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「But you know, will things be resolved with only that.」
In response to Nino’s artless question, Vermudol, who sat back down properly on the throne, answered sounding like he didn’t care.
「Well, it’s probably impossible. But, there is meaning to it being something that I proposed.」
That’s right, what was important was the point that it was a 「solution that Demon King Vermudol proposed」.
For the Mazoku who only knew fist fights as being the only means of problem solving, the fact that another method than that was a 「new resolution method」 that the Demon King personally proposed meant that it would be treated as a splendid resolution method on the same level as the time-honored 「fist fight」.
「Erm……In other words?」
「The Mazoku will think for themselves and choose the way of solving a problem……that is what it means.」
「That is how it is.」
With Ichika answering Nino’s question, Vermudol nodded.
This time, the true reason for proposing janken was this.
Getting into a fist fight if opinions clashed, that was easy but it was too simple.
That is why, by first putting in the 「method that the Demon King proposed」 as a choice for a means of solution, it would make the Mazoku start thinking.
As a result, if it developed into a fist fight, then that can’t be helped.
Actually, it was only natural that there will be times where it is hard to settle things with janken. However, there was meaning in making Mazoku have to think about which measure they should take.
「Hーn. Then Raktor won’t use it.」
「No, he will use it for one day.」
「I think that he will use it for three days.」
As Nino and the others exchanged their own self-willed predictions, Orel, who had finally awoken nearby, groaned while raising his upper body.
「……What’re you all saying who will or won’t use what?」
「Ahh, it’s about how long Raktor will use janken for.」
Hearing Vermudol’s words, Orel pondered while saying “Fumu……”.
「Since it’s that guy we’re talking about, wouldn’t he continue to use janken by bringing it up only for things that don’t matter?」
「Ahh, that makes sense.」
Vermudol nodded at Orel’s unexpectedly perceptive opinion.
Certainly, Raktor was that kind of man.
「Well, in regards to that, let’s just watch the transition that will happen from here on out. For the time being, there is a need to think of other means of resolution as well.」
「Haa, so you’re still gonna do more.」
What Vermudol was thinking of, was board games──more specifically, things like shogi, go, and chess.
The facts that they were strategic in nature and that they could even be used as amusement were the wonderful points of board games.
It would be troubling if they became too engrossed with them, but the things known as games were indispensable to the growth of culture to a certain extent.
And then, above all, it made one use their head.
As a means to make a decision, they would take too much time, but they were just right as a means for making the Mazoku’s muscle-brains better.
Things that could make even Mazoku get engrossed with them……taking that into consideration, something that was visibly fun was good.
In that case, a game that had beautiful, three-dimensional pieces like chess was good. Furthermore, replacing the pieces with parts of the Demon King army would make it easier to approach for them.
If he remembered correctly, chess was a game where one won by cornering the opposing king so that they couldn’t escape……that was roughly the rule of it……that was how he felt.
However, the Mazoku probably wouldn’t be able to agree with this.
Even if he explained the general concept of a checkmate, he could easily see the appearance of people flaring up about a king that admitted their loss before dying.
Moreover, they would show rage towards the remaining piece and how they were a gathering of weaklings that wouldn’t even fight the king’s enemies.
If done poorly, there was even the possibility that it would develop into a fist fight from a difference in opinions over that.
In other words, the rules would have to be changed into an annihilation battle.
「……And, well, that is the kind of game that I am thinking of.」
「Haa. Well, it does sound interesting.」
「A strategy game that plays with three-dimensional pieces……However, there is a point at issue.」
In response to Ichika who was making a refined face, Vermudol, who was singing his own praises by saying that it was surprisingly a good idea, showed a question mark on his face.
「Having the Demon King army divided into two is inadvisable. There is only Demon King-sama after all.」
「I mean, it’s just a game after all……」
「To have two Demon King armies oppose each other with the sense of it being a game is nightmarish.」
Ichika turned the other way in a huff.
Thinking that it was impossible to persuade her now that she’s become like this, Vermudol breathed a sigh.
Saying that, it was there that Ichika returned her gaze towards Vermudol.
「If for example, one side were to be made as the Hero army, then it might be fine.」
That’s right, if it was the Hero versus the Demon King, then it certainly wasn’t impossible.
However, feeling like there was some sort of problem, Vermudol tilted his head in contemplation.
「But there’s how to decide which one will be the Hero army……isn’t there.」
「Ahh……Right. That’s true.」
Hearing Nino’s muttering, Vermudol agreed.
Certainly, without a doubt, it would turn into a fist fight with just that.
「Manipulating the Hero army, in what way could they naturally guide it to its destruction……Wouldn’t that be a splendid strategy?」
「Ahh, yeah. That would more for advanced practitioners……Well, I suppose we should leave it at that for now.」
In response to Ichika who was making a truly mysterious face, Vermudol replied with a smile with no strength behind it.
「In that case, shouldn’t we just add in a setting that it is just an exercise?」
「An exercise?」
Hearing Orel’s words, Vermudol sent a very interested looking gaze at him.
「In other words, let’s put the setting as being an exercise for fellow members of the Demon King army. Wouldn’t it be fine if we just them prepare the pieces to the point of being sick of it, have them choose the ones that they’ll use in the game from them, and make them go to war upon assembling their own armies.」
「I see, it also has the good sounding point of causing attachment by the setting of making them choose the actual Demon King army.」
Hearing Orel’s unexpected suggestion, Ichika also nodded.
Vermudol also felt that Orel’s idea certainly wasn’t bad at all.
If they were to use their heads starting from the selection of pieces, then it might encourage positive thoughts towards group battles.
「Yosh, then let’s send an order of pieces going with that direction to the Norms and……」
「Ahー, wait, wait, Ver-cchiー.」
It was there that Rokuna appeared in the Throne Room while being out of breath.
Clearly looking like she sprinted with all of her might, Rokuna’s clothes were a bit disordered, however, for some reason, her hairdo was fixed properly.


