Volume 2, Chapter 35


Translator: Manga0205

This was a story about an age before mankind’s territory was assembled into the form that centered on the current four great nations, when mankind quarrelled seeking hegemony.

Aiming for the time when mankind was exhausted from a long time of war, Demon King Shuklous appeared.

Demon King Shuklous, who governed over tyranny and strife, declared that he would annihilate mankind, and released many Mazoku into the Shutaia Continent.

Mankind was at its wit’s end before that powerful strength and was trampled down.

During that time, the Grand Priest of the Grand Altlis Temple, which believed in the God of Life, sought aid from the God of Life Philia.

It was said that the Goddess Philia answered that prayer, and imparted the secret process of the Hero Summoning to them.

And then, the Hero Ryuuya was summoned from another world.

At this time, the Hero Ryuuya was gifted a single sword from the Goddess Philia.

「Go around the world, and obtain the blessings of the Gods to complete the Holy Sword.」

Receiving that oracle, the Hero Ryuuya went around the world just as he was told, and completed the Holy Sword.

Invading as far as the 『Dimensional Gap』 together with numerous companions, the Hero Ryuuya destroyed the Demon King Shuklous through the use of the Holy Sword.

However, on the verge of death, the Demon King Shuklous told the Hero Ryuuya that the Great Demon King Gramfia had manifested in the Dark Continent.

The Hero Ryuuya’s group headed to the Dark Continent……the place surrounded by the 『Sea of Farthest Ends』, together with Holy Dragon, and in the end, the Great Demon King Gramfia also perished.

The people were ashamed of themselves for having been guided to strife by Shuklous, and assembled themselves into the current form.

But currently, the assertion of the Demi-Human rejection argument was rising in mankind’s territory due to the St. Altlis Kingdom.

As a result, it’s tension with the Jiol Forest Kingdom was raised……and was now in a situation where it wouldn’t be strange for war to break out at any moment.

「Well, that’s about it. We also can’t overlook the secret maneuvers of the mysterious Mazoku called the Alva……Rokuna, do you have anything to add?」

「Although I do have a bit to say, I’d first like to hear everyone’s impressions.」

As encouraged on by Rokuna, Fainell was the first to open her mouth.

「The Hero Ryuuya……I’ve heard a nostalgic name.」

「If I remember correctly, you’ve fought against him, haven’t you.」

「Yes, he was a strange man.」

Fainell remembered those days.

The Holy Sword that the Hero Ryuuya carried in his hands was powerful, and the person himself was by no means weak.

His sword technique that seemed to cut through the battlefield was sharp and honest.

No matter how many times he fell, he would get up, and would get stronger every time he did.

Honestly, he was a man who possessed an ability for growth that was just astounding……is what Fainell’s impression of him was.

「Altejio, what about you?」

「No, I was not involved with the circumstances of those days after all.」

Altejio answered that way to Vermudol.

During that time, Altejio was enjoying a reclusive life with a single Metalio.

That was why he was not all that informed about the Hero invasion.

「And so, all that’s left is Raktor……huh.」

「Yeah. Well, I had said this to Demon King-sama. The one that knocked down that Holy Dragon or whatever was me.」

This was everything they knew right now about those days.

「So, Demon King-sama. Just who is that fellow called Shuklous or whatever?」

Vermudol nodded to Altejio’s reasonable question.

「I……am thinking, that he is a genuine Demon King.」

Hearing those words, everyone became noisy.

The fact that there was only one Demon King was something that anyone knew if they were a Mazoku.

Vermudol, the Demon King, had denied that fact.


「More accurately, he was something similar to Sancreed……is what I was thinking.」

Hearing those words, this time attention gathered on Sancreed.

Sancreed was a Mazoku hero, and originally someone that shouldn’t exist.

Having been created by Demon King Vermudol’s hand, his occupation was that of 「Hero」 which should have been given by the God of Life Philia.

But, that person that shouldn’t exist was actually here like this.

In that case, the possibility of a Demon King that similarly shouldn’t exist existing was something that couldn’t be denied.

「……But, even so, he shouldn’t have existed.」

Fainell spoke that out.

「Just who in the world are you saying was the one that created that Demon King? I do not like this way of speaking but, I do not believe that the previous Demon King could create a Demon King.」

Certainly, that was impossible.

That should be impossible even for Vermudol.

Creating something of the same rank as one’s self surpassed the Demon King’s authority.

Even at the time of creating Sancreed, it had surpassed the Demon King’s authority but……having obtained someone’s inexplicable assistance, Sancreed was born into this world.

The one that lent their power was most likely an existence that was superior to even Vermudol.

The existence that Ichika called 「That Person」, and that Rokuna temporarily designated as 「Demon God」.

The black little girl that the Human who had become the material for Vermudol had met.

If it was by an existence equal to that, then it would be possible to create another Demon King.

Then, who was the one that created him.

Who would profit from creating another Demon King.

Vermudol remembered Rokuna’s words.

In order for anything and everything to end with a happily ever after, the Hero will come.

Rokuna said that as if she were telling a heroic tale that was aimed for children.

When society was disturbed by a Demon King that guided the world into a bad direction, the Hero would guide them to a solution.

The ones who would profit from this, was mankind.

Imposing everything onto the Mazoku, mankind would become peaceful.

But, it didn’t seem like mankind would be able to do something like create a Demon King.

