Volume 2, Chapter 16


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「Sa, Sancreed-sama!」

Everyone at that place acknowledged Sancreed’s figure, and knelt down.

Being a Hero even though he was a Majin, Sancreed’s heroic figure brought forth kinds of emotions that were different from the loyalty that the offered up to the Demon King──for example, hope and courage──in those that saw him.

With those being similar to the emotions that mankind had harbored for the Hero Ryuuya in the past, it was proof that Sancreed was a Hero.

「Ahh, please raise your heads. That sort of thing isn’t needed for me.」


While saying that, the captain naturally took a saluting pose.

It wasn’t because he was inflexible……it was because he naturally ended up having the greatest respect for Sancreed right after the Demon King.

「The gigantic something that was in the report……is it referring to that thing that is floating over there?」

「Y, yes! Oi, give an explanation!」

Prompted by the captain, the soldier that first discovered the ship straightened his saluting posture.

「Yes! A while ago, that gigantic object appeared from the other side of the 『Sea of Farthest Ends』, and from within that object, the small object that can be seen over there appeared, and the race that call themselves Metalio that rode aboard it came out raising a white flag! They said that they have no hostile intentions, and seek aid!」

「I understand. Good work.」


Receiving the soldier’s report, Sancreed pondered.

Metalio certainly were on mankind’s side, but there was also the story of a Metalio that just happened to wash up on the Dark Continent during Demon King Gramfia’s era that had handed down the techniques for blacksmithing.

There were also stories that Gramfia had occasionally snatched some, and that they were a race had a relatively deep intimacy with Mazoku.

If they said that they had no hostile intentions, then there was room to consider the aid that they sought.

However……he didn’t understand the meaning of the white flag.

The matter of raising a flag was an action done to indicate their own affiliation.

However, a plain white flag didn’t seem like an expression of being affiliated to anywhere.

In that case, just what kind of meaning did it have.

A flag that has nothing written on it……No, if it means that they can become allies by having a flag that has room to write anything on it, it could mean that they are either people that do not have a clear affiliation, or are people that will not insist on their affiliation.

The reason why they would expressly hoist something like that would be……for example, couldn’t it be a declaration of submission.

If that were the case, then they shouldn’t recklessly attack them.

「……I ask this of you Metalio! Is that white flag a display of intent of submission!?」

「In our ways, a white flag is a symbol of having no intent of hostility!」

「I understand! Wait for a short while!」

Having no hostile intentions, it was simple to believe in those words, but he couldn’t understand the reason why Metalios would be in a place like this.

What if, that gigantic object was mankind’s new means of travel.

What if, mankind had obtained technology to cross over the 『Sea of Farthest Ends』.


 Sancreed thought.

 It would be simple to kill them.

 However, the war between mankind and Mazoku was a thing of the past. The Mazoku had already performed a reconstruction, and their hostile hearts towards mankind were also fading little by little.

 In that case, wouldn’t extending a hand to a past enemy also be required.

「……Make preparations to receive those Metalios. Let us first hear their story.」

「……! Is that alright!?」

「Although they may be a bitter enemy of the past, it would be foolish to continuously hate them for eternity. That flow needs to be severed somewhere.」

 Seeing the captain who seemed like couldn’t quite agree with all of it, Sancreed expressed a small smile.

「……Don’t worry. Even if they make some sort of suspicious action, I am here.」


「Also, send a report to the royal capital. A guy that could use Transfer Magic would be good. Have it done ASAP.」

「Yessir, right away.」

 When the soldier captain gave an order to a nearby subordinate, that soldier started running in a panic.

 After seeing that with his own eyes, Sancreed then shouted towards the Metalios that were on the sea.

「You are permitted to land on the coast! However, if there are any suspicious movements, you will be immediately crushed!」

「You have our thanks!」

 The small boat that the Metalios were aboard approached the coast.

 Before long, the small boat reached land, and the three very short and stout Metalios got down from it.

「I am Borkio. I act as captain of that ship.」

「I’m Sancreed. Shippu……by that, do you mean that gigantic object?」

「Yeah. It’s called the Kurioel. A ship that had the Metalio’s prestige placed on it……or that’s how it was.」

「This is probably the case but……did you cross through the 『Sea of Farthest Ends』 with that thing called a shippu?」

「About that……could ya wait a bit.」

After Borkio scratched the back of his head, he looked up at Sancreed with a puzzled face.

As a matter of fact, Borkio was far from a ship captain, and had a status that was a bit higher than that.

He was someone that had a so-called diplomatic position but……he had a hunch that it was still not the time for him to show that hand here.

「You said that this place is called the Zadark Kingdom or something, right? This place definitely ain’t one of the four major nations, but I can’t tell where this place is at all. I’m certain that we lost our way in the 『Sea of Farthest Ends』 but……from the way you’re talking, it sounds like ya can’t reach this place unless ya pass through the 『Sea of Farthest Ends』.」

「That’s exactly it though.」

Hearing Sancreed’s words, Borkio opened his eyes wide, and even the other two Metalio couldn’t hide their surprise.

「O, oi,oi. Stop it with the bad jokes. A place surrounded by the 『Sea of Farthest Ends』, couldn’t that only be the Dark Continent?」

「Like I was saying.」

 I see, so he didn’t know……is what Sancreed understood.

「This place, it’s that Dark Continent. The Zadark Kingdom exists on that Dark Continent. The westernmost coast of it is this place.」

「The Da……Da……Dark Continent!?」

Borkio’s shout resounded in the coast.

With there being three people’s worth of the full powered shouts of the already loud Metalios piling up, even Sancreed covered his ears and grimaced at that excessive loudness.

When that screaming finished, Sancreed breathed a sigh.

「That’s right. I now understand that you all have come here not knowing that. But, still……A shippu, huh. Mankind sure does possess something quite troublesome.」

「Oi, wait. Seein’ as how this is the Dark Continent and you’re callin’ us mankind……」

「Yeah, I am a Majin.」

 Seeing Borkio’s group trembling, Sancreed once again covered his ears.

 Borkio’s scream resounding in the coast was something that happened immediately after that.

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