Volume 2, Chapter 23


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「……Rokuna huh.」

Vermudol turned his gaze to Rokuna who had come beside him at some point.

「There isn’t really anything to worry about. That is probably a normal reaction that mankind will have towards us.」

「……It might be.」

Borkio didn’t attach any honorifics to Vermudol right until the end.

The race called Metalio, maybe because they prize sincerity, they fundamentally don’t use honorific speech.

That being said, if the other party was the king of a country, they would at the very least add 「-sama」 or 「-dono」. However, even until the end, Borkio didn’t attach 「-sama」 when speaking to Vermudol.

This was proof that he was cautious of Vermudol being the 「Demon King」.

In actuality, for Borkio who was attacked by the Alva, Vermudol probably couldn’t be seen as anything but an enemy.

Rather, it wouldn’t be strange to think that they were purposely enticed.

「The Alva……huh.」

If I could figure out their whereabouts, I could destroy them……is what Vermudol thought.

This was something that he understood after confronting them several times but, the Alva had no intention of obeying Vermudol.

They appeared to be Mazoku, but they somehow live while grounded on logic different from Mazoku.

However, that sort of thing, even among the Mazoku, was something that only Vermudol, who was the Demon King, cound understand.

「Well, those Alva or whatever, since I haven’t seen them before, I can’t really say anything but.」

「But, what?」

「For the time being, it’s about those Metalio. What do you want to do?」

「……What do you mean by that.」

When Vermudol expressed a question mark, Rokuna whispered with an unusually serious expression.

「The longer they live, the more of our information will be leaked. Whatever they do, it will have a huge effect on the Zadark Kingdom’s……on the Mazokus’ future. You understand that, right?」

The longer their stay here is, then the information given to Borkio and the others about the Dark Continent……about the Zadark Kingdom will be just as detailed.

It would be fine if Borkio’s group were to abandon their prejudices towards Mazoku during that time, but if they didn’t, then they would be dangerous existences to send back alive.

……No, even if they were to harbor goodwill towards Mazoku, that would not mean that it would be the collective opinion of all of mankind.


「Aiyo, what is it?」

「What is the probability of entering a treaty of friendship with the Cylus Kingdom?」

「If we were to go by what we’ve seen of that guy called Borkio, let’s see……I’d say that attacking them and enslaving them would have a much higher chance of success.」

「I see.」

Hearing Rokuna’s undeniable answer, Vermudol breathed a sigh.

Is it really impossible……is what he asked himself.

This case with Borkio’s group was a chance to tie peace between Mazoku and mankind, but most likely, the deep gap between mankind and Mazoku couldn’t be filled so easily.

「……First, let’s wait-and-see. There was a time in the past where Metalio brought about blacksmithing to the Dark Continent……If we consider that favor, then.」

「It was also the Metalio that lent a hand in destroying Gramfia thoughー.」

「……Well, yeah.」

Rokuna lightly shrugged her shoulders, and made a small laugh.

「Well, Ver-cchi, it’s not like I don’t understand your thoughts. If they’re killed then that will be the end of it, but if they’re allowed to live, then I think that a way to use them will come into view. That is why it is correct to let them live.」


Rokuna shrugged again at Vermudol’s response, but she then immediately narrowed her eyes.

「But, I wonder. Honestly, no matter how we deal with them, a scene where I can have a peace of mind won’t come up.」

Rokuna muttered that with a quiet voice so that only Vermudol could hear it.

「There is something strange. I have an uncomfortable feeling coming from somewhere. Hey, Ver-cchi. It’s strange, isn’t it. Why did the Alva appear? Why did the Metalio reach this place? There’s a limit even for coincidences. Don’t you think so?」

「……What is it that you want to say.」

「Ver-cchi, even you understand, don’t you? It was why you had no choice but to prepare a guy like Sancreed.」

Hearing those words, Vermudol answered with silence.


He was the Western General who governed over military affairs of the Zadark Kingdom, and a genuine Hero.

An existence that they could not be without that Vermudol had created.

That was for the sake of opposition.

「The Hero will appear in the world without fail. Thinking about it like that, I can understand everything.」

Rokuna hit her fist on Vermudol’s chest.

「Most likely, the world will become even more chaotic from now on. It’ll become a sloppy mess, and the Hero will appear. In order for anything and everything to end with a happily ever after, the Hero will come.」

Rokuna grabbed Vermudol’s chest, pulled him towards herself, and looked into his eyes.

「I won’t let you say that you haven’t noticed. No, rather, you’ve already noticed, haven’t you? Ver-cchi, that’s why you created me.」

Rokuna’s gaze wouldn’t allow Vermudol to turn his face away.

However, Vermudol also had no intention of averting his gaze.

「Ver-cchi, my Demon King-sama. Just what is it that you want me to do? Just what is it that you want?」

Vermudol expressed a thin smile, and whispered to Rokuna that which he had not divulged to neither Ichika nor Nino.

「I want a way. A way to meet with the one that is watching us and laughing in a pitch dark room.」


In a place that was not here.

In a place that was not now.

In a place that was nowhere.

Someone, was laughing as if they had gone mad.



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