Volume 3, Chapter 05


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After leaving the bedroom, feeling that he really didn’t feel like he would fall asleep any time soon, Vermudol came to the Demon King Castle rear garden for a walk.

The rear garden was the place that the Golem-type Majin, the Central General Gordy, could often be found covered in moss.

However, at present, Gordy’s figure was not in the place she usually stood still at, and only the sound of swords clashing resounded in the quiet night rear garden.

The two that were crossing swords noticed Vermudol’s gaze, but they did not try to sheathe their swords.

Instead, they increased their sword speed, and tried to come to a quick conclusion to their match.

The two’s swordsmanship that had already surpassed an ordinary person’s limits had become something that Vermudol couldn’t see.

Before long, the sword attacks that seemed to have even sound fall behind stopped, and he saw the conclusion where each of them had their swords thrust before each other’s necks.

This was an extraordinarily ideal way to finish a fight for the Mazoku, and had the meaning of being a tie where they praised each other’s brave fighting.

Incidentally, in cases where they reached a conclusion where they don’t come to an agreement, they would start fist fighting in place of bravely fighting.

「As expected of the two of you.」

When Vermudol gave them an applause, the two sheathed their swords and bowed.

They were the Northern General Altejio and the Central General Gordy.

Even though it was for the sake of a sword bout, it was rare for Gordy to take her Majin form.

「No, that is not the case at all. I have shown you something quite unsightly.」

「What are you saying. For someone like me, I’m only able to randomly swing a sword.」

Vermudol generally carried a sword……but his forte was in magic, and he could barely use it at all.

He understood that it would be better to be able to use it, but hasn’t really had the time to practice.

He hated how whenever he did try to practise, the two Maid Knights that had completely different battle styles would try to cram their own ways of fighting……is something that he didn’t feel.

Ichika’s battle style was of the orthodox school where she used a sword and shield……or so she feigned to be, and was actually an ever-changing impregnable style where, depending on the situation, she would defend even with the sword and attack even with the shield.

At the time when the Majin Orel who was affiliated with the Central Army had first marched into the Demon King Castle, how Ichika had blown him away with her shield was a case of that.

In Nino’s case, unlike the previous style, she was the type to perform high-speed combat with two curved blades.

Generally speaking, her attack speed is uncommonly fast, and if one tried to defend against one of her curved blades, the other curved blade would come attacking from their blind spot. But not just that, even the trajectory of the curved blade that they thought they defended against would change right on the verge of collision.

Furthermore, the ultrafast boisterous dance that was interweaved into her footwork made it so that she wouldn’t allow her opponent to make a single counterattack.

「You are making a somewhat difficult face, aren’t you, Demon King-sama.」

「Nn? Ahh……I guess. By the way, Gordy, I knew that you used a sword but……I feel like this is my first time seeing it.」

Being told that, Gordy dropped her gaze onto the sword at her waist.

「That may indeed be the case. I also have no recollection of having wielded my sword before you, Demon King-sama.」

「Fumu……That is quite a waste.」

Altejio said that with an expression that said he truly found it to be unfortunate.

If she was able to be that much of a match against Altejio whose main occupation was that of a swordsman, Gordy’s skill must also be quite something.

The ones that used the sword among the Four Cardinal Generals were only Altejio and the Western General Sancreed, but if Gordy were to be added in, then it would be just right for them to polish each other’s sword skills.

……That being said, since the Four Cardinal Generals were usually scattered in various places, they probably didn’t have very many chances to do so.

「……Come to think of it, where did Sancreed go? Even though he’s the type of guy that seems like he would be the first to show his face at times like this.」

Sancreed was a man who had a high chance of appearing when there were event-like things going on.

It was unknown whether or not that was just a coincidence or if he had heard about it from somewhere though.

「Who knows……Well, isn’t this a good thing?」

「What’s this. Altejio, do you hate Sancreed?」

「No, that isn’t the case at all. At times like this, I would always have a bout with Sancreed, see. If he knew that I had a match with Gordy, that man would surely want to participate as well. For me, I have no intention of handing over such a good chance like this.」

「Is it something like that?」

Thinking “I really don’t get the thoughts of guys who use swords”, Vermudol suddenly realized something.

「……Wouldn’t it be fine to go up against Ichika or Nino?」

Hearing Vermudol’s words, who had innocently said that, Gordy made a wry smile, and Altejio grimaced.

「……Nino makes a face that openly says she does want to do things like this, and in Ichika’s case, since she doesn’t stay in the same place for more than one minute, we can’t get a hold of her.」

「Is that how it is?」

「It is because the only time that those two come to a stop without making a reluctant face is when they are beside you, Demon King-sama.」


Being reminded of the two who argued in his bedroom, Vermudol thought that even the interpersonal relationships of the Demon King army were also pretty complicated.

