Volume 2, Chapter 31


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The Zadark Kingdom that ruled over the whole Dark Continent.

The southern lands were a majestic region even within the Zadark Kingdom where mountains stretched out.

And then, it was also the region that the oldest Mazoku of the Four Cardinal Generals, the Southern General Raktor, controlled.

Having many mountain districts, the south was where mining and blacksmithing was popular, and it was also known as the region where powerful Mazoku gathered.

The reason for that was because a metal called Blood Metal was abundantly produced within the southern lands.

Blood Metal possessed an aptitude as materials for Magic Tools, and at the same time, it was also a magic metal where amounts of magical power dwelled in the metal itself.

The veins of Blood Metal that circulated within the mountains permeated magical power into ground, and were connected to the increased magical power density of the entire south.

And then, the monsters and Mazoku that lived in the south developed themselves while adapting to the ground’s magical power. Before long, they acquired enough strength to that weren’t inferior to the magical power of the ground. Like this, a group of the strong that could draw a line from the monsters that lived in the other regions was completed.

Elder Golems.

Species of Dragons.

Numerous powerful Majuus (magical beasts).

There are many warriors that possessed high fighting strength were gathered in the south even now.

And then, the most senior and strongest one even among them was the Southern General Raktor.

He was top class in regards to destructive power even amongst the Four Cardinal Generals, and was said to be the Mazoku that was extremely close to the Demon King in strength.

Raktor was a Mazoku that was called a 「Majuu (magical beast)」.

Majuu were Mazoku who were able to change their own form into either a Majuu or a Majin, and generally, there were many cases where monsters evolved and obtained a Majin form.

However, Raktor was different.

He was one of the strongest Dragon species called a Vale Dragon, and boasted the worst strength, a Dragon Majuu (magical beast).

Dragons blessed with uncommon strength and longevity would be differentiated from common Dragon species, and would b categorized into things such as Elder or Ancient, but in Raktor’s case, he was an existence that transcended that even more.

Normally, the dragon species was unable to change their form, but Raktor was the strongest by nature and as he sought even more strength, he changed into a Majin form with his own will in order to fight against those that were smaller than himself.

By going into his Majin form, he ended up sealing the Breath which was his strongest attack, but the magical power that ran through his gigantic Dragon body became compressed and ultra condensed.

What was created as a result was the 「Strongest Majin of the South, Raktor」.

Raktor was a member of the generation that knew of the Hero……And it was for that reason that he was now receiving questions from a certain person.

「Are things the same as usual? Raktor.」

「Well, pretty much.」

Within a room of the solid southern fortress that was built deep within the mountains, Raktor, the master of the fortress, answered like that to the sudden visitor.

The one who deeply sat down on the sofa that no one would sit down on out of reserve……or rather, fear of Raktor, was the Demon King Vermudol.

He was the only person that could get the arrogant Raktor to listen to him.

「So, what do you need? Demon King-sama.」

「Ahh, the organization of various information has advanced see. I came to hear your story.」

Hearing that, Raktor displayed behavior that showed he was pondering.

The reason why the Demon King would personally come visit.

Him knocking the subordinates that disobeyed him to the sky was something that usually happened.

Him knocking challengers that aimed to overthrow him down until they sank deep into the ground, that was also something that usually happened.

It didn’t seem like the Demon King would go out of his way to give his frank advice for that daily occurrence of the southern lands……is what Raktor thought.

When he did, he thought of the possibility that someone like Rokuna had come up with some kind of new project or something.

Or could it be a talk about mankind’s territory.

Thinking that, Raktor sat across from Vermudol.

「What should I talk about?」

「Yeah, about the Hero……and about the Demon King of mankind’s territory.」

The Hero Ryuuya.

Raktor was unable to forget his words and figure.

Possessing a nightmarish strength, he was the strongest living creature as far as Raktor knew.

The abnormal power of the sword that Hero possessed was something that he was unable to forget even if he wanted to forget it.

However, he didn’t know anything about the Demon King of mankind’s territory.

To Raktor, the Demon King was only about Gramfia and Vermudol.

「I don’t really get it but……are you telling me to tell an old tale or something?」

「It’s something similar but different.」

After Vermudol shook his head sideways, he stared at Raktor.

「There are various things I want to know but……first is about the method the Hero reached this place. A Holy Dragon……Do you know anything about that kind of existence?」

Hearing those words, Raktor made a visibly displeased face.

「The Holy Dragon Ikslet huh. What’s this, Demon King-sama, could it be that bastard……is still alive?」

「……What do you mean by that?」

Hearing the words of Raktor who clearly knew something, Vermudol made a puzzled face.

「There’s not much to it. The one that knocked ‘em down was me, you know?」

Raktor had knocked down the Holy Dragon……the Hero’s transportation.

That was a fact that wasn’t known in mankind’s territory.

「Kahー, I’ve remembered that unpleasant bastard! But Demon King-sama, where did you hear about that bastard Ikslet?」

Seeing Raktor spit that out, Vermudol felt that he was right to come here.

「……Let’s talk about that as well. Raktor, I’d like you to tell me about what you know.」



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