Volume 2, Chapter 21


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At the westernmost part of the Zadark Kingdom, the 『Invasion Coast』, there was the figures of two groups.

On one hand, there was the Western General Sancreed and the western army that was under his command.

Right now, they were busily moving around and setting up a temporary building.
On the other hand, there were thirty Metalios getting down from the gigantic, tattered ship that was floating on the sea.
There were twenty men and ten women.
Knowing the Norms who had similar appearances to the Metalio, the soldiers of the western army worked while making complicated faces.

「……Is this everyone?」


Borkio answered Sancreed’s question.

Among the Metalio that were on board the ship, the number of people that had injuries to the point that they couldn’t move was five men, and the number of people that were suffering from sickness were two men and four women for a total of six sick people. In addition, it seemed that there were a large number of people that bore light injuries.

The ones that couldn’t move due to injuries or sickness were carried to the temporary building by the soldiers of the western army.

In the building, spare futons brought in from a nearby fort were prepared. Since they were aired out every several days through Sancreed’s thorough leadership, they were probably much more pleasant than the ship’s beds.


「What is it?」

Sancreed glanced at the soldier who came running with a panicked look.

「V……Ve, Vermudol-sama is!」

「……I see.」

The soldier who was overly nervous and astonished couldn’t let his voice out, but Sancreed guessed the situation.

「Bring them here.」

「No, that won’t be necessary.」


The ones who had come walking over were the Demon King Vermudol, and the advisor Rokuna who protected the library.

Seeing the figure of the Demon King who had come to a place like this, one could tell that nervousness spread out amongst the soldiers of the western army.

「So the Metalios that were mentioned……ahh, so it’s them.」

「A, are you……the Demon King?」

Vermudol gave a nod to Borkio who had a dumbfounded look.

「Yeah, I am the Demon King Vermudol.」

「I, I see. I am the captain, Borkio.」

After nodding to Borkio’s self-introduction, Vermudol continued his words.

「I see. So, could you also tell me your peerage and your role in the St. Altlis Kingdom?」


Seeing Borkio’s clearly surprised state, Vermudol breathed a sigh.

Thinking “there was no way I wouldn’t think he would try to gloss over it”, he felt that it was just a pain.

「Let’s stop it with the worthless bargaining tactics. I’m fed up with that sort of stuff.」

「Y, yeah……S, sorry ‘bout that.」

While shaking his paled face up and down several times, Borkio answered like that.

「My peerage is viscount. In the St. Altlis Kingdom……I acted as the resident diplomat from the Cylus Empire.」

「I see. To think a diplomat would run away……Has the Demi-Human rejection argument become that bad?」

「Just how much do ya know……」

While shaking his head looking tired, Borkio breathed a sigh.

It was information that Vermudol had just learned in mankind’s territory, but from Borkio’s perspective, it looked as if he had clairvoyance.

「Of course there was that too. Or rather, the voices of the guys that served the God of Life had become too strong. It was a situation where it wouldn’t be strange if a war with the Jiol Forest Kingdom broke out at any moment.」

「But, what does that have to do with the Cylus Empire? The percentage of Metalio in the Jiol Forest Kingdom isn’t high.」

「’Course we’re related. The root of it is the Demi-Human rejection argument. The voices sayin’ that the Cylus Empire should ally with the Jiol Forest Kingdom are strong.」

Most likely, even within the St. Altlis Kingdom, the rumor of “isn’t the Cylus Empire going to ally with the Jiol Forest Kingdom” is probably circulating around.

「It couldn’t be settled as to how the Cylus Empire would come out as……but, either way, the inside of the St. Altlis Kingdom smelt too much like war was looming. So it was decided that we’d evacuate for the time bein’.」

And the result of that, Borkio’s group was shipwrecked.

「Why didn’t you use the land routes?」

「It’s because the land routes have the risk of bandits. And the sea route doesn’t have that. If we continued along the continent, there shouldn’t have been any problems.」

「Shouldn’t, huh.」

「Yeah. If not for those guys……If those Alva hadn’t come out, then no matter how sudden of a storm it was, we wouldn’t have slipped into the 『Sea of Farthest Ends』.」

Hearing the word 「Alva」, Vermudol’s brow twitched.

「Ahh, no. I’m sorry if that hurt yer feelings. Sorry for badmouthin’ your comrades. But even we received damage from them. So for that part……」

「They aren’t comrades.」

Vermudol interrupted Borkio’s words and said that.


「The Alva are neither my subordinates, nor are they comrades. They’re a bunch that only exist on your guys’ continent.」

「Eh……Oi oi. What’re ya sayin’? Those’re Mazoku, right?」

「They are Mazoku, yes.」

「And you’re……the Demon King, right?」

「Yeah, but the Alva are not my subordinates. They’re Mazoku that I know nothing about.」

Seeing Borkio sink into silence with a surprised face, Vermudol continued his words.

「They are neither my nor Gramfia’s subordinates. And while I’m at it, I’ll say that Shuklous who was on your guys’ continent also isn’t our comrade.」

「Ho, hold on a sec, but the legends……」

「I don’t care about some legends. In any case, those Alva or whatever aren’t my responsibility.」

「No, but. In that case, what the heck are those Alva?」


At that moment, Rokuna, who kept silent and listened to Vermudol and Borkio’s conversation, suddenly raised her head and wedged herself in between the two of them.

「Alright, stop for a bit. There are a couple of things I want to check with Borkio. Is that alright?」



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