Incidentally, when Ichika and Nino had done a mock battle before, the two of them didn’t pull back at all until Vermudol stopped them, and they were one step away from having a death match.

Since they felt that Vermudol who was watching was much more terrifying, they haven’t performed any mock battles since then.

「……But still, it sure is rare that the Four Cardinal Generals are gathered here and spending the night.」

「That is true.」


While looking at the two who agreed with him, Vermudol remembered a certain matter.

「Come to think of it, Altejio.」


「That sword of yours, it’s a work of your lover, right?」


Seeing Altejio being clearly agitated, Vermudol thought “so that really is the case……” and was convinced.

The Light Burying Sword Auraal was Altejio’s beloved sword, as well as a famous sword that possessed a tremendous ability.

Even the Norm blacksmiths, they were unable to make a sword that surpassed Auraal even now.

It was to a degree that……If an example had to be given, it might be able to even burn up the flames of life, it was said to be that kind of product.

Why did Altejio possess something like that?

The answer to that, was the woman of the race called Metalio who Altejio had lived together with in the past.

The Metalio with the name of Margarett was the one who imparted the blacksmithing technology to the Dark Continent, and it was widely known that Altejio protected her during those days.

That was simply all to their relationship……is what had been said, but it seemed that what Nino suspected was correct.

「Demon King-sama……If I remember correctly, the ones called Metalio, are similar to the Norm and……um……」

「Yeah, they specialize in blacksmithing.」

「No, not about that, um……Their height, is a bit……」

「Putting it untactfully, they are smaller than Nino.」

「Is that, so……」

Hearing that, Gordy quietly took some distance from Altejio.

「Well, tastes are, um. They vary from person to person. Well……even if Altejio isー……a bit of that……well, you are a comrade who has sworn allegiance to Demon King-sama.」

「That’s true, it isn’t very good to speak about people’s preferences. Especially when it has something to do with a racial characteristic.」

「Please wait. You are making some kind of misunderstanding.」

Altejio made a retort at Gordy and Vermudol who were nodding in agreement.

「Ahh, I get it. It’s fine, Altejio. I believe I understand.」

「That is right, there is no need to worry, Altejio. I also do not speak about people’s preferences.」

「No, like I said, please wait.」

Seeing the two of them looking at him with warm eyes, Altejio breathed a deep sigh.

「To begin with, Margarett is still alive.」


That is strange, is what Vermudol thought.

A Metalio’s life span is on the longer side among mankind’s races, but even so, it was only somewhat longer than the Humans. For her to have lived since the Dark Continent’s past era, that was something unimaginable.

「Both of you. Why do you think Margarett was accepted by the other Mazoku?」

「It was because she possessed blacksmithing technology, wasn’t it?」

「That is also a part of it but.」

Altejio cleared his throat a bit then continued.

「Margarett is a half between a Metalio and a Sylphid. She had strongly inherited the trait of being a long lived race of the Sylphid.」

Hearing that she was a half, Vermudol remembered the poster girl of the 『Steel Fish Store』, Carol, who he had met in mankind’s territory.

That young girl was also a half.

If he remembered correctly, they were worried about that, so they would be going to the Canal Kingdom that had a lot of halves and quarter races……is what they should have said.

Most likely, in mankind’s territory from now on, it would just be differences between races, but problems towards mixed races will also appear, is what Vermudol imagined.

「A half, huh. Was that also the cause of her drifting to this continent?」

「So it would seem. Mazoku are not cruel enough to lash her over something like that.」

「I see……」

Although Vermudol nodded, there was one thing that worried him.



「Do you resent me for killing people of the same race as Margarett?」

That’s right, Altejio was a rare case……or rather the only case of a Mazoku coexisting with someone of another race.

There was enough of a possibility that with Margarett’s influence, Altejio could see the race known as Metalio itself in a favorable light.

If that were the case, Altejio might resent him for having sunk the Metalio ship that Borkio’s group was aboard a few days ago.

However, Altejio quietly shook his head sideways.

「No, that isn’t the case at all.」

And then, he stared at Vermudol.

「I certainly have exchanged hearts with Margarett. However, that was with Margarett herself. I do not have even a fragment of a merciful heart towards those Metalio who betrayed your trust, Demon King-sama.」

「……Is that so.」

「Yes, rather, why you did not have me cut them down……that is the point that I resent.」

With the Metalio betraying the Mazoku, the Metalio’s……Margarett’s prestige in the Dark Continent would become smaller.

That is something that Altejio couldn’t forgive.


Gordy also called out to him with a serious expression.

「Is Margarett……」

「Yes, I believe that she is energetically working hard in blacksmithing today as well. She had said that she would forge a weapon worthy of Demon King-sama though.」

「No, it is not about that. Um……」


Gordy, after showing a worried look, timidly spoke.

「Is she still……small?」

Hearing that, Altejio didn’t answer, and abruptly turned his eyes away.




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