Volume 10, Chapter 21, Part 2

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「Then we can take it that you don’t remember anything, right?」

「Like I said, that man and I are different people. Even you don’t remember the memories of your previous life, right.」

「Th, that’s true but……Since you’re non-standard in various ways, I thought that it might be possible.」

 Luuty made an awkward-looking expression from Sancreed’s answer, but Fainell, who was silent until then, raised her voice.

「Luuty’s concerns are justified. Since you’ve been strangely bothering Luuty, it is understandable for her to think 『Could he have memories of his previous life……』, right?」

「First, I don’t get that part. Why would I bother Luuty if I had that guy’s memories? To begin with, since when were you thinking about that sort of thing?」

「E, erm……About that.」

 Sancreed grabbed Luuty’s arm as she averted her gaze, and irritatedly asked her a question.

「Say it. It was just recently, right? Who was it that made you think such a strange thing.?」

「It, it seems that Fainell heard it from the one called the Demon God! It couldn’t be helped, right! Once I heard that you were actually Ryuuya reborn, I became unable to know how I should interact with you!」

 Reacting to the words 「Demon God」 that could be heard from the ball, everyone peeking out from the window simultaneously looked at the Demon God.

 In response to those gazes that seemed to be reproaching her, the Demon God made a blank face, then made an unnatural one.

「What, why is everyone looking at me with those eyes. What did I do?」

「Is it true, that Sancreed is Ryuuya reborn?」

 Hearing Vermudol’s question, the Demon God nodded saying 「Let’s see」 with an easygoing tone.

「Well, more accurately, only their Life Seeds are the same. WIth something like that, rather than being reborn, they’re different people that only have a part of them being the same. The one over there, Vermudol, is the excellent subordinate that you created.」

「Why did you tell them? Their personal relationship has clearly become strange, hasn’t it.」

 In response to Ykslaas who coldly said that, the Demon God indifferently answered.

「Ehー? If you’re gonna force me to say it, then I guess it’s because it seemed like it’d be interesting. Aren’t ups and downs an unavoidable part of romance?」

 Even while they were doing that, Sancreed’s voice that could be heard from the ball became stronger, and started to overwhelm Luuty’s weakening voice.

「I am me. I have no intention of becoming anyone besides that, and I have no plans of overlapping with someone shadow.」

「I, I know that!」

「No. You don’t. Isn’t that why you became anxious and came to ask me that? And then, even after asking me that, it hasn’t erased that guy’s shadow.」

「……I, just……」

 As she started to speak, Sancreed dammed up Luuty’s lips.

 Fainell became flustered by the abrupt kiss and became bright red but……even Luuty, the person who got kissed, had her face dyed red in the blink of an eye.

「I’ve thought this a long time ago but……you get too tied down by the past. If it’s that heavy for you, you should cast it away along with your position as a hero. Once you do that, things more or less become lighter, right?」

「Wha, wh-wh-wha……what could be that easy! What would happen if I were to cast that away! Or rather, giving me a k……k-k-k, kiss! That isn’t something to be done so freely! Just what in the world are you thinking!」

「Not much really. Since it was unpleasant to be overlapping with some other man, I thought I would overwrite it. And you’ve returned to your usual mood, haven’t you.」

 After averting his gaze from Luuty as she shook Sancreed and from Fainell who was still being flustered, Vermudol smashed the floating ball.

 Once he did, the voices of Luuty’s group could no longer be heard.

 As the Demon God said 「What the heck」 in a protesting voice, Vermudol interrupted her, sounding annoyed.

「Just leave them be. Listening anymore than this would be boorish.」

「Ehー. I think listening is more or less just gaining knowledge, you know?」

「How stupid.」

 After turning around while saying that……it wasn’t just Nino and Ykslaas that was there, but even Ichika and Rokuna’s figures were there, and Vermudol opened his eyes wide.

