Volume 2, Chapter 3


Translator: Manga0205

Hero Ryuuya.
Borrowing the power of the Goddess of Light, he was the Hero that the Great Altlis Temple had summoned.
The black haired, black eyed Hero that was said to have come from another world that was not this one, together with a young Sylphid girl, went on a journey with the mission of subduing the Demon King Shuklous.
And then, after obtaining many companions, he destroyed Shuklous with a sacred sword that controlled the power of the Gods and prayers. Furthermore, when the Hero Ryuuya came to know of the existence of the Great Demon King Gramfia that lied dormant in the Dark Continent, he searched for a way to cross over to the Dark Continent together with his companions.
Before long, they got the Holy Dragon Exlet to obey, and after crossing over to the Dark Continent on that, they finally subdued Gramfia.
「……Wait a minute.」
As Shion was explaining, Nino interjected.
「What is it?」
「Dragons, they are Mazoku, aren’t they?」
「That’s right.」
Just as Nino said, Dragons were unmistakably Mazoku.
Sub-dragons and Flying dragons, and then firedrakes, and veil dragons[1]……There was no mistake that Gramfia had created these.
But, dragons known as a Holy Dragon were not among them.
「Also, there is one more thing. Going by the story just now, that Shuk-whatever knew of the Dark Continent?」
「It would seem that he did.」
That’s right, at the moment that Demon King Shuklous was defeated, he divulged the existence of the 「Great Demon King Gramfia」 and the Dark Continent and then perished.
There was probably some surprise for mankind’s side, but it was nothing strange. Behind one evil, there was an even greater evil, it was probably taken with that level of understanding. But when thinking of it from the common sense of Mazoku, there was clearly a problem.
For the Mazoku, there was a one and only Demon King. There existed no greater or lesser of it.
Naturally, that was the case for Gramfia as well. As a matter of fact, as far as the Mazoku of those times know, Gramfia had not even called himself something like the 「Great Demon King」.
And then, there was an even stranger point.
「Demon Kings……are able to create Mazoku but……」
「……There is also an exception that cannot be created.」
That’s right. If Shuklous were a genuine Demon King, starting with the Ogres, the existence of the Mazoku that appeared only in the Shutaia Continent could be explained. It meant that they were Mazoku that Shuklous had created.
But, however.
「Demon Kings……cannot create Demon Kings.」
That’s right, that was the exception. Those of the same race cannot be created.
That was the single exception to the Demon King’s power.
When Gramfia had come to learn of the existence of mankind and had started to send his subordinate Mazoku to the Shutaia Continent, Shuklous was already acting in the Shutaia Continent.
In other words, Shuklous couldn’t have been sent in by Gramfia.
Despite this, to the Hero that could use magic that could confirm one’s status, Shuklous was recognized as a Demon King.
In short, this indicated a certain fact.
「Shuklous was……a genuine Demon King.」
And then, Shuklous, for some sort of reason, grasped the existence of another Demon King, Gramfia, and the Dark Continent.
On top of that, he purported that Gramfia was a 「Great Demon King」.
As if to make it so that Gramfia were the root of all evil……
Naturally, Gramfia himself was unmistakably the enemy of mankind.
However, if one were to say that he was the root of all evil, that would be slightly wrong.
Besides, at present, there wasn’t any sort of point connecting Gramfia and Shuklous.
When looked at from mankind’s side, it’s a fact that they were connected. But from the Mazoku’s side, they couldn’t be connected.

