Volume 10, Chapter 21, Part 1

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「Hーn. That’s nice.」

 In the office of the Demon King’s Castle after the end of the world conference, the Demon God listened to Vermudol’s story in a lazy mood.

 Both his office and her private room were the same room……Or rather, seeing that the room that the workaholic king Vermudol was always in was his office, the Demon God blurted out 「It’s nice since I’ll fall asleep immediately」. She was a slothful king, the extreme opposite of Vermudol.

 The Demon God, who was nibbling on cookies while lying down on her bed, was paying no attention to Vermudol’s story with an uncaring look on her face. 

「……You’re the one who said to tell you the story. Don’t ask about it if you’re not interested.」

「Well, I thought it was gonna be interesting with some nation saying something like 『Don’t screw with me, it’s obvious that there’s something behind a proposal of a Mazoku!』. What a let-down.」

 Vermudol thought that any nation that would say such a joke at this point in time would fall to ruin in the near future, but there was no telling what was actually in the hearts of the representatives of each nation. It was because leaving behind personal thoughts was proper in an international sense, and that was diplomacy.

 For example, if it was a story where it was a bilateral conversation with the Zadark Kingdom, someone showing a hostile attitude like the former Sarigan had……or maybe several people like that might have been mixed in.

 What the Demon God was expecting was for someone like that to behave recklessly, but it means that her expectations were off of the mark.

「Well, whatever. So, you’re saying that with that, the world conferences or whatever have become something permanent, and the groundwork for things from now on have been made.」

「That’s how it is.」

「I wonder if that’s alright. A castle like that, I think it would be better to destroy it for the sake of the future though.」

「……What do you mean by that?」

 Hearing those inexcusable words, Vermudol’s hands stopped working on his paperwork, and he turned his gaze to the Demon God. 

 The Demon God, who was still lying down on top of the bed, expressed an amused-looking smile towards Vermudol.

「That thing is connected to places around the world, you know? 」

「……That’s right.」

 It was just as the Demon God said. The Gods opened up gates to the Avaldia Castle that existed in the Dimensional Gap, and made it so that it would be easy to go to. If there was some sort of problem with that……it would be.

「Is it a concern over military use?」

「I see. That certainly is also possible. The gates, which are connected to each nation’s……possibly capital city or royal castle, could, if said in another way, also be a gate to easily invade the center of an enemy nation. If they were to send an army and slaughter the nation’s local staff, they most likely wouldn’t be found out until the moment they attacked.」

 It was probably easier said than done, and the Gods would probably close the gates if they were to sense that was happening but……he couldn’t declare that there wasn’t the possibility of it happening.

 If in the unlikely event that happens, the words “international cooperation” would probably never come out again.

「But well, for me, I would nominate the possibility that the nations of mankind would use it in order to discuss crushing you. After all, it would be the perfect chance to attack the Zadark Kingdom that is surrounded by the sea and annihilate the Mazoku. Even if they didn’t hold their conferences in the Avaldia Castle, it would be good enough to pass through the castle to send personnel to some other nation, see?」

 If they were to go through that castle, they certainly could attack the Demon King’s Castle as well. Even without something impressive like the Holy Dragon, it was certain that they could dispatch their finest pick of warriors.

 If they could defeat Vermudol with that, it would be a surprise victory.

 But, that wouldn’t happen.

「Do not say something so foolish. I had forged ahead with the friendship policies so that it would not turn out like that.」

「Ehー, what you did was the foolish thing, wasn’t it. Considering how it’s much simpler and faster to attack and destroy rather than form friendships, if you look back on history, there just as many nations that would go on the attack as there are stars in the sky, you know?」

「And I worked hard so that they wouldn’t do that.」

 As she vigorously opened the door, fatigue was displayed on Ykslaas’s face, but that was inevitable. 

 When being entrusted with work using Vermudol as the standard, a majority of Mazoku would run away, while normal people would collapse. Only someone like Ichika could come through that looking decent.

「Listen, okay? Although that workaholic over there would probably say 『if they come to attack, we just have to destroy them instead』, but my thoughts on that are different.」


 The Demon God turned her eyes towards Ykslaas, and sent a gaze that looked like she was testing her.

「The creation of the foundation so they won’t attack. For better or worse, this is born from within connections. We maintain a power that won’t let them attack, and make an appeal to them saying that there was nothing more showy than that. If we make them think that they will lose even if they attack, then it is our win.」

「I was thinking the same way about that too though.」

 That is why Vermudol prioritized rapidly creating the Zadark Kingdom’s shape.

 As a result, he felt that it had turned out splendidly but……Ykslaas looked at that Vermudol with cold eyes.

「……But, you’ll destroy them if they attack, right?」

「Naturally. It will turn into a future grudge if they are forgiven halfway. There is no meaning unless they are thoroughly crushed down to the root.」

 After Ykslaas breathed a sigh at Vermudol’s decisive answer, she approached his work desk and struck it with a *pan*.

「Look here. There are also the words “vassal state” in the world, you know? Even if it doesn’t go that far, things will greatly change just by changing out the head. You are too thorough on every little thing. You should think a bit more flexibly.」

「I do not see that sort of thing as good. Dominated regions will always seek independence, and once that happens, they will fabricate any sort of wicked legend. And if a switched out head does anything unnecessary, the criticisms regarding those foolish plans will be pointed our way. If we are going to bear such risks, it would be better to clean it all up once and for all.」

「Whatー I’mー sayingー isー! That all-or-nothing kind of Mazoku thinking is hard to accept in mankind’s point of view!」

 If the Demon God had to say anything, either way was more than enough to be radical, and considering how the words of “recommending surrender” or “peace treaty” didn’t come out at all, the Mazoku way of thinking of 「enemies will be crushed」 didn’t vanish at all. Since the two of them were thinking with the premise that they would crushingly defeat that administration and change it out with a different system, it would turn out like that though. 