「……What are you two doing?」

「Ehー? Gathering live data I suppose.」

「Having a grasp of the personal relationships within the castle is also an important task after all.」

 Both Rokuna and Ichika said stuff like that, but in short, it meant that they were observing the state 「those two」 were in.

 Rokuna called out to Ichika while smirking.

「What do you think? Ichika. Do you think those two will progress just like that?」

「I wonder. I have heard that there are quite a lot of female Mazoku that are aiming for Sancreed……and there are engagement proposals coming in one after another from the 『outside』.」

「Ara, in the end, something like that will be up to the people themselves. From the feeling that could be seen just now, I think Sancreed has an interest in Luuty, don’t you?」

「Nino is, pretty interested in Fainell’s reaction too.」

 Ykslaas and Nino also joined in, and for some reason, the four of them formed a circle and started conversing, but seeing them like that, Vermudol breathed a small sigh and returned to his work desk.

 Vermudol was about to start doing paperwork……however, the four girls’ gazes converged on him, and when he raised his face from it to see what was going on, Rokuna made the preface of 「There’s something I want to ask you but」.

「Ver-cchi, what would you think if Sancreed and Luuty got married?」

「Nn? Let’s see……」

 The Western General Sancreed. As everyone knew, he was the Mazoku Hero who was one of the Zadark Kingdom Army’s Four Cardinal Generals.

 While simultaneously being an important fighting power that couldn’t be easily replaced, he was also Vermudol’s trusted subordinate.

 In comparison, Luuty was one of the heroes that was 「the Hero’s companions」 that the Jiol Forest Kingdom was proud of. Being a symbolic existence, she was surely someone that couldn’t be replaced.

 If those two were to get married……it would demonstrate the Zadark Kingom and the Jiol Forest Kingdom’s deep relationship, and the other countries should judge that as being the embodiment of the stance of them trying to deepen that relationship even further.

 In a manner of speaking, it had the similar value of members of each nation’s royalty getting married to each other.

「Let’s see. It isn’t a problem politically. If there was a problem, I suppose it would be that there would be an even greater flood of engagement talks with our people. It would still be fine if they were about engagements to those that were single, but it would be troubling if someone were to bring up talks about being a second wife to Altejio. He’s a devoted husband.」

 The Northern General Altejio had remodelled the Northern Army Headquarters for the sake of his wife, and was a person that would frequently visit her during his work breaks. He probably wouldn’t accept talks of a second wife, but there was no mistake that he would feel displeasure from just that sort of talk coming up. 

 He stated what he thought, but he was grandly sighed at by Rokuna, and Ykslaas made an expression that looked like she had given up on him.

「Ahh, this was no good. Ver-cchi, your brain is completely focused on work.」

「Vermudol is always like that.」

「For the Mazoku, Vermudol-sama’s attitude is an example that they should follow.」

「Nino, likes that sort of Demon King-sama too, you know?」

 Some harsh things were being said about him for some reason, but in that case, what kind of reply would be for the best?

 Seeing Vermudol fall into silence from the irrationality of this, the Demon God expressed a grin and approached him. 

「This is a talk about whether or not you want ot settle down, right? To begin with, you’re an unmarried king, aren’t you.」

「The talk about me is still far down the road. Nothing has been solved yet after all……see.」

「Who knows when it will be solved though.」

 The Demon God’s words, which were said as she shrugged her shoulder, were meant to speak for the feelings of the four girls to a certain extent.

 In any case, the romance situation surrounding Vermudol, due to the stiffness of his behavior that made it seem like he was a withered tree or some sort of mountain ascetic, it seemed like she couldn’t expect any progress on it for a long while.

 The Demon God changed her mind and thought that wouldn’t be a problem since that in itself would extend the time she could enjoy it.