「This is clearly strange. No……Shuklous’s existence, every part of it is strange.」
After thinking of it like that, the existence of the Alva were also strange.
The eerie Alva that appear through airspace transfer.
The mysterious Mazoku that are ambiguous even in inhabited places.
If those really are Mazoku, then just who in the world created them?
Did someone other than Shion──other than Demon King Vermudol form those?
「Wouldn’t that God of Life fellow be able to do it?」
「……Don’t be silly. What sort of gain could there be in something like that.」
Shion was surprised by Nino’s words.
Certainly, it was possible.
To sow a seed of life, it would be possible for the God of Life Philia.
But, in that case, there would be no reason to summon the Hero.
「……Let’s think about this matter at another time. As a matter of fact, there is another problem that seems like trouble.」
After making a wry smile at Nino who had started rolling about on top of the bed, Shion took up a book that had 『A Report on Demi-Humans』 written on it.
「If I had to put it simply……Let’s see.」
It was there that Shion erased his expression, and made a face that said that he truly found it boring.
「At this rate, a war will happen. Also, it will be in between mankind……」
「How foolish.」
「Yeah, it is foolish. But it will happen. There are many fools that desire it.」
The Demi-Human Controversy.
That is a controversy that says that Demi-Humans are the same as Mazoku, and had started from the Demi-Human rejection argument that made them out to be creatures that were originally separated from the origins of mankind.
The ones that mainly support the Demi-Human rejection are the scholars of the St. Altlis Kingdom which has faith in the God of Life Philia. They are fanatic believers that worship the creed of the Great Altlis Temple which ranks the God of Life Philia as the supreme God.
The ones that they first made into targets of criticism was the Jiol Forest Kingdom where many of the Sylphid race who had long lives had lived. They said that the trait of long life itself was contrary to the God of Life Philia’s will.
Of course, believing something like that to be an irrational argument, many of the Sylphids were angered.
In the form of taking advantage of this, the Cylas Empire which had the Ore-man race known as Metalio as its core race, and the Canal Kingdom which was a mixed nation of various races expressed unsatisfied feelings for the St. Altlis Kingdom, and the Demi-Human rejection immediately developed into a huge controversy.
「So that, is why.」
Shion displayed a curious expression at the words Nino muttered.
However, noticing the meaning behind them, he did not press her about them.
It was because Shion himself had many ideas about it as well.
After all, there were extremely few Demi-Humans in this town.
「It is amazing how Luuty became the board chairman in a place like that, isn’t it?」
「Yeah, the rejection must have been difficult.」
That’s right, no matter how much the Demi-Human rejection argument was preached, there is no mistake that Luuty’s removal would be difficult.
After all, Luuty was the 「young Sylphid girl」 in the Hero legend.
Even within the book that Shion had bought, her name appeared many times.
「Well……That being said, it’s probably certain that she finds it difficult to stay there.」
Actually, if a war were to happen, there is no mistake that it would be a war between this St. Altlis Kingdom and the Jiol Forest Kingdom.
In that case, Luuty who was a Sylphid would also be unable to stay like this.
And then, no matter who wins, the strength of mankind’s territory would be greatly weakened.

「Mankind sure is foolish.」
「……It sure is.」
Nodding, Shion breathed a sigh.
Nino had noticed that a large tone of disappointment was mixed in with it but……she didn’t say anything.
No, it would be great if a war would hurry up and start, is was Nino was thinking.
At this rate, it would be great if Shion abandoned mankind.
Thinking of things like that, Nino buried her face into the futon so that her expression wouldn’t be seen by Shion.

Translator’s Notes:
[1] Not sure if I translated this one correctly. Original: 魔竜, read as: ベイルドラゴン

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  1. as always, the fanatics is the one who create their own demise…

    and its humanity cowardice nature that think every Demonkin is evil.

    • I am quite interested in whether they are in fact descended from Mazoku or not? I personally doubt that they are (at least it is the case for the Sylphid and Metallio as they seem to carry inherent favor with some deities and I doubt that would be the case if they were descended from Mazoku and not made by them in some way), but even if that was the case, that still wouldn’t make them “monsters” as they are perfectly capable of rational and sentient behavior (but it is easy for humans to hate even their own species due to arbitrary differences, so regardless of whether they are descended from Mazoku or not, that is just an excuse to justify war). I can see the possibility of Beastmen being the descendants of Beastia who intermingled with other humanoid races which resulted in a new race, but even that is only a possibility (we don’t know what happens with the genetic of a Beastia or whether the offspring is always a Beastia, a mix of both races, or it depends on various factors).

