Volume 2, Chapter 29


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The Zadark Kingdom that ruled over the whole Dark Continent.

The eastern lands were the most fertile lands within the kingdom.

And then, it was also the region that the sole female Mazoku of the Four Cardinal Generals, the Eastern General Fainell, controlled.

Under Vermudol’s imperial command, extensive agriculture and animal husbandry was being conducted in the eastern lands.

One of the reasons why this continent was called the Dark Continent is because of the darkness of its skies.

It was always overcast and covered in clouds, and sunlight rarely ever shines on the land.

It was for this reason that the foodstuffs raised in the Dark Continent were special……And many of them had undergone distinctive evolutions.

For example, Nilgiri.

It was a vegetable that was similar to daikon, but it wasn’t daikon.

It was a convenient ingredient that could act either as a medicinal herb or as part of a salad, and it possessed a weed-like vitality no matter where it was raised. That was why it was actively cultivated in the continent.

Nilgiri existed even in mankind’s territory, but the ones that adapted to the Dark Continent’s environment had evolved to absorb magical power from the ground and from the air and receive nutrition from that.

As a result, the Dark Continent-grown Nilgiri possessed a lot of magical power……so it became an ingredient that became even harder to tell if it was a medicinal herb or a vegetable.

Even a majority of the other vegetation, they had carried out evolutions similar to the Nilgiri in the Dark Continent.

And then, now that the Mazoku who were high in magical power were systematically raising the vegetation, their efficacy had increased even further.

That was a very good thing but……at the same time, it was connected to a situation that troubled the eastern Mazoku.

「The Nilgiri of the fifth plot have escapedー!」

「Oi kora! I said that all of the ones there needed to be harvested yesterday, didn’t I!」

「I’m not the one that was on duty yesterday……wait, they’re coming this way!」

Flying over the agricultural land, was a swarm of Nilgiri.

The Nilgiri of the east, when the harvest time was mistaken, they would end up flying by using the magical power that they amassed.

Their flying figures while having their verdant leaves shake in the wind, they were reminiscent of brooms that flew through the skies……or maybe squids.

The figures of the farmers chasing after them were also routine scene.

If the sky flying Nilgiri were caught and cooked, they could be eaten normally but……since they wouldn’t quietly be shipped or cut on the chopping board, they would be processed as a share that would be consumed at the spot they were harvested.

In the past, a proposal wondering if the Nilgiri could be used as a tool for flight came up, but since they couldn’t be controlled at all, that plan was disposed of.

「Dammit, catch them before they run out of magical power! Their value will decrease more and more!」

The Nilgiri became unsellable with their excess magical power.

However, they were of superior quality as they were filled with even more magical power than the ones circulated to the public.

If too much magical power is absorbed at once, it would cause abnormalities in the body, but for high-ranking Mazoku, it would become a source of nutrients that stimulated their growth.

For that reason, there also existed Mazoku that came to buy these kinds of imperfect products.

Specifically, that included all members of the Four Cardinal Generals, but let’s set that aside.

「Leave it to me……!」

A male Mazoku possessing a single sword stood in the way of the flying Nilgiri.

The sword that man possessed had a blade that was abnormally thin, and had an unreliableness that was reminiscent of paper.

However, one could tell that it also hid a fairly high amount of magical power with a single glance……Having that sword at the ready, the man thrust it into the Nilgiri.


Together with that shout of fighting spirit, the blade flashed, and the leaves were cut from the bodies of the Nilgiri and fell to the ground.

The man caught them with nimble movements, and piled them up on the ground.

「It’s perfect……It was worth making a special order for this anti-Nilgiri use sword.」

That was a line that sounded like it was at the peak of stupidity at first, but there was no one that laughed at the man.

Even if they had special circumstances, goods were goods.

They couldn’t make them burst and scatter with magic, nor could they smash them with blunt weapons.

How to hold down on the damage on the goods……that was an eternal project.

「Fumu, that is a good sword……Plus, that technique of cutting off only the Nilgiri’s leaves was also splendid. You’ve been really diligent.」

Hearing those words that suddenly resounded, the hands of the men working to carry the Nilgiri to the selling spot had stopped.

The one who had said that was the Eastern General Fainell.

Being the sole female of the Four Cardinal Generals, she was a secret idol of the eastern Mazoku.

「Fa……Fa-Fa-Fa, Fainell-sama!? Why are you here!」

Seeing the Mazoku that knelt down and took a saluting pose, Fainell smiled and answered.

「Ahh, you don’t need to stop working. Well, see. It seems that two or three of the Ringils of the twenty-eighth orchard have become monsters. I was about to go and break them in.」

「So it happened again…… Wouldn’t it be better to burn that area down once to let the concentration of magical power decrease?」

The Ringils becoming monsters meant that they had changed into monsters that were classified as being of the plant-type.

There were also cases where a portion of plant-type monsters would gain wisdom as even more years passed and would evolve into Mazoku called Maju (magic/demon trees).

Even after turning into monsters, the fruits that they bore were the same, but since most of them would be treated as special circumstance goods, their value would drop.

「Well now, don’t say that. Those are pretty good like that, you know?」


The Ringil trees that turned into monsters, Fainell would generally talk to them with her fists and make them submit.

She would make them engage in administrative tasks of the orchard just like that but……being the same kind of plant, they were extraordinarily capable.

The fruit of the Monster Ringil Trees were identical to the sky flying Nilgiri in that they were goods whose magical power concentration were too high, but if one were at the Four Cardinal Generals’ level, it was sufficient enough to eat.

Giving all of the Mazoku enough strength to reach the domain of being able to eat that was Fainell’s secret objective.

If that were to be done, there would be no need to go out of their way to dispose of them.

「……The future, huh. That’s quite the ticklish word.」

Fainell muttered that, and pushed the drawn future prediction plan to the corner of her mind.

The eastern part of the Zadark Kingdom.

This land is currently at peace.



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