「Well, in reality, the one to have a flood of proposals would be you, right? You are an unmarried king just as I said just now after all. And the Zadark Kingdom’s development from now on is expected to grow more and more, and it’s an up-and-coming major nation that rivals the four major nations. Furthermore, it is super strong militarily with the Mazoku, it is difficult to be influenced by other nations due to it having high self-sufficiency, it constantly has other nations hoping to trade with it, it has numerous ways of acquiring foreign currency……Erm, what a pain. In any case, it’s the best place for a woman to marry into, right?」

「That’s true. Everyone generally comes with some sort of present. It is quite the pain. 」

 Just as the Demon God said, although it is an up-and-coming nation, the Zadark Kingdom is situated as a nation of considerable superiority in relation to national power. 

 If they were to come with talks of marriage with a king of that sort of nation, coming with some sort of present──for example, what they would say while they were bringing some tempting information or some sort of business talks would be 「By the way, there is this sort of story but how about it」, would be conventional method.

 Naturally, a 「marriage made with the hope of deepening the relationship between both countries even further」 with a superior nation couldn’t be said even as a funny story.

 Therefore, they come in with slogans like 「they have the looks and personality and etc. worthy of supporting the Demon King」.

「……I’ll ask this for now but. Those sorts of talks, about how seriously do you take them into consideration?」

「There is no need to even consider them. I refuse them in a roundabout way. In cases where they take no for an answer during our talk, I write them a refusal letter.」

 The reason for the refusal was simply because there was no particular benefit to it. That was the case politically, but also even in terms of the future.

「At present, I am the one member of the race called 『Demon King』. As long as that Demon God over there does not do something on a whim, this fact will not change.」

「I have no intention of making any, ya know?」

「I wonder about that. In any case, in order to unify this nation, being the 『Demon King』 is necessary.」

 The Zadark Kingdom is a dictatorship that is brought together like a living creature due to Vermudol’s authority as the 「Demon King」 race. It is only because Vermudol distributed authority to the Four Cardinal Generals and their armies, and endorsed individuality that it seemed to have a strong aspect of being a free country to it. 

 The formation of the shape of the nation called the Zadark Kingdom was simply due to the absolute existence known as 「Demon King Vermudol」 and the existence of the Four Cardinal Generals who were the strongest in their regions literally putting into practice the fundamental practice of the Mazoku of 「If you want me to listen to you, then win against me」.

 In particular, Vermudol’s existence as the 「Demon King」 race was huge, and, for example, if Vermudol were to break, the Southern General Raktor would undoubtedly abandon his duty.

「Well, that’s……true?」

「In other words, it means there is a need to always think about who will be my 『next』 one.」

 By 「next」, in other words, it was his 「child」. Creating the child who will inherit the 「Demon King」 race was necessary, and when thinking about that, mankind would naturally be excluded as a marriage partner.

「This is a story from mankind’s territory, but it seems that there are cases of Grey Children who are a mixed race between the Beastia and mankind. I do not know how it turns out when it is between other Mazoku and mankind, but I have no intention of testing that out personally.」

 At the very least, there are no cases like that between fellow Mazoku. It was normal for their children to completely inherit the appearance and race of either the mother or the father, and only their abilities would be influenced by the both of them.

 If the Demon King was counted amongst the Mazoku, then it was only natural to think that a child born with the race of 「Demon King」 could only be certain between Vermudol who was of the 「Demon King」 race and a Mazoku wife.

「I would understand how it works if Gramfia had a child……but that sort of story didn’t come out no matter how much I investigated.」

「Rather, it’s a surprise to hear that you had 『those thoughts』 about things like marriage and children. Just where did you toss out things like love, passion, or human-liness?」

 Hearing that remark that didn’t sound like the Demon God, Vermudol was exasperated and breathed a sigh.

「Just when I wondered what you would say. Haphazardly creating a child under the pretext of things like love or passion is the height of foolishness. I have no intention of becoming such an irresponsible parent.」

「This sort of parent, would make an incautious child……You girls, it’ll be a real pain, ya know?」

 Then the Demon God turned around while saying that, the four girls shrugged their shoulders in unison.

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