Volume 2, Chapter 22


Translator: Manga0205

「Nn, ahh……what is it?」

「There’s one thing I wanna confirm.」

Rokuna put up her index finger, and thrust it at Borkio.

「If you guys don’t return……what kind of effects will happen?」

「That, is……」

Being asked that, Borkio caressed his beard as if pondering about it.

After doing that for a short while, he returned his gaze to Rokuna.

「……Well, various possibilities’ll be suspect.」

「That’s true.」

「What do you mean by that?」

Hearing Borkio and Rokuna’s conversation, Vermudol, making a puzzled face, joined in.

「It’s simple. A country’s ship that hasn’t come back despite having gone down a sea route that should have been safe. The place that ship departed from is a country that advocated the Demi-Human rejection argument. So what is the possibility that will be suspect……?」

「An attack by the St. Altlis Kingdom……huh.」

「That’s how it is.」

Rokuna nodded at the comment that Sancreed, who had kept quiet until now, had muttered.

「No one is able to prove what the truth of what happened is after all. Besides, even if the ship is repaired, and safely passes through the 『Sea of Farthest Ends』. It’ll be a story of how they would explain the details.」

「Is there some sort of problem?」

「Jeez, Ver-cchi. Have you forgotten who we areー?」

Rokuna recited a sentence that appeared in a book that Vermudol had brought back from mankind’s territory.

「『Evil Mazoku smeared with hatred cover the lands. They attack, steal, kill, invade, and rape villages. Those actions have no meaning to them, and are simply done because they all have an unlimited hatred towards mankind that can only be cure through death. Their eyes dyed in joy simply represent their wickedness, and display their evil meaning to the world.』」

「The Hero Legend huh……」

Rokuna nodded at the mutter that Vermudol made sounding disgusted.

「Exactly. We are wicked Mazoku, you knowー? To have reached the stronghold of guys like us and be saved by us, just who would believe that.」

「But, if they were shown the truth, they would believe it, right?」

「Naive, Ver-cchi, that’s naiveー.」

Rokuna shook her index finger, and turned her chest away.

「I’m sure that mankind will think of things like this. There is no mistake that the Mazoku have some sort of ulterior motive. No, more than that. The fact that the Mazoku have made that much of a comeback is a problem. They need to be dealt with.」


Maybe because something had come to his mind, Borkio made a small nod.

After Sancreed looked at that Borkio with a sidelong glance, he returned his gaze back to Rokuna.

「In that case, I’m sure that the world will move on a grand scale.」

「They won’t have the leisure to be fighting amongst their fellow mankind……is it?」

Rokuna nodded at Vermudol’s words.

Right, that is surely how it would turn out.

With the threat of Mazoku and the new Demon King before them, mankind will temporarily unite.

And then, there was no mistake that the tension and dissatisfaction that had swelled in between the races of mankind would be vented towards the 「absolute evil」 known as Mazoku.

In that case, there was the possibility that the stupid pretentious statement said to have been for the sake of peace known as the Demi-Human rejection argument would be blown away.

At the very least, it should turn into enough of a “fact” to postpone the problem.

And then, if the leaders of the St. Altlis Kingdom weren’t incompetent, it could be predicted that they would take advantage of the chaos from the Demon King’s revival, and make all of the current problems that were occuring the Mazoku’s fault.

By imposing the strife between the races of mankind onto the Mazoku and defeating the Demon King, mankind would once again obtain peace──

「……I see.」

「No, wait a sec. That’s a story of if we were able to return……right?」

Seeing Vermudol’s look of comprehension, Borkio hurriedly interjected.

「Sure, I can’t say that that sort of possibility doesn’t exist. But, the likelihood of gettin’ through the 『Sea of Farthest Ends』 are pretty much close ta zero, ya know? Honestly, just the fact that we’re here like this is somethin’ like a miracle. And we ain’t got any means of reportin’ you guys’ existence.」

「Ahh, that’s true.」

Vermudol said that and gave a nod.

Borkio’s words just now were essentially him begging for their lives.

If they were to be judged as a risk factor to the Mazoku, all of them might have their lives taken right here.

Borkio felt that the flow of the talk had become dangerous, and tried to somehow insist that they themselves were harmless.

Going by mankind’s common knowledge, Borkio’s insistence that they were unable return was correct.

However, that wasn’t the case with the Mazoku’s common knowledge.

The Mazoku were able to use Transfer Magic. It wouldn’t be any trouble to send Borkio’s group back to the Cylus Empire.

At first, Vermudol came with the view of searching for the possibility of reaching peace with mankind with Borkio’s group as the materials for that.

However, as things turned out now, that way of thinking was mistaken, and he felt that Rokuna’s concerns were correct.

