Volume 2, Chapter 42


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What awaited the group in the council room that they were guided to, were four Mazoku.

One was the Demon King Vermudol.

What stood in waiting behind him was a single young girl.

She couldn’t really be called small, but it was hard to say that it was an average height.

She had a physique where one could agree if she were called a thinnish young boy, had light green, very short hair, and green eyes.

She wore a maid outfit with dark green as the basic tone, breast armor, and then had swords on both sides of her waist.


Seeing that figure, Luuty’s face stiffened in an instant, but the young girl didn’t have any sign of being bothered.

The one who sat to the right of Vermudol was a female knight who gathered her red hair into a ponytail.

The female knight, who possessed a somewhat nonhuman beauty, only peeked at every member of the Jiol Forest Kingdom delegation, and preserved her silence.

And then, the one who sat to the left of Vermudol was a woman who had her dark brown hair gathered behind her, and wore a loose, thick robe.

This one clearly had an expression that said that she really found this to be bothersome on her face.

「Allow me to introduce them. This is the Central General Gordy, and my adviser Rokuna. The one in waiting behind me is Nino.」

「……Pleased to meet you.」

「Uーi, nice to meet yaー」

「……Nice to meet you.」

Hearing the three girl’s three different greetings, the members of the Jiol Forest Kingdom delegation also returned vague greetings.

「Well, at any rate, let’s dispense with the ceremonious greetings. There is a bit more time until the preparations will be completed. Why don’t we have a pleasant talk until then.」

「N, no. But Vermudol-dono. Today, we should first do the treaty of friendship signing that was discussed last time……」

Hearing Morse’s words, Vermudol made a puzzled face for an instant, then nodded as if he remembered.

「Ahh, that’s right. Let’s see it, let’s hurry and finish that up.」

It really wasn’t that kind of atmosphere but……the observation this time also acted as the signing ceremony for the treaty of friendship.

Two pieces of paper where the treaty of friendship was written down were lined up, and had the seal pressed on them together.

This made it possible to confirm the two countries’ seals when the two papers were put together, and was a so-called proof of the treaty.

Since Preservation Magic was cast on them, they would never deteriorate.

The contents of the treaty of friendship this time are as follows.

The Zadark Kingdom and the Jiol Forest Kingdom consent to the below-mentioned conditions.

Both countries will, strive to build friendly relationships with each other.

Among the citizens of both countries, with the exception of special things such as executive positions and ranks, differences in social status will not exist.

Both countries will enact military cooperation to feasible extents.

But, that was all to it.

With messily written words like 「strive」 and 「feasible extents」, it was truly a lenient agreement.

With such vague details, there was no reason to oppose it, and even if one tried to read between the lines, there was nothing to read.

There were even opinions from the Jiol Forest Kingdom side that were thinking that it should have been more clear and strict.

They thought “isn’t this a trap……” and were vigilant.

And they were right, it was a trap……no, more accurately, it was bait.

By forming a lenient treaty of friendship with the Jiol Forest Kingdom, it would display the Zadark Kingdom’s existence……as well as demonstrate its caliber.

More specifically, it was the clause in regards to 「social status」.

Needless to say, this was clearly an insinuation at the 「Demi-Human argument」.

By expressly establishing it as an agreement, this would raise an objection to it from head on.

In addition, to destroy the impression of being 「fiendish Mazoku」, they would first separate the Jiol Forest Kingdom from the frame of mankind’s territory.

The Jiol Forest Kingdom that escaped from the Mazoku threat.

Or perhaps the Jiol Forest Kingdom that sold their souls to the Mazoku.

How they would be seen would depend on the country but……from there, making other countries 「jealous」 of them was the next step.

「Now then, with this, the signing is done.」

「Yeah, you have our gratitude, Vermudol-dono.」

The documents were collected by Nino on the Zadark Kingdom side and by Morse on the Jiol Forest Kingdom side.

「Now then, the stiff signing ceremony is done. Ichika, start preparing some tea……」

「I am terribly sorry, Demon King-sama. But it is almost time.」

「Mu, is that so. So the Transmissioners are already here.」

As he said that, Vermudol stood up from his seat.

Standing at the entrance to the room, Ichika opened the closed door.

「Well then, everyone, I shall once again guide you to the reception hall.」

And so, she started guiding them to the place where the Transmissioners waited, who would then transfer them to this time’s main venue.

The word Transmissioner indicated a person that could use Transmission Magic, but there weren’t many of them.

Transmission Magic naturally used a high amount of magical power, and since the amount of magical power consumed increases depending on the transfer distance, there was a limit to how many people could use it.

Furthermore, Transmission Magic would end up being a random transmission unless they used a clear image of the place they were transfering to, there were cases where they would be transmitted to outrageous places.

A time where someone that used Transmission Magic with a 「general location」 in mind had sent the targeted group to a women’s bath that was near the original place of destination, and as a result, the people sent were beat up, tied up, and had rocks thrown at them……That time where that group had gone through such a terrible time was an all too famous story.

Therefore, excellent users of Transmission Magic are called 「Transmissioners」, and are beings useful to every army.

Fundamentally, they were deployed while giving priority to the Western Army who governed over military affairs, but they were necessary for the Northern Army who performed monetary policies as well.

Since there was a demand for them for various reason even in the Eastern and Southern Armies as well, Transmission Magic Users naturally became high income earners.

