipping her.

 People who took praying poses as if they snapped to it.

 Those were prayers to the new king.

 And then, prayers to the God of Light Raidolg.

 The cheers changed into gratitude towards Raidolg, and everyone shed tears.

 While crying, they rejoiced, shouting their gratitude.

 It was transmitted even to the inside of Elarc, and it didn’t take that much time.

「……Thank you, she says. To use Amplification Magic, that was quite tasteful of you.」

「This much should be in the category of after-sales service. Rather, if she can feel even more obligation with something of this level……」

「Yeah, yeah. So, what do we do?」

 Vermudol and Ykslaas, who were thrown out onto the roof of Febris Castle……which, location-wise, was right above the balcony Celis was at, looked at Sancreed and Ichika who were thrown out onto the next roof over.

 Then again, their group seemed to have slipped into a suitable room right before Celis showed herself to the masses……but Vermudol and Ykslaas happened to be in a bad location.

 They would stand out considerably from the light that would appear if they were to transfer from here, and if they were to break one of the windows which had polished crystals fitted into them, the small sounds and movements would be loud.

 As a result, they were unable to move to a different location from the roof, and they hid themselves in a place that couldn’t be seen from the direction of the main gate.

「……There’s nothing we can do, see. There’s no other choice but to stay like this for a while.」

「Ara, is that so.」

「Yeah. The uproar will become even bigger soon enough anyway.」

 After lying down next to Vermudol, who had quickly given up and lied down, Ykslaas looked up at the clear sky and narrowed her eyes.

「……Ahh, it kind of feels like I’ve become a cat.」

 You’ve always resembled a moody cat well enough……was something that, as expected, Vermudol wouldn’t say.

 But, maybe because it was somehow conveyed to her with his gaze, she pinched his cheek from the side.

「So, what do you mean by uproar.」

「It’s that geezer. The fact that he isn’t at that place means……」

 The words that Vermudol was about to say were interrupted by a sonorous voice.

「O newly crowned king. This God of Light Raidolg has certainly witnessed your declaration! I shall not forget that initial resolution of yours to correctly guide the people, and will wait in anticipation for when you become a wonderful king!」

 Seeing Raidolg appear in midair as if floating in it, the cheers of the people reached the limits of wild enthusiasm.

 A new king, and the advent of the God that they had continued to offer their prayers to.

 There was no way that this wasn’t a promise that the Canal Kingdom would have a bright future.

 Their days of distress had ended. The definite real feeling of that had changed into screams and cheers that were on the verge of insanity.

 The people, who felt that now was the time to make their voices hoarse, probably wouldn’t calm down for a while.

「See, they’re in an uproar. Look at that geezer, he’s shining.」

「Well, since he’s the God of Light, of course he’d be shining. More importantly, if we’re going to run away, shouldn’t we do it now?」

「Well, wait. It’s impossible to do that while that geezer is shining above.」

 There was no way that the people of Elarc could possibly know that such a conversation was taking place.

 The declaration of Celis’s enthronement and the advent of the God of Light Raidolg had spread throughout Elarc, and the declaration of the end of the war that came out after that gave the people even more delight.

 With this, they would finally return to the lives they had before. No, their lives would become even better than before.

 There were surely many people that thought that way.

 Since this civil war had chivalric orders clashing with each other, the ordinary citizens had the impression that it was a fight that was out of their hands.

 But since it was something that would affect their lives despite that, there were also people that harbored the selfish desire of 「I want things to hurry up and end in a form that I desire」.

 For example, the Princess Narika faction that was in another town, or even among the people in the Princess Eltrinde faction, there were surely people that harbored dissatisfaction with the fact that Celis was taking the throne.

 However, he felt that the existence of the 「Celis Crown」 and the 「God of Light Raidolg」 would be truly effective in suppressing that dissatisfaction.

 From now on, those problems might gush out when given enough time, but not allowing that to happen would depend on Celis’s skills as king.

 People that wouldn’t be delighted by the 「end of the war」 and the 「enthronement of a new king」, and then the advent of Raidolg that seemed like an even that wouldn’t be seen even within one’s lifetime, didn’t exist in Elarc.

 The people that gathered in front of the royal castle the more time passed had increased, and by the time Vermudol carried Ykslaas, who had enough and started to become displeased, on his back and snuck into a random window he found, the inside of the castle had become boisterous with many footsteps and voices giving out orders. There were various coordinations dealing with the enthronement of a new king, and the civil officials were surely running about all over the place.

 The hallway that Vermudol’s group entered just happened to be an area without any people.

 Having finally entered a building, Ykslaas breathed a sigh while combing her hair with her hand.

「……Honestly, what a terrible time.」

「Don’t say that. It was nice if you think of it as being able to take things slowly without having to do anything for the first time in a long while, right?」

 Although he tried to pacify her, he was glared at by Ykslaas with exasperated looking eyes.

「That is called “passing time in idleness”. But still……since you’re always doing something if you’re left alone, it might be good for you to do things like that on occasion, you know?」

 When Vermudol placed a hand on Ykslaas’s shoulder as she looked outside the window and muttered something as terrifying as “I guess I’ll propose that to Ichika later”, he spun her around just like that to make her face him.

「Well, wait. I might look like I’m busy, but there is a proper reason for that.」

「Reason or not, it’s just because you’ve taken a national structure where you are in the highest position and the person who makes the final decision. Even though you’ve made it so that things can run to a certain extent even without you, it’s because you don’t make practical use of it that things turn out like that.」


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