Volume 2, Chapter 18


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In front of the Demon King Castle Front Entrance, two Magic Operated Armors were performing security.
There, a single Majin wearing Western Army equipment had appeared together with the light of Transfer.

「Who are you!」

「I am Dolnois, belonging to the Western Army! I have come entrusted with an urgent verbal message from the Western General Sancreed-sama!」

Hearing the words of the man who named himself as Dolnois, the Magic Operated Armors glaringly looked up and down at Dolnois’s figure.

His equipment was unmistakably of the official style of the Western Army.

Normally, there would be a need to be carrying an official letter, but in cases of emergency, it would be fine to omit that.

In exchange, there was the condition that they would appear in a specified place with Transfer.

In other words, if they appeared in a place other than the designated spot, it was possible to determine that they were an imposter or an intruder.

Rather than being a check to see if they were a real soldier among Mazoku, the implication that it was a countermeasure against the Hero that might come someday was larger.

After the Magic Operated Armors confirmed that the man who named himself as Dolnois had appeared from the Western Army’s designated spot, they nodded and opened up a path.

「You may pass!」

Receiving those words, Dolnois continued on inside of the Demon King Castle.

「This is an urgent report by Dolnois-dono, belonging to the Western Army!」

The Magic Operated Armors’ words resounded in the reception hall. A single man who noticed that stepped forward to in front of Dolnois.

「Ou, good job. I’m Orel, belonging to the Central Army. So you’re a messenger?」

「I am Dolnois belonging to the Western Army. I have come entrusted with an urgent verbal message from Sancreed-sama for Demon King-sama!」

「Demon King-sama has gone out for an inspection. I’ll hear you out for now.」

「No, but……」

「What the heck, am I not enough for ya?」

Orel glared at the all too serious Dolnois. Both of them had reasonable claims.

Orel was technically belonging to the Central Army, and moreover, his duty station was set as the Demon King Castle.

Orel was certainly adequate enough to receive verbal messages when the Demon King is absent……but, Dolnois had the standpoint of being entrusted with an urgent verbal message for Vermudol, so he was unable to judge if it was alright to report it to anyone other than the Demon King.

「Oーkay, okay, Orel, you head over thereー. I’m Rokuna who safeguards the libraryー. Since it’s true that Demon King-sama isn’t here, I will hear you out for now. If you are still dissatisfied with that, then you will have to go around to the back and report to the Central General though. What will you do?」

「……Y, yes ma’am. Well then, I will first report to you, Rokuna-sama!」

「So overly seriousー, it feels like you’ll miss out on lifeー. So?」

Maybe because he had an idea on about what Rokuna’s words could have talked about, Dolnois distorted his face a bit, but getting ahold of himself, he went down to a knee, and took the posture of making a report.

「This is an urgent report from the Western General Sancreed-sama for Demon King Vermudol-sama! In the western land, an unidentified gigantic object appeared at the 『Invasion Coast』! Members of mankind who called themselves Metalio who were riding it are seeking rescue! Right now, Sancreed-sama has made direct contact with them!」

Hearing the contents of that report, Orel and Rokuna knitted their brows.

『Invasion Coast』.

It was the westernmost coast that was associated with that day that the Hero had once invaded.

What appeared there, was an unidentified gigantic object.


「That unidentified object, what was it like?」

「Yes, it was an object like nothing I have ever seen before, and having no other way to express it, it seemed to be floating on the sea!」

「Hーn, could it be technology of mankind’s side. There’s also the chance that it’s something unique to the Metalio though.」

「More like, did they cross through the 『Sea of Farthest Ends』?」

「They’re seeking rescue, right? Doesn’t that mean that they weren’t let off safely?」

Saying that, Rokuna pondered.

Most likely, in Sancreed’s case, the talks would probably go in the direction of accepting them.

And Rokuna agreed with that.

If the other party are Metalios, for the time being, there was no possibility that they would be the Hero.

The fact that the Hero Summoning was done through the power of the God of Life’s power──that is, the fact that they weren’t Demi-Human was clear even from the books that Vermudol brought back from mankind’s territory.

In that case, the Metalio were most likely in true need of rescue.

「Well, the problem is……what did they come to do, isn’t it.」

To come here just because they wanted to come here, the Dark Continent……The 『Sea of Farthest Ends』 wasn’t such an easy place. That was the reason why the Dark Continent continued to maintain a distinctive culture.

The 「something」 that the Metalio were riding had the possibility of becoming the hint to explaining that mystery.

In that case, there would be a need to have that technology explicated, and depending on the situation, there would also be the need to absorb it.

「Nnー……It’s turned into a really bothersome story, hasn’t it.」

After putting things together, there was one conclusion for this place.

Since the story was way too big for Rokuna to deal with, there was no other choice but to report this to Vermudol himself.

It was something that she herself had sent him on, but Vermudol needed to round up the castle town observation and return as soon as possible.

This was an important event that would affect the entire Zadark Kingdom.

「It can’t be helped. Orel, go and search for Ver-cchi.」

「Ou, well……I guess I should.」

For both Orel and Rokuna, they wanted Vermudol to have a rest for at least today……but it couldn’t be helped in this situation.

「Well then, I’ll be goin’. Messenger-dono, sorry but just wait for a bit.」


After seeing Dolnois nod, Orel turned to go outside the Demon King Castle and ran off.

「……Will that person be fine alone?」

「Nn? Ahー, it’s fine.」

Hearing Dolnois’s reasonable question, Rokuna replied with a carefree attitude.

「There’s no one that can win against Orel in searching for someone.」

There is a suitable reason why that guy is serving at the Demon King Castle.

Saying that, Rokuna showed a smile.



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