Volume 3, Chapter 06


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The second floor hallway of the Demon King Castle was bright and illuminated with the light of magic.

Naturally having a lot of lights, a considerable amount of magical power was needed in order to maintain it. Therefore, it was rare for this much Illumination Magic to be used indoors.

「……A demonstration of the king’s majesty, that’s what this is, isn’t it.」

「That’s also part of it. But, if I had to say, it’s more of a sightseeing spot treatment.」

In response to the words that Luuty muttered while walking down the hallway, Fainell, who appeared from the other side, answered her.

Luuty stopped her feet, and asked a question to Fainell.

「Sightseeing spot?」

Certainly, the royal castle might be appropriate for a sightseeing spot, but she hadn’t heard of a king turning it into something like that himself.

「According to Demon King-sama, he said that the Demon King Castle emerging from within the darkness using light would surely be beautiful. What, didn’t you hear this from Sancreed?」

「If you’re talking about him, he seems to have gone off somewhere again.」

「Hーn. Well, I guess that guy doesn’t really matter. Come on, it’s going to start.」

Immediately following after Fainell’s words, a large number of Illumination Magic spells spread out at the same time in the Demon King Castle’s surroundings.

The illuminations changed their color one after another, and seemed to be dyeing the Demon King Castle in various colors.

「When you see it from the inside, you can’t really tell though. It’s quite beautiful when you see it from the outside, you know?」

The 「light make-up」 event that was held only at a set time at night was a specialty of Arkverm, and was also one of its tourist attractions.

It was an event that started with Demon King Vermudol’s idea, but now, it was so popular that new 「light make-up」 designs were being brought up almost every day.

When Luuty looked outside from the window, a great number of people were gathered near the Demon King Castle.

And what was on them, were smiling faces.

Anything and everything about them was different from the 「Mazoku」 that Luuty knew of, and they were the faces of people that sung praises of peace.

It was the same for the Mazoku that she saw in the town together with Sancreed earlier.

They didn’t pay any mind to Luuty who was a Sylphid.

Even though there were gazes that pierced into her when she was in mankind’s territory……

「……Hey, Fainell.」

「What is it?」

「Are you, happy right now?」

Not even a fragment of the atmosphere that made her seem like a ferocious beast in the past remained in Fainell.

Expressing a natural smile, she was standing next to Luuty.

After making a befuddled face for a moment at Luuty’s question, Fainell then made a small giggle.

「You really do ask strange questions.」

Saying that, Fainell also turned her eyes to outside of the window, and answered while waving her hand to the people.

「I am happy. You can see that just by looking at me, so why ask that?」



Seeing Luuty tightly gripping her hands together at her chest, Fainell turned a worried expression towards her.

「What’s wrong? Could it be that Sancreed did something to you? Don’t worry, your position is that of a state guest. Depending on the situation, I’ll kick his ass all the way to the 『Sea of Farthest Ends』.」

「No……That’s not it.」

「It’s not?」

Luuty remembered the past.

About when she came down to this Dark Continent together with the Hero Ryuuya and the others.

About that time where she was filled with a sense of duty.

「About that time──were my actions when I first came to this place the right thing to do……That is what I end up thinking.」

The existence of the Great Demon King Gramfia and the Dark Continent which they learned from the final words of the Demon King Shuklous who had thrown the Shutaia Continent into fear.

Together with the Hero Ryuuya, she defeated the Great Demon King Gramfia, and rescued the people that were abducted by Mazoku from the castle.

That in itself was the correct thing to do, is what Luuty believed even now.

The Demon King Gramfia was truly evil itself.

With a repulsive heteromorphic form, he was a Mazoku filled with insanity.

But on the other hand, she had also met with Mazoku who she could come to a mutual understanding with like Fainell.

At that time, Luuty, who burned with a sense of duty, didn’t even try to understand the meaning of that.

Thinking only of the meaning of the power and mission that she was entrusted with by the Gods, and implicitly believing that Mazoku were wicked beings, she didn’t have any doubts about them at all in the middle of the fighting.

Although peace returned to mankind’s territory, even when she worked as the board chairman of the Edius Adventurer School in the St. Altlis Kingdom, they were tormented by Mazoku starting with the Alva, and her impression of the Mazoku didn’t change.

However, right now, Luuty was strongly shaken up.

Thinking “at the time, was she truly doing the right thing”.

「Come to think of it, why did you guys come to attack this place anyway?」

At that time, after hearing that Humans had attacked and were rampaging about, Fainell participated thinking that it sounded interesting, and after learning later on that their objective was to defeat Gramfia, she ended up becoming committed to it.