      In any case, the idea that Mazoku=evil is inherently flawed as it isn’t impossible to reason with them (you have to be strong to get them to listen as they are generally honest muscle-heads, but at the very least, MC is at the apex of Mazoku and is perfectly able and willing to reason and thus can make the others listen).
      A shame that the odds of the people of the Shutaia continent winning is so slim as MC is just that good: he has done the unprecedented and united the entire continent, the average Mazoku will generally be superior to the average human, he has many elites including the Majin Hero Sancreed who can be considered MC’s equal (MC isn’t a pushover either even now while he still hasn’t hit his peak, and it will only be harder when he has), and he has introduced various cultures and industries (and new races like the Norn who contribute very lack industries) like smithing, grouping together in various villages and cities, farming, etc. Not to mention that just getting to the Dark Continent is a huge chore (unless shipbuilding has advanced enough to reliably scout out a relatively safe route and survive the journey just fine) while MC can just teleport (which seems unique to Mazoku, and even then only certain ones) his forces to and fro, set up a base camp in a secluded portion, and then launch attacks anywhere. Anyone of these is a daunting prospect, and he has them all. The only chance they have is if the Hero is stronger than his predecessor by a large margin as well as having a very strong and elite team behind him.

      • The other gods probably made their main worshippers, mayve with the help of the goddess of life, but now the goddess of life wants supremacy and wants to cut out the others gods. She probably made her own demon king to start a war between the 2 continents.

    • He should create beastkin and humans on his continent just to screw with peoples minds and cause internal discord.

  2. It is rather worrying if the Alva truly is a scheme of Philia’s. Even though MC thinks it is unlikely (not unreasonable as his experience with deities is only the Demon God and “it” is in a classification of its own and thus it does not serve as a reference for others), there is a pretty distinct possibility when all the info is put together:
    1. Her feelings on demi-humans are unknown (but she does seem to like humans, and whether that love extends to demis is unknown) but she certainly seems to abhor Mazoku the most;
    2. She knows that a new demon king (Vermudol) has been born (whether through seeing the future or seeing some kind of sign, it doesn’t matter, but she knew in advance) and while we don’t know how much she knows about MC (if she knows everything about MC, which I doubt, she must recognize that MC is a potential threat surpassing Gramfia by far if she even knows a portion of it), just the knowledge of a new Demon King is enough to get her riled up;
    3. she seems to have a “not nice” personality according to the Demon God (at the very least, she won’t be kind to Mazoku) and that may imply that she could be willing to do dubious things (like making the Alva) if the ends justify the means (in other words, they may be a plot by her to avert a war between demi-humans and humans and focus that aggression on the Mazoku, as regardless of whether she abhors or like demi-humans, she likes humans and hates Mazoku and thus would hate to see them be weakened while not even fighting the Mazoku); going further (though I think it is unlikely, but possible if her personality is pretty rotten), she may have had a hand in creating demon lord Shuklous with the purpose of making people aware of Gramfia (it hasn’t been explicitly said that only the Demon God can make Demon Kings, but it is known that they are special existences like the Hero that requires the participation of a deity to be born) or maybe he served several purposes in addition to making them aware of Gramfia (a sacrificial card to make people fear and hate the Mazoku that terrorize them as well as increase their power by serving as guiltless targets adventurers can hunt and perhaps make people not war with one another by redirecting their aggression) ;I wouldn’t put it past her if she believes that the ends justify the means.
    Whoops, I kind of rambled, but the point is it is possible.

    P.S. I’m actually a little uncertain on the timeline, specifically that MC has been around for maybe a year since his “birth” but that Kain, the Hero to be, has been alive for over a decade; this makes a certain amount of sense as Philia, using some kind of goddess sense, probably could sense some signs that point to the Demon God making another Demon King and her response was Kain; but Kain is going to be the Hero, but he hasn’t “awakened” yet which leads me to believe that most of his past memories were sealed (in his conversation with “Shion” he acted his age with no indication whatsoever that he will be the Hero, and it makes sense if his memories about that and his past life were sealed), including the self-awareness that he is going to be the Hero, for his own protection from Mazoku and perhaps to avoid the Hero being exploited in a war between humans and demi-humans instead of defeating the Demon King as intended which would at worst disgust him with the darkness in people’s hearts and may not defeat MC or could even join him; now he will certainly “awaken” when the humans attempt a Hero summoning, or if Philia thinks it is needed, whether that is in preparation for the Demon King subjugation or demi-human war, either is possible, but it is certain that Kain (now with all memories unlocked) would insist on carrying out the mission to kill MC regardless of whether humans want to start a war with demis; it is also unknown why Philia has chosen this indirect way of reincarnation as opposed to hero summoning, but that could just be because there were certain unintended consequences with the last Hero (maybe he was dragged into civil war or something after Gramfia was killed) or maybe she felt that he would be better prepared being born into this world, or maybe he was just the best canditdate but had died and thus she used reincarnation; in any case, I have rambled, but I would like an answer to the general time-line, specifically when MC was “born” and when Kain was as well

  3. I wonder… didn’t it means if Shion get his humanity back, he can become kinda a hero…

    Even thought Demon King also can awaken huh… can’t wait until that.

  4. 「Demon Kings……cannot create Demon Kings.」

    that is till now right, because i feel like Shior will become an anti-hero and some of his subordinate will be the demon kings

  5. A random passerby

    Shion is still thinking that the god of life cannot do such douchbag works of planning a long time hatred and what not. Surely he didn’t read LN’s and such in his own world i guess

    • 「Wouldn’t that God of Life fellow be able to do it?」
      「……Don’t be silly. What sort of gain could there be in something like that.」
      – Yeah, this is one conclusion he has that let it slide. What sort of gain? Gain like shifting their belief unto her even more than the other deities. Massing the faith of the humans prayers into her as in the form of fuel for her power.

      • But he can’t know that. For all he knows, the Gods exist without any need of fuel. As the one god he’s seen is the demon good it’s a logical conclusion.

  6. [come from another world that was not this one]
    And redundancy is redundant.

    ベイルドラゴン why not “Vile dragon”?

    Thanks for the chap.

  7. DiabolicalGenius

    “After thinking of it like that, the existence of the Alva were also strange.
    The eerie Alva that appear through airspace transfer.
    The mysterious Mazoku that are ambiguous even in inhabited places.
    If those really are Mazoku, then just who in the world created them?
    Did someone other than Shion──other than Demon King Vermudol form those?
    「Wouldn’t that God of Life fellow be able to do it?」
    「……Don’t be silly. What sort of gain could there be in something like that.」
    Shion was surprised by Nino’s words.
    Certainly, it was possible.
    To sow a seed of life, it would be possible for the God of Life Philia.
    But, in that case, there would be no reason to summon the Hero.”

    Why do I get the feeling he’s hit upon the actual truth here? Philia creates threats to humanity then send them a hero to save them to increase her worshippers? Might even have created Shuklous just to be defeated and point the finger at Gramfia in order to incite them against the mazoku on the other continent? For her own reasons?
    The Demon God already mentioned that the God of Life is pretty terrible or something.

    • He did hit the truth but insisted not divulging on that notion. Pretty much the God of Life is a b*tch that don’t accept the Demon God creation and wanting to erased them by making the humans do her work.

  8. How the heck do you know that from the only scene that the God of life appeared? Or are you just assuming?

  9. “No, it would be great if a war would hurry up and start, is was Nino was thinking.
    At this rate, it would be great if Shion abandoned mankind.”

    I feel the same way Nino. It’s this country worshiping the Goddess of Life/human country has a lot issues with other races on the same continent.

  10. So Shuklous was just a preparation of the Goddess of life to the hero, for the fact that if he fight the “true” Demon King beforehand he would died

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