In that case, who was it.

「……The God of Life.」

Someone, muttered those few words.

「Certainly……if it was the God of Life, she would be able to create another Demon King……」

「But, if that really is the case……」

Fainell muttered.

Anyone would hesitate to say what was beyond those words that she didn’t finish to the end.

If that really was the case.

It meant that the enemy……was the God of Life.

「No……that certainly might be the case, but there are measures that we can take. 」

Sancreed said that and stood up.

「……Certainly, that God of Life or whatever might be the enemy. But, the one that will be sent to us should be the Hero of mankind. It means that things will end if we defeat them.」

「……And how would we do that. How would we oppose the strongest bastard that carries the divine protection of God」

「……It’s simple.」

Attention naturally gathered on Sancreed who cut off Raktor’s words with 「it’s simple」.

「From what we heard from the earlier story, the completion of the Holy Sword will take time. It will be fine if we settle things before then.」

「That’s……true but.」

「In truth, I’d like to do something about it before they appear but……in this situation where we don’t know how to obstruct the Summoning Ritual, I think that this is the best move to do.」

Certainly, it was just as Sancreed said.

For example, if there were conclusive evidence that they would be able to prevent the Hero’s summoning if they blew away the Grand Altlis Temple, then it would be fine if they carried that out. But at the present time, they didn’t know the method of preventing the summoning.

In that case, defeating the Hero after they’ve been summoned but before they obtain absolute strength was the most reliable plan of action.


While listening to the advancing discussion, Vermudol pondered.

If only everything ended through discussion.

He searched for a path of coexistence by reaching peace with the leader of mankind called the Hero.

If possible, that would be for the best.

……However, that was most likely impossible.

If even fellow members of mankind were in discord as they were now, it didn’t seem like there was room for Mazoku to be accepted there at all.

If there was a single path to coexistence, it would only be through domination.

By dominating mankind through complete victory, he could search for a path of harmony little by little.

If it was through that kind of drastic measure……is what he dreamed of.

In the end, it was nothing more than a dream is what Vermudol himself understood very well though.

「……The Hero, huh.」

Ultimately, it ended up there.

As long as the hope called the Hero existed, no matter what kind of path he tried to go down, mankind would surely stand in the way of the Mazoku.

That is why, Vermudol, as the Demon King……would end up needing to pulverize the Hero.

Vermudol was in mental agony.

No matter what he did, he couldn’t avoid the path of violence.

He had continued to take measures to the point of being exasperated.

However, the situation always went above them.

No matter how much he avoided it, no matter how much he ran away from it, there would be fights. And then, he couldn’t see a future beyond that.

Vermudol was in mental anguish.

Vermudol lamented in his heart.

They should be able to understand each other.

It should be simple.

Why, couldn’t they do that.




What was the reason?

The cause, where was it?

Was it the Humans?

Was it the Metalio?

Was it the Sylphid?

Was the the Beastmen?

Or, was it the Mazoku?

As long as each one of them existed as their respective selves, did it mean that they wouldn’t be able to understand each other?

Were they made to be like that?

「Demon King-sama……」

「Are you alright?」

Ichika and Nino looked at Vermudol’s face seeming worried.

The heated discussion stopped, and at the same time, some sort of voice could be heard from the upper floor.

Ichika dealt with that.


He didn’t think that he made a mistake.

Surely everything was necessary verification work.

A procedure for him to understand everything, and arrive at despair.

It was not for him to know that he couldn’t find the answer, but self-satisfaction so that he would be aware that there was no answer.

Even if he did reach that place in the end, it was something necessary.

In order for Vermudol……to be completed as a Demon King.

「……Demon King-sama. It’s been reported that Borkio’s group, has set sail.」

「……I see. And so, is it just as expected?」

「Yes. It would seem that they possess documents split amongst several people that hold information regarding Demon King-sama’s physical characteristics.」

He had purposely not put any restrictions on Borkio’s group.

That was for the sake of checking answers.

A formula for the sake of knowing mankind’s response towards the Mazoku’s sincerity.

The result, was simple.

For the sake of justice of the whole of mankind, Borkio’s group decided to tell the world of the Demon King’s existence.

And he had no intention of reproaching them for that.

It couldn’t be helped. That’s right, it was something that couldn’t be helped.

「……I see. That’s unfortunate.」

「Yes, it is unfortunate.」

Vermudol and Ichika made sorrowful expression.

It was something truly unfortunate.

If they didn’t do anything unnecessary, Vermudol had intended on accepting Borkio’s group.

He was able to believe in the possibility of harmony.

But, it was impossible.

「……Sancreed, sorry.」

Vermudol, looking truly apologetic, turned his gaze towards Sancreed.

「For a short while……I think that the amount of driftwood around the 『Invasion Coast』 will increase.」

「……I see.」

Sancreed answered with only that.

With only those words, everyone that was there understood.

About Vermudol’s decision.

And then, about the change of Vermudol’s magical power.

「……It truly is, unfortunate.」

Around this time, there was a simultaneous firing of 「Voltenix (Electric Shock Cannon)」 that should have happened at the 『Invasion Coast』.

Imagining the 「ship」 that had burst without leaving a trace due to that, Vermudol muttered that it was truly unfortunate.

「Ahh, sorry about that. Let’s continue the council.」

And then, he expressed, his usual gentle smile.



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