「Mazoku rescued members of mankind that were found adrift.」

Something like 「Whether it be Gramfia or Shuklous, the Alva are not comrades to the Mazoku of the Dark Continent」……just who in the world would believe something like that.

「Honestly, this is an incredibly delicate matter. If we take one wrong step, it’ll be rushing with a swift attack into a war with mankind.」

Hearing Rokuna’s words, Vermudol sank into silence.

Right, it was just as she said.

Things that were way too bothersome came rolling in.

What he needed to think about wasn’t what should be done for the most correct thing to do, but what should be done to bring about the best result.

「Demon King-sama.」

Behind Vermudol who was pondering, Ichika appeared.

「……So it’s you, Ichika.」

「The preparations for the rescue are complete. The first wave of personnel and supplies will arrive shortly.」


Vermudol nodded, and temporarily switched thoughts.

「For the time being, I shall guarantee your safety on my name of Demon King. It would be best to heal your sick and injured. As for your reception after that, we shall tell you later on……We will not kill you, so you can have peace of mind with that part.」


Hearing Borkio answer like that, Vermudol replied with a nod, and after a bit of silence, he opened his mouth.

「……Do we, really look that wicked?」

Maybe because he sensed resignation show through those words, Borkio showed a face that he was worried as to how he should answer that.

「……Seein’ as how we were able to talk like this, you guys don’t look like that to me. But, as for the confidence that the guys in my home country would believe my story……I, don’t have any.」

「I’m sure that’s the case. The fact that you have yet to dissolve your caution is proof of that.」

Vermudol replied like that, then gave instructions to Ichika.

「Commence the rescue. All hands, go through them so that they’re in perfect physical condition.」

「As you command.」

After nodding with a beautiful bow, Ichika immediately moved to carry it out.

Vermudol looked up at the gray sky with an expression loaded with complicated thoughts.



  1. So the mazoku basically exist as a scapegoat race the goddess can redirect all the hatred of the rest of the people of that world onto, stopping them from killing each other for a while, hell they even stuck them all on a island at the ass end of the world, and when she needs to flip the “stop fighting amongst each other, go beat up the “real evil”” switch she makes a poor bastard that believes he’s the subordinate of the sucker stuck on the island antagonize the continent to bait the people into murdering the poor dumb bastards on the island. The alva are probably tools of the goddess as well just to drive in the point that mazoku ain’t people. This shit is full on “sacrifice the few to save the many” but it just feels wrong.

    • Then we kill the goddess.

    • in these day, a Bug Goddess become too many…
      and for people who can take care of them just a few…
      the world isn’t fair on both ways didn’t it?

    • I don’t think so as just scapegoats.
      The Mazoku were basically principle created by the Demon God as her children alike which goes the same from the God of Life to her humans.
      Its just that the God of Life don’t accept someone like her is capable of creating life as well since the Demon God is also can do that which the very image she created the Mazoku and a place for them.
      Don’t share the value of relationship of each other to that going as far summoning a hero and giving a cause for the humans to destroy the Demon God children from creating the Alvas as the trigger of events.

  2. Vermudol has good talent and potential in leading but he’s still new to this I see…

    • Big thanks for Ichika and Rokuna being there especially Rokuna.
      Without her correcting the thoughts of Vermudol, things would go in a giant leap mistake and thorough direction.
      Its good that Rokuna is there being the brain advisor for the Demon King. Since the Maou still naive to the fact in hopes for mankind.

  3. Well isekais where the end result is the goddess being killed are appearing so i would say destroy the bugs

    • Known culture referring to gods with human-like personalities are really troublesome.
      Much known could be said to the Greek deities the Olympians that always in wayward intervened and messed up in the physical world.
      So some of this bugs are getting with human-like image that goes in greed and desire. Even more annoying and troublesome than an ordinary human.

  4. Very nice indeed Vermudol that you created Rokuna.
    Without her you would already decide to do something stupid without seeing the facts that the events gonna way far from what you hope for.

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  7. haah so naive

    that’s the mankind which the mc has problems parting with… for the sake of peace they will kill unsuspecting race to vent their dissatisfaction

    so idiotic he’s been a reborn as a mazoku why the reluctance fuc**ng stupid..he’s the king for f**ks sake all that bit**ng about.. make up your mind already.. pushover

    makes me remember nidome no yuusha, the part where it was revealed that the reason he was betrayed by one of his teammate was because he and his lover have to die for the world to be safe..that they should be sacrificed for the greater good and justice, even though he entrusted his love one to them cause he’s gonna find a way to save her..what he found after coming back was betrayal

    ahh really love that prologue from volume 7

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