That is why she fought. That was all there was to it.

「From what I understand, it seems that Gramfia-sama was called the Great Demon King or something.」

「Yes, the Demon King Shuklous announced the existence of the Great Demon King Gramfia as his master.」

「Hーn, and so the responsibilities of the subordinate are the responsibilities of master……is that it?」

「Ah, no……Gramfia, who manipulated Shuklous from behind-the-scenes, should be defeated, that is how it turned out……」

「Did he manipulate him?」

That is where Luuty sank into silence.

When they had arrived with great difficulty, Gramfia went into a state that looked like he had gone mad, and a decent conversation couldn’t be made.

She didn’t know what the truth of it all was.

In those days, she believed that to be the truth……that was it.

「No……I don’t know.」

「So Gramfia-sama was defeated with that sort of soft reason.」


「Ahh, don’t worry about it. This is just a hindsight-based opinion, but I am happy being underneath the current Demon King-sama. With just that, I can completely wipe away things like ill will of the past.」

Fainell’s words felt like salvation to Luuty.

However, she couldn’t cling onto that so easily.

Making the truth clear──This was the assignment given to Luuty who knew about those days.

Come to think of it, she was once told 「Once you know the truth, you will definitely come to this side」 by Vermudol.

Thinking “could that be what he meant”, Luuty realized something.

Vermudol knew something, and it was because he knew that that he tried to get into contact with Luuty.

The reason why he didn’t tell her about the truth up until now was most likely because Luuty didn’t have the resolve to accept the truth.


Abruptly, Luuty firmly grabbed a hold of Fainell’s shoulders, and stared at her.

「Wh, what is it!? Could it be, you have that sort of preference! Wait, I certainly said that I could become friends with you, but I didn’t have that sort of intention, you know!?」

「Why are you blurting out such strange things! That’s not it. Where is Vermudol……-dono right now!」

Luuty separated her hands from Fainell’s shoulders, roughened her tone, and asked that.

「Ha? Demon King-sama? Wouldn’t he be asleep?」

Hearing Fainell’s words, Luuty dropped her shoulders.

Certainly, it was already the middle of the night.

To wake up a country’s king just for the sake of her own business, that would be too impolite.

「Th, at’s……true……」

「Honestly, just when I thought that you, the rampaging Sylphid, had finally calmed down……in the end, you really haven’t changed at all.」

「Th, that goes the same for you.」

When Luuty rebutted with that, Fainell puffed out her chest looking like she was boasting.

「What are you saying. Unlike you, I am a good general that is liked by her subordinates.」

In actual fact, rather than being liked, she was treated like an idol, but let’s leave that aside.

Fainell held love for her current professional duties, and freely enjoyed both her boisterous and peaceful days.

Luuty felt that Fainell to be a bit radiant.

「……That’s right. You and I, seem to be different.」


Muttering that, Fainell extended her hand to Luuty but.

「……Demon King-sama. I can’t say that eavesdropping is a very good hobby.」

When Fainell turned her gaze to a corner of the hallway, Vermudol appeared while making a wry smile.

「No, I didn’t have any intention of doing that but……I couldn’t grasp the timing to come out.」

「If you stay up too late, I’ll report you to Ichika, got it?」

「……Please spare me from that.」

Seeing Vermudol breath a sigh as he remembered how he was princess carried, Luuty remembered what she wanted to ask and went *Ha*.

「Th, that’s right. Vermudol-dono, there is something I……」

「I know. You want to hear my story, right? It seems that you’re finally ready for it.」

The fact that Luuty accepted Vermudol’s gaze from the front demonstrated her affirmative will.

「That’s right. And then, I believe that you also want to hear my story.」

The current Luuty was able to understand.

That Vermudol also craved the truth.

He wanted to know about the things that couldn’t be written in books, about the things that only the Hero’s group knew about.

「Yeah, that is exactly it.」

Beside the two who were grinning at each other, Fainell looked uncomfortable.

「Um……Should I sit out of this?」

「No, Fainell. Please stay for it. After all, it is a story that I will have to tell the Four Cardinal Generals anyway.」

「Is, is that so? In that case, um. Could Altejio, or at least Rokuna be present……」

Hearing that, Vermudol let out an exasperated sounding voice.


「Y, yes.」

「Don’t worry. I don’t be telling you to remember all of the content of the conversation after all.」

「Y, yes!」

At that moment, Fainell made her most delighted expression for that day.


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