 ……Well, if anything else would make the other nation take up a 「history of disgrace」 and propagate grudges in their life to come, then their way was indeed much more tidy.

 It was too tidy that they absolutely wouldn’t gain the understanding from the other nations, and if handled poorly, things would definitely turn into a global war under the name of 「justice」 but……That itself would be interesting to the Demon God.

「Well, the two of you go ahead and leisurely talk about that part. If you want, I’ll open up this bed, so wanna try going at it until morning?」

「If you plan on bringing out the sexual urges of this workaholic, then you’d be able to make a withered tree bloom flowers.」

「She’s saying some horrible things, Vermudol. What will you do? This is where you’re supposed to show your manliness, you know?」

 Instigated by the Demon God, Vermudol glanced over at Ykslaas.

 Ykslaas unconsciously backed away from that gaze.

 Vermudol usually acted as if to say that work was his girlfriend, but he would do things when needed. She thought it was unlikely, but if Vermudol felt that way……

 In front of Ykslaas, who gulped, Vermudol made a small laugh.

「……Well, there is some truth to what Ykslaas is saying.」

「Oi oi, this guy went and agreed with her. Far from being withered, isn’t he just returning to the soil?」

「……Rather, he’s a fossil. Well, that is very Vermudol-like, isn’t it?」

 After Ykslaas said that and brushed up her hair, a grinning Demon God stood up from the bed and came over to whisper into her ear.


「……Is getting pushed down your preference?」

 In the instant where it was unknown if those words had finished or not, Ykslaas’s sword pierced the space that the Demon God was at just a moment ago.

 Being exasperated with the Demon God that nimbly evaded and cackled, and Ykslaas who was aiming her second attack, Vermudol breathed a sigh.

「If you are going to play around, do it outside.」

「Does it look like we’re playing around!?」

 Being yelled at by Ykslaas, Vermudol once again looked at their states.

「……Am I wrong?」

「You are wrong, you idiot! It’s because you’re like that that dumbasses like this spout out nonsense with self-satisfied looks!」


 Seeing Vermudol nod with a face that said he didn’t get it at all, even Ykslaas’s anger cooled down.

 However, it was there that the Demon God poured even more of the oil known as words.

「But, I’m the only one can support that sort of Vermudol, is what you were thinking, right?」

「You……! I’ll turn you into little pieces and scatter you around Ichika’s fields, you know!?」

「Go ahead and try it, former fake Demon King-made, small breasted, tsundere, loli Head Maid. Ah, prime minister was added just a little while ago, wasn’t it? To try and even add the title of “Demon King’s wife” to that, just what are you thinking? You should follow Vermudol’s example since he finished his introduction with the phrase of the workaholic Demon King.」

 At this point, Ykslaas was silent.

 As expected, she wouldn’t use magic indoors, but she unleashed her sword aiming at the Demon God’s vital spots one after another. 

 In contrast, the Demon God nimbly evaded those, and before long, she jumped out of the window.

 Just as Ykslaas was about to jump out to chase after her, her body was pulled from behind by Vermudol.

「Hey, wha……what’re you doing.」

「Don’t face her upfront once she’s started her teasing. Once she’s like that, ninety percent of her remarks are nonsense. Since her true strength is the real thing, you’ll be her toy until she’s tired of it, you know?」


 That’s right, though imperfect, that was a God. He was right in saying that Ykslaas couldn’t win, but.

「……There are times where you can’t yield though, right.」

「That is true. So, was this a time where you can’t yield?」

 After Ykslaas fell silent for a bit, she looked up at Vermudol as he held onto her and……she muttered 「Not really」.

「I see. Then just half mindedly deal with her. She will be returning here anyway.」

「That’s true. It looks like that thing has taken a liking to you after all.」

「I wonder about that……I think it’s just that there aren’t any other interesting places though.」

 At that moment, Vermudol felt the sensation of something slipping into his arms as he was holding onto Ykslaas.

 He thought that the Demon God had already returned, but that wasn’t the case.

 Surprisingly, or maybe it was properly, the one who was there was Nino.

「Unfair. Nino hasn’t had this done to her yet.」

「……Is that so? Well, Nino, it’s because there are few times where I see you and think that it’s dangerous……」

 Vermudol had purely taken emergency evasive measures, but from Nino’s perspective, it could only look like they were flirting.

 Therefore, to Nino, crawling into his arms was a claim to a justified privilege, but for the feeling of satisfaction, it was at about half.

「Ah, how unfair. Just when I thought I wasn’t being chased, you go and do something fun looking without me.」

 It was there that the Demon God poked her face in from the window and joined in.

「Do not say such incomprehensible things.」

「Vermudol, it’s just like you to not get that. Well, whatever. Look outside.」

 The Demon God’s figure as she passed through the window frame with widely spread out legs made her an unparalleled failure as a lady wearing a skirt.

 For now, Vermudol separated from Nino and Ykslaas, grabbed the Demon God and tossed her aside, and approached the window.

 Having been purposely told to look, he assumed she meant there was a scene below, so when he turned his gaze over there, Sancreed and Luuty’s figures were there.

 Fainell was also there next to them, but just what kind of gathering was that?

 From what he could see, it looked like Luuty and Fainell were pressing Sancreed about something.

「See, interesting, right?」

「Even if you ask me if it’s interesting. What kind of gathering is that?」

「What, you can’t hear them? ……Look」

 When a transparent ball was made from within the Demon God’s hand, it floated in the air and started to make sounds. It seemed to be delivering the voices of the three people down below.

 Hearing those voices, he finally understood the situation.


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