「So it’s you Rokuna. What’s wrong?」
「For crying out loud. To be like that even though the current me, which could tickle an innocent boy’s heart from being just a little bit disorderly, is right in front of you. Aren’t you a bit too dry? I mean, look at Orel over there, he looks like he’ll attack me at any moment, you know?」
「……As ifー……」
Rokuna went from a dash to a dropkick at Orel who breathed a sigh sounding serious. However, since Orel didn’t collapse from that as anyone would expect, Rokuna went and added a knee strike and then turned back around to face Vermudol.
「Ahー, and so. About what was being talking about just now.」
「Nn? Ahh, I also feel that your words just now were a bit questionable.」
「Not about that part.」
While clicking her tongue at Orel who shook off Rokuna’s blows with a composed face, Rokuna shook her hand sideways.
「It’s about the pieces. The pieces that will first be in a set with the game board, could you limit it to just Goblins?」
Hearing Nino’s words, Vermudol also replied with the same reaction.
「Yeah, I thought the same thing as Nino. Why would there be a need for such a thing?」
「It’s for the sake of turning the economy, seeー. Amusement turns the economy veeery well.」
Vermudol immediately understood the meaning of those words.
「……Ahh, I see. So you’re trying to make them buy additional pieces.」
「That’s how it is. You make them buy a bag filled with random pieces. Ones like the Four Cardinal Generals, and naturally the Ver-cchi pieces will need to be low in number, of course.」
What Rokuna was saying was certainly correct.
By changing the acquisition rate depending on the piece, it will make them buy additional pieces for the sake of making an army that they could agree with, and they would surely possess affection for the pieces that they obtained.
And then, if that could make them enthusiastic for the game those pieces were made for as well, then it could accomplish the goal of making the Mazoku use their heads as well.
If he remembered correctly, there should have been a similar concept in the world that Vermudol was originally in as well.
Feeling like he was about to remember that, Vermudol slightly tilted his head.
There certainly should have been something but……he just couldn’t remember what it was.
But still, changing his mind and thinking that sort of things happens as well, Vermudol switched over his thoughts.
「Right, let’s go with that.」
「While we’re at it, even the boards themselves, let’s change things like the materials and make various types of them. That way would be better. I super recommend it.」
Certainly, from cheap boards to high class boards……that sort of thing made sense when said from an economic point of view.
「Yosh, Ichika. Could we move forward in that direction?」
「As you wish. It will be done right away.」
Ichika said that, and left the Throne Room.
Most likely, a set of samples would be made in the next few days.
The rules would have to be finely worked out later.
「What, Ver-cchi. Have you fallen in love with me?」
「Please take care of the pieces’ individual movements and the finer rules. Since it’s Ichika we’re talking about, she will surely have a fearsome amount of pieces prepared.」
「Eh, I don’t wanna……」
「Please do it.」
「Ehhー……Ver-cchi, it was your idea, right?」
「Don’t say that. I’ll give you several wonderful pieces once its all done.」
「Then give me the Ver-cchi one, the real one.」
「You can’t.」
「What the heckー. Nino, don’t get in the way.」
Seeing Nino and Rokuna start to glare at each other, Orel stealthily took refuge near a window that was easy to escape from.
While watching that scene, Vermudol……felt a serenity that he truly hadn’t felt in such a long time.

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Volume 2, Chapter 11



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