Volume 2, Chapter 17


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「O, oi, oi. Hold on a sec.」

Borkio, while staring at Sancreed, had his face turn red and blue.

「No matter how I look at y’all, you guys are just a regular army of someplace, y’know? When speakin’ of Mazoku, they’re more like……」

「A group that has no unity and marches on with violence……is that it?」

「Ah, no. Sorry ‘bout that. Well, it’s just that yer quite different from the stories I’ve heard.」

「I do not mind it.」

Hearing Sancreed’s calm words, Borkio was dumbfounded for a while and sank into silence, and then once again started to scratch his head.

「……Well this has got me beat. It’s like I’m seein’ a bad dream.」

「If you want to escape from reality, then I won’t stop you. But, I heard that you needed help?」

「Ahh, ou. Well, what. We have injured and sick people. Even after dealin’ it with it somehow, we don’t have enough medicine. We don’t have any food or water either. We’re out of everythin’.」

After saying that, Borkio looked at the gigantic ship that floated on the sea behind him.

If the ship that had become completely tattered did not get repaired, it would absolutely not be able to endure the voyage from now on. No, it was doubtful if it could cross the 『Sea of Farthest Ends』 even if it was repaired.

Borkio was worried if he could rely on Mazoku to do that sort of assistance to begin with.

However, ignoring that worry of his, Sancreed readily answered him.

「If you put the things that you require into a list, then we will assist you with it. In regards to the injured, we will arrange some healers. For the sick……it will probably depend on their degree of sickness. Depending on the case, it might require a fair amount of time.」

「O, oi oi……Sayin’ that so readily.」

「But you need it, don’t you?」

「W, well, that’s true but.」

In response to Sancreeds face that seemed to say “what’s the problem?”, Borkio made a visibly troubled face.

「We are, part of mankind, ya know?」

「So what of it?」

「We had beat your guys’ king ta death, a so-called enemy, right? Is this alright?」

Hearing Borkio’s words, Sancreed went “Fumu” and nodded.

「It’s not like you had done it. Besides, it’s an old story from more than a hundred years ago.」

「W, well, yeah. That might be true but. Mankind and Mazoku, there’s still that, ain’t there.」

「I am completely unable to understand what it is you’re so fixated on.」

Interrupting him with a face that said he was fed up with Borkio’s words, Sancreed thrust his finger at Borkio.

「We will cut you all down the instant you turn into enemies, so don’t worry about that.」

「Is, is that right.」

「That’s right.」

Sancreed sent his gaze from Borkio, who had fallen into silence, to the gigantic ship.

「……And, so. Are the ones who need aid and the list of required items ready yet?」

「O, ou. Oi, you guys go and get them.」

「Un, understood -ssu, Captain.」

Prompted by Borkio, the other two Metalios returned to the ship using the small boat.

While gazing at them, Sancreed raised a question that he had thought of.

「That thing called a shippu, with what kind of principles was it able to come here with?」

「Ahh, that huh. It uses the power of water and wind. It’s not like the Sylphids have patented it, and the Cylus Empire is number one in terms of shipbuilding technology. As a result, that means that the best ship ended up being our ship.」

「So in other words, it moves with magic.」

「Basically. There are also ships that don’t use magic, but their performance drops remarkably.」

After nodding, Sancreed spoke out the most crucial part.

「That thing called a shippu, to what standard is it? It is something able to cross the 『Sea of Farthest Ends』?」

That’s right, this was the most important part of all.

That thing called a ship, Sancreed was unable to tell how many people could board it, but if it had the ability to transport a fair amount of people, then there was the possibility that the Heroes would once again cross the 『Sea of Farthest Ends』 and come here.

「No……It’s just as you can see. A ship that can safely cross the 『Sea of Farthest Ends』 just doesn’t exist. Even a state-of-the-art ship of the Cylus Empire ended up in this kind of state after all.」

The 『Sea of Farthest Ends』 was constantly running wild, and was a sea that rejected all creation.

Even magical power would be disturbed, and it was said that even phenomenon that would be impossible in nature would occur.

Having once been said to be the place where the world ends, there was no one that would approach it other than a portion of reckless individuals.

For Borkio and the others to have crossed that sea and lived through it, it had been nothing but luck.

「I see.」

Confirming that there was no danger to the Dark Continent for now, Sancreed felt relieved.

After that, it would be fine if they dealt with Borkio’s group and their treatment after that. After thinking that, noticing Borkio’s gaze that was staring at him, Sancreed raised his head.

「……What is it?」

「There’s one thing I want ta ask.」

Sancreed nodded to Borkio, and urged him to continue.

「My head feels like it’s gonna go crazy from the continuous surprises but……this place, it’s called the Zadark Kingdom, right?」


What about it, is what Sancreed said.

Borkio gulped while wiping a cold sweat, and before long, as if he had resolved himself, assembled his words.

「……Who is, the king?」

With those words, the temperature of the place instantly dropped.

The soldiers placed their hands on their weapons, and the atmosphere became strained.

However, Sancreed calmed the soldiers down with his hand, and spoke with a composed tone.

「I see, it’s logical to think that there would be a king in a kingdom.」

「Y, yeah……No, if you don’t want ta say it, then ya don’t need to.」

「The Demon King Vermudol. That is our king.」


 Interrupting Borkio’s words, Sancreed answered him.

「Did you not hear me? Demon King Vermudol. That is the king of the Zadark Kingdom.」

「Demon King……Vermudol……? It isn’t, Gramfia?」

「Gramfia was killed by mankind, wasn’t he?」

Hearing those words, Borkio took one step back.

He was filled with the feeling of wanting get away from here at once even if he had to swim.

This place was the Dark Continent, and moreover, even though the fact that the Mazoku army was in front of him was scary enough, there is even a new Demon King in existence.

Having such a way too important reality thrust at him, Borkio’s stress reached its peak.

But, at the same time, the fact that he himself was still alive in perfectly good health had let Borkio just barely retain his sense.

The fact that he was told that they wouldn’t be killed if they didn’t turn into enemies had also let Borkio’s mind stabilize a bit.

「As for what will happen to you all from now on, it will surely be discussed in the country. But still, as for your safety for now, the Western Army will guarantee it.」

「Y, yeah. We’ll be……in your care.」

Other than that, words that Borkio could say……there was no way there would be any.

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