The several Transmissioners that were lined up in the reception hall had the transmission location driven into their heads in a prior meeting, and there was no one that had objections about their magical power.

「Now then, transmissions will be performed. In groups of two, please grab onto your respective Transmissioner.」

Following the words of the Transmissioners, everyone except for Gordy grabbed onto the Transmissioners.

「Well then, I shall be making preparations so we will part here.」

「Yeah, I’m counting on you.」

「Leave everything to me.」

At the same time as those words, Vermudol’s group was transfered to the inside of a tent somewhere.

Every direction was covered by cloth, and one was unable to tell where this place was at a glance.

「Mu, where is this?」

Hearing Sarigan’s question, Vermudol nodded and smiled.

「It is a simple welcoming party, Sarigan-dono.」

Melt, who had continued shedding a cold sweat ever since they came to the Zadark Kingdom, was startled by those words.

Being one of the Jiol Forest Kingdom Cabinet Ministers, Melt strictly protected his disciplines more than anyone else, and was a person who could be said to be a model Sylphid.

However, having been too used to those disciplines, he exposed his fragileness in situations like this where he was surrounded by phenomenons that were outside of his own common sense.

Even at this moment, the sound of people moving about outside had reached his ears.

There was no telling if he was alert or cowardly but……excluding Luuty, Melt was the only member of the Jiol Forest Kingdom delegation that noticed those sounds.

Leaving Melt, who was in suspense wondering just what in the world was going to start, as he was, Sarigan happily had a pleasant chat with Vermudol.

「Hohou, a welcoming party. I am looking forward to that.」

「Ahh, well……it also serves as an exercise though.」

The ones who reacted to the word “exercise” were Luuty and Zekwell.

There was no mistake that that was a military term. In other words, something was happening here by means of the Demon King Army.

「Now then……It should be about time.」

Around the time that everyone sat down in the prepared seats that they chose on their own, a light meal and drinks were placed on the table.

They were things made with Zadark Kingdom products but……by no means were they any inferior to goods in mankind’s territory.

There were also traces of the gourmet food culture that the previous Demon King Gramfia had brought in, but at the same time, it was also the fruit of the Zadark Kingdom’s citizens’ labor who continued to diligently work hard at it.

「Hohou, this looks quite good.」

「K, King! At the very least have a poison tasting done……!」

「Zekwell. I understand your worries. But……those sorts of worries are not needed in this place.」

Saying that, Sarigan put a cookie in his mouth.

「Fumu, it’s delicious but……sometimes there’s a strange sweetness, or rather bitterness mixed it?」

「Oranji peels are mixed in.」

「I see. In our country, those are only used as medicinal herbs but……this surprisingly works.」

Sarigan nodded at Ichika’s explanation, and Vermudol, who similarly put a cookie into his mouth, added a complement.

「In the Zadark Kingdom, cloudy weather is a daily occurance, you see. There are many foodstuffs that grow in your place that don’t exist here.」

「Fumu. Would it be better for me to think of exporting those here?」

「In regards to exporting and importing methods that won’t stand out, there is currently only our Transmission Magic……and that isn’t suited for large quantity transport.」

「Hou. Going by that way of saying that, it sounds like you have some other means of transportation but……」

Sarigan’s words were drowned out by a sound that seemed like a far away flute.

「Oh, it’s starting.」

Coincident with Vermudol’s words, the cloth that was in front of them was cleared away.

What had spread out there, was open wilderness. Mountains stretched out behind it.

The place where the tent was installed was on slightly elevated ground, and it was made so that they could look down on everything. And then, what appeared before them were five Majin.

Each of them made salutes, and stood before Vermudol’s group.

One of them was a female Majin with long blond hair.

On top of her clothes that had white as the basic tone, she wore a pendant that that a yellow magic stone fixed into it, and did not carry anything that looked like a weapon.

That female Majin was Fainell, who Sarigan had also met with before.

One of them was a Majin with short silver hair.

He had light blue metal armor, and a large sword that was about his height.

His cool-headed looking eyes had a calculativeness that one could not neglect peeking through.

One of them was a large muscular man.

He had light brown loose and disheveled hair, and an amply grown beard.

The outfit that seemed to be a formal military uniform dreadfully didn’t suit him.

One of them was the Majin Gordy who they had just met with earlier.

And then, there was one more person.

With golden short hair and blue eyes, he had a well-balanced body. On top of his dark blue outfit that had a simple form, he wore plain armor. There wasn’t any flashiness at all, but one could tell that extremely high density magical power was kneaded into both his clothes and armor.

What he carried was single sword. This was also an equivalently sharp sword.

However, there wasn’t a single person that placed this equipment that should be admired into their eyes.

As for why, it was because after seeing this man, every member of the Jiol Forest Kingdom was assailed by an emotion that they found hard to put into words.

A tinge of nostalgia.

Overwhelming fear.

Certain despair.

Something that stirred their hearts to the point that it was maddening.

「Ve, Vermudol……-dono.」

「What is it, Sarigan-dono.」

In response to Sarigan who had finally squeezed out some words, Vermudol replied with those word.

「That’s……That man, who is he?」

「Ahh, that is Sancreed. Well, self-introductions will happen after this. Please look forward to it.」

Vermudol said that sounding like he found things to be interesting.

However, Sarigan……no, Luuty and Zekwell as well, were unable to get their eyes off of Sancreed.



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