Volume 3, Chapter 02


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Luuty walked through the town while being lead by the hand by Sancreed.

What she felt was, the hustle and bustle of the town.

The light of magic which shined in the dark night.

The laughter of the people.

The faces that thought back on the hardships of the day.

The faces that believed in the hopes of tomorrow.

Of the Goblins, of the Beastia, of the Majin.

Various smiling faces were found in this town.

The figures of people working, which was created based on a positive culture.

Natural figures……which she had recently seen even in mankind’s territory of the Shutaia Continent.

While looking at that, Luuty suddenly noticed.

「Come to think of it……」


「The voices of touting for shops……there aren’t any, are there?」

With it being a castle town night, there should have naturally been some. However, she didn’t even see the figures of the employees on the streets.

「Ahh, the touting had disappeared.」



 To begin with, touting was something done meant to inform the customers of how great the products or services of their store was. As long as there was competition, there was a need to demonstrate who much better they were than other stores.

 For any store, if there were parts where they were inferior to another store, they would try to improve and surpass them in it, and that by itself it a good side that would make the entire market grow and develop, but.

 At times where they reached a certain level and were pretty much treated as equal, their bad parts as Mazoku would show its face.

 Fellow people who possessed unshakeable confidence that their own place was the best would have their prides clash.

 In other words, the Mazokus’ time-honored method of deciding who was better, a fist fight would end up starting.

 If fist fights that started due to touting frequently occurred here and there, doing business would be out of the question.

 It was there that a battle with the intent of unification was performed in the shopping district, and the victor had made a proposition.

 From now on, without comparing ourselves to other stores, let’s determine victory or defeat with only our own store’s products and services.

 The sales will determine everything……is what they said.

 In the world of Mazoku, the victor’s words were absolute. Accepting the proposal of that man, who seemed to be the store owner of a skewer store, the current form was completed……that was the reason.

「In short, it’s a match done with the actual products and services……that’s what it means.」

「Hee……since they possess pride in their own work, something like touting isn’t needed, is that what it means?」

「……Certainly, pride does have something to do with it.」

 Luuty’s favorable misunderstanding was something Sancreed didn’t go out of his way to correct.

「Plus……the sounds of fighting can’t be heard from anywhere at all.」

「Well, it’s not like there aren’t any though.」

 If a fist fight were to be carried out now, there would only be cases where it would be approved of as a duel under the management of a third party.

「Types of those so-called crimes, there aren’t any.」

「Not even a single case?」


 Seeing Luuty’s surprised look, Sancreed answered like that.

 The Mazoku who had offered up their loyalty to the Demon King Vermudol wouldn’t commit criminal acts on the turf of their king.

 Demonstrating their loyalty to the Demon King through their way of life was how the Mazoku were.

 The Mazoku of the past were violent and brutal, but the Demon King of those times, Gramfia, had a big influence on that.

 The current Demon King, Vermudol, had a personality that didn’t like strife and loved peace. Therefore, it was only natural that the Mazoku would live their lives where they kept order……and the Mazoku personally preferred this new way of living.

 ……Then again, there was also the circumstances where the Mazoku that preferred strife were mostly destroyed during the upheaval in the past though.

「But, just in case, patrols are also performed.」

 Right at that moment, Magic Operated Armors that were carrying out patrols had passed by next to Luuty.

 She then noticed that there would definitely be a Magic Operated Armor wherever she looked in the town.

 When speaking of the patrolling soldiers when Luuty was in the St. Altlis Kingdom, they had the impression that they were somehow slacking off, but it seemed that the Zadark Kingdom’s Magic Operated Armors didn’t have something like that.


 As Luuty had her attention attracted by the Magic Operated Armors, she had her hand pulled again by Sancreed.

「Like I said, my hand! Please let go of it!」

「Nn? Ahh, sorry.」

「To begin with. I have……」

「Oh, here’s a good store. This is perfect.」

 Interrupting Luuty’s words, Sancreed approached one store.

 The store was a face-to-face style store where the counter was placed between the customer and the shopkeeper. The front of the counter was a transparent plank that seemed like polished crystal. There were shelves behind that plank, and bags of various colors were placed on them.

 Bags of various colors were placed on the counter as well, but Luuty had absolutely no idea what they were.


「Well, they definitely are bags. Ahh, give me one of those silver bags over there.」

「Gotcha, that’ll be five large copper coins.」

 When Sancreed placed five large copper coins on the counter, the shopkeeper, a boar Beastia, took out a silver bag.

 Taking that bag, Sancreed checked its weight, and then placed it in Luuty’s hand.

「It’s called a piece lottery. Well, it’s something like a specialty of the current Zadark Kingdom.」

「Piece lottery……?」

「Try opening it.」

 Being told that, Luuty pulled the string that closed the silver bag’s opening.

 What was inside were dolls that seemed to have been made by carving stones.

 One was a Magic Operated Armor.

 One was a wolf Beastia that somehow seemed to have a frivolous-looking face.

「And the last one is……Is this……Fainell?」

 Unlike the other black colored dolls, only the Fainell doll was carefully colored.

 Its coating was beautiful too, but the craftsmanship of the doll which was the foundation of it was also wonderful.

 Things that had delicate sculpting with a doll of this size, there probably weren’t that many of them even within mankind’s territory.

 Feeling a faint amount of magical power from the doll, she could tell that Preservation Magic was cast on it.

「Good for you. It seems that the colored versions of the Four Cardinal Generals don’t come out all that often.」

「No, rather……this is a doll, right?」

「Ahh, they’re game pieces.」

 She didn’t know what game it was, but Luuty was just barely able to understand for now that it was something of value.

「……Thank you, very much.」

 After saying her thanks like that, Luuty went *Ha* in realization.

「L, like I’m saying! I have no reason to accept this!」

 Just as she tried to give the entire bag back, Luuty noticed that Sancreed’s figure had vanished.

「Eh? Huh?」

 As she searched for Sancreed’s figure in the crowds, a cold cup went right to Luuty’s cheek.


「That was quite the funny voice.」

 The one who stood there was Sancreed holding two cups.

「Just what in the world is with you!」

「You sure do ask a lot of difficult things.」

 Sancreed made Luuty hold a cup in her open hand.

「It’s Ringil and Satoudake juice.」

「……I said this before but.」


 Luuty looked up at Sancreed who was taller than her and glared at him.

「There is no reason for you to be doing all of this for me.」

「It’s because you looked like you were crying.」

 Sancreed replied like that to Luuty’s words.

「That should be enough for a reason.」

「……Both you and I, and both your country and my country, there shouldn’t be that deep of a relationship yet.」

 To begin with, in the Jiol Forest Kingdom delegation this time, Luuty didn’t have any authority at all.

 Luuty’s participation in the delegation this time was as an advisor who knew of the Dark Continent of the past……and then, as a guard where they could count on her abilities as a hero of her country.

 Luuty was unable to make any political deals, and as long as there was nothing to gain for the Zadark Kingdom, there wasn’t a single reason for her to be entertained by Sancreed, who was a general of the Demon King Army, like this.

 This man, who had the position of Western General, had too many mysteries.

 In the exercise location where the Demon King Army generals were lined up, a majority of the delegation members were overawed by the general called Raktor who emitted an atmosphere as if he were the incarnation of tyranny.

 However, for Luuty, rather than Raktor, she couldn’t help but be bothered by Sancreed.

 It was the same even at this moment right now.

 Luuty continued to feel a mysterious nostalgia from this man.

「Relationship huh.」


 Sancreed replied with a bored-sounding tone.

「We will end up having that sort of relationship from now on. So don’t worry about it.」


 Before Luuty could think about the meaning of those words, Sancreed continued speaking.

「Today, the Jiol Forest Kingdom and the Zadark Kingdom formed a treaty of friendship. From now on, both countries will surely deepen their friendship……In other words, both you and I will also deepen our friendship. Today is, well……it’s the first step of that.」

「……Ahh, so that’s what you meant.」

 After looking with curious eyes at Luuty as she breathed a sigh, he dropped his gaze down to her hands.

「Yeah. So that’s why you don’t have to worry about it.」

「Also, one more thing.」

 Luuty stared at Sancreed’s eyes.

「Is there still something bothering you?」

 After Sancreed said that with a tired-sounding tone, Luuty thrust her cup at him.

「Who did you say was crying?」

「It was you though.」

「I wasn’t crying.」

「Is that so. But……If you were left like that, you would have cried, wouldn’t you?」

「I wouldn’t cry.」

「Is that so.」


 Sancreed nodded, and then pushed the cup that was thrusted at him back towards Luuty.

「Well, drink. It’s good, you know?」

 Being encouraged to do that, Luuty brought the cup to her mouth while being a bit nervous wondering what kind of taste it would have.

 The juice that filled the cold stone cup had a mellow taste where the faint bitterness of the Ringil was mixed with the gentle sweetness of the Satoudake.

「……It really is, delicious.」


 Sancreed also brought his cup to his mouth and drank the juice.

「Still, why, is it a stone cup?」

「……It seems that before this country was made, when the Demon King Castle was still worn down, they didn’t even have any tableware, see. It seems that the Demon King had his meals with tableware that was made out of stone. So it’s handicraft that is associated with that.」


 Hearing about the figure of the 「Demon King」 that was different from the image that she held towards them, Luuty looked at the cup in her hand and pondered.

 The Demon King Vermudol was a Demon King that possessed an atmosphere different from the Demon King Shuklous that was in the 『Dimensional Gap』 and the 「Great Demon King」 Gramfia that Luuty knew of.

 Those two Demon Kings, they probably wouldn’t even speak of something like 「peace」 even as a joke.


「What is it?」

「What do you think, of the current Demon King?」

 Hearing the words Luuty muttered, after being silent for a bit……Sancreed answered like this.

「He is a hard worker. Probably, much more than anyone else in the world.」



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