Volume 2, Chapter 32


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「Even if you say the things that I know.」

 Fundamentally, Raktor was bad at consolidating stories.

 If he was told to talk about all he knew, he would end up talking about everything that happened in his life up until now. That was the man called Raktor.

「In that case……let’s see. About you knocking down the Holy Dragon, what do you mean by that?」

「It’s just as I said. Staring it down, I picked a fight with it and knocked it down with a Breath.」

「……Got it, my way of asking was bad. For what reason did you meet with the Holy Dragon, how was the fight, and how did you knock it down? And then, what happened afterwards?」

 After Raktor went “fumu” and nodded, he looked up at the ceiling as if remembering something.

「A reason……there isn’t one in particular. Since there was a guy that I wasn’t familiar with flying in the western sky, I simply went to pick a fight with it.」

 It was said that the Holy Dragon Ikslet was a dragon that possessed scales that had a white shine.

 It seemed that the Holy Dragon, which came carrying Humans……the Heroes on its back, had caught Raktor’s eye as it was flying towards the direction of the Demon King Castle.

「And, well. I waited until it let the Heroes off. On top of shutting out that bastard’s Breath with my Breath, I went and knocked it down.」

 Having taken the name of being the one closest to the Demon King, Raktor, who was a Vale Dragon, was the strongest among the Dragon species that existed in the Dark Continent.

 Even the deadly Breath attack that any Dragon would definitely possess, Raktor’s was special.

 Just as how a Fire Dragon would have Fire Breath and how an Earth Dragon would have Rock Breath, there existed various Dragon Breaths but……they were element attacks that were the same as the element that the Dragon itself possessed.

 However, the Vale Dragon’s 「Vale Breath」 was different.

 It possessed all elements other than 「Life」. And then, it had the special characteristic of automatically finding out the element that the opponent was weak to, and would change to a Breath that had that elemental weakness as the core.

 Putting it simply, it would unleash an 「elemental attack that the opponent was weakest to」. Since a clear opposite magic didn’t exist for this Breath, the one receiving it could only either 「endure」 or 「avoid」 it.

 Theoretically, it could be blocked if an opposing magic or attack that possessed all elements was performed, but someone that possessed the tremendous talent or magical power to unleash something like that did not exist.

 Therefore, Raktor was the strongest……and not even the Holy Dragon was able to escape from him.

「However, the Hero returned to where he came from. Then that means that the Holy Dragon didn’t die……Isn’t that right?」

「Pretty much. I didn’t finish him off. But, I don’t think that he’d be able to live a long life with that wound. At most, I think it was enough for him to send the Hero back.」

「Perhaps it was possible to recover it with the Hero’s help……That might have happened.」

「Maybe. Rather, since you’re saying that……Could it be that a Hero has appeared?」

 Raktor carried a dark brilliance in his eyes.

 After displaying denial to that, Vermudol breathed a sigh.

「No, this is merely verification of the Hero legend.」


「Yeah. It’s truly a mysterious thing though……There are too few documents regarding those times. Even in mankind’s territory, only convenient tales were left behind.」

 Raktor made a puzzled face.

「What kind of story was it?」

「The Hero that was summoned with the God of Life’s power gathered companions, wielded the Holy Sword that controlled the power of the Gods to defeat the Demon King, and went even further and defeated the Great Demon King……that’s the kind of story it was.」

「Hoー. So, who was this Great Demon King?」

「It was Gramfia. It seems that the Demon King was the Shuklous guy that was in mankind’s territory.」

 The Demon King Shuklous.

 The Demon King that was defeated by the Hero Ryuuya, and announced the existence of the 「Great Demon King Gramfia」 at the time of his death.

 He was said to be a powerful Demon King that possessed a castle in the 『Dimensional Gap』.

「I am thinking that, this guy called Shuklous was a genuine Demon King.」

「Ah? Then does that mean that Gramfia was a fake? There’s no way that’s the case.」

「That’s not it. Shuklous was genuine. Gramfia was also genuine. That is most likely how we should think of it. And then, in order to arrive at Shuklous’s true identity, the place called the 『Dimensional Gap』 will be the key. ……And so, that’s where you come in, Raktor.」


 Raktor was the most senior one amongst all of the Mazoku that currently existed in the Dark Continent.

 Raktor, the top of the Dragon species, was a muscle-brain, but he was by no means an idiot.

 He simply didn’t use that superfluous intelligence at all.

「Raktor. Regarding the place called the 『Dimensional Gap』……if you know anything about it, please tell me.」

 In regards to this 『Dimensional Gap』 place, only its name appeared in the documents from mankind’s territory.

 How the Hero Ryuuya’s group went to that place, or what kind of place it was wasn’t written down at all.

 But, only the words 『Dimensional Gap』 existed.

 Then again, it might just be wordplay in order to gloss over something obscure, and there was also the possibility that it wa a word meant to conceal a troublesome place if it was made public.

 But, and this is only a but.

 If the 『Dimensional Gap』 did exist, it would explain one mystery.

 The Alva.

 If these strange Mazoku appeared from the 『Dimensional Gap』, it would explain that that place was where the Alva resided.

 And then, thinking that Raktor might know something about it, Vermudol visited this place.

 Harboring a faint expectation, Vermudol gazed